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Do It Yourself Nursery Decorating Art Idea

Mommy Mia's DIY Nursery Art Decor Project 

Our Nursery Theme Pottery Barn Penelope 

DIY Baby Nursery Art 
Pottery Barn Penelope Theme
We wanted to decorate our nursery for our daughter, but we were on a budget.  Our theme was Penelope by Pottery Barn Kids.  I decided to take a stroll to Hobby Lobby and let my creative juices guide me as to how to make my own nursery decor for my daughter.  I wanted it to be cute, and also add a sentimental touch that would be meaningful to my daughter (hopefully) when she is older - assuming she will appreciate that I made it myself.  This is what I came up with. 

(Total Cost of DIY Art Nursery Project: about $20)

Nursery Art 1:


Nursery Art 2:


DIY Steps to Baby Nursery Art Decor:

Step 1:  Bought 2 of these frames from Hobby Lobby.  The frames had flowers pre-printed on it.

Bare frames from Hobby Lobby.

Step 2:  Found cute little cardboard animals/frogs cut-outs from Hobby Lobby that would match her nursery (her nursery theme is Penelope from Pottery Barn).

Little cardboard animals/frogs
from Hobby Lobby.

Step 3:  Put together random pieces of scrap paper on a piece of cardboard using a glue stick and added the cardboard cut-outs using a hot glue gun.

Cardboard frog and butterfly cut outs glued to scrap paper.
Cardboard dog and fence cutouts glued to scrap paper.

Step 4:  Added my signature so my daughter can one day see how much her mama loved her even before she was born.

Added Mommy's signature
on picture number 1.
Added mommy's signature
on picture number 2.


Final Result for DIY Penelope Picture
Frames for Baby Nursery

We hung the pictures right next to her changing table.

Share your ideas for DIY Nursery Projects here by commenting below! I'd love to see/hear your ideas!

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How to Save Money on Diapers and Other Household Items

Step 1)  Sign up for Amazon Mom (discount on diapers).

Step 2)  Utilize Amazon Subscribe and Save (additional discounts). 
  • I love Amazon Mom and Amazon Subscribe and Save because these two programs combine to make the perfect Just-In-Time supply chain inventory system for your household (supply chain management synergy at its finest).  
  • Amazon Mom members receive 15% off of diaper orders.  
  • Amazon's Subscribe and Save products provide a 5% discount off of all eligible products (e.g., toothpastes, deodorants, Diaper Genie refills, etc.). 
  • For diapers, this adds up to 20% off per pack of diapers! This is huge, especially considering that the diapers are delivered to your very own front door! 
    Price Discounts With Amazon Mom and Amazon Subscribe and Save

    Example:  We buy "Pampers - Overnight Extra Protection Diapers Super Pack" for our toddler.  Here is the pricing summary for buying these diapers through Amazon and Wal-Mart (as of January 2013):
    • Amazon Regular Price (including delivery) =  $28.99.
    • Amazon Price With Amazon Mom Membership + Amazon Subscribe and Save (including delivery to your front door) = $23.19 (20% off Amazon Price)
    • Wal-Mart In-Store Price (Wal-Mart pricing used for price comparison purposes) = $24.94 
    • Savings = at least $1.75 Per Diaper Pack
    After doing the math, you see that with Amazon Mom and Amazon Subscribe and Save, you save at least $1.75 per pack of diapers through, AND the diapers are delivered to your front doorstep.

    Screenshot of My Amazon 
    Account Diaper Order

    Important Notes About Amazon Subscribe and Save:
    • With Amazon Subscribe and Save, you get to choose the delivery frequency of the products that you subscribe to (for example: do you need deodorant twice a month, or once a month? get to decide).  
    • We use Amazon Subscribe and Save for our Diaper Genie Refills (3-Pack) and it shows up at our front door every 2-months.  It's amazing.   Our entire household uses it for deodorant  toothpaste, hair products, etc.  I have my favorite makeup face powder sent to me monthly.
    • Subscribe and Save items will also save you from the pain of actually remembering to buy these items when you're at the store.  Running out of deodorant or diapers is never a good thing.  This helps prevent that.     
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    Mommy New Year's Resolutions - Share Yours Here

    Here are six New Year's resolutions that I play to implement into my life this year:

    1)  To layout my outfit for the next day and my child's outfit for the next day the night before.  I want mornings to be easier and go smoothly.

    2)  To stop using my Pack N Play as a gigantic laundry hamper and actually stay on top of laundry. (This will be my greatest challenge.)

    3)  To get my mommy first-aid inventory prepared for my growing, curious toddler by stocking up on all of the necessary first-aid items that kids need (band-aids of all sorts, disinfectants, wraps, etc.).

    4)  To throw away mysterious Tupperware lids and free up my kitchen space.

    5)  To utilize my slow-cooker crock-pot more often - it makes yummy food, saves time, and makes the house smell awesome.

    6)  To take a relaxing bath at least 3x a week (at night, after kids are asleep).  A glass of Chardonnay may or may not be there with me.

    What are your New Year's Resolutions this year?  Share with us by commenting on this post!


    Best Strategy for Flying With Your Baby or Toddler (Results in!)

    Toddler Sleeping on Airplane
    I'm happy that we stuck to our plan for our travel and flight with our 13-month-old toddler. Our strategy for ensuring that we got a spare seat for our toddler (coined the "Who Wants to Sit Next to Baby on the Plane?" Strategy) worked for one out of two of our flights this trip!  (50% Success Rate).  Historically, and overall, this strategy has worked for 4 out of 6 flights (67% Success Rate).  It's easy, free and worth your time to try if you're traveling with a baby/toddler under the Age of 2-years-old.

    Recap: The "Who Wants to Sit Next to Baby on the Plane?" Strategy 

    For the full-details on this strategy, you can view the article Strategies for Booking a Free Plane Seat for Your Baby or Young Toddler When Traveling.  Otherwise, I recommended reading a quick re-cap on the details of this strategy:

    • If both you and your spouse are traveling, try to book an aisle and a window seat that are in the same row, and make sure that the middle seat in between you is open when you’re booking.   Other passengers who book their flights after you will usually not choose a middle seat and this can sometimes mean a free seat for your baby.   
    • Best Case Scenario:  The person in the middle seat will decide that sitting next to a baby doesn't sound so fun.  This person will switch seats to a different row - leaving the middle seat free for you and your toddler to sprawl out!  
    • Worst Case Scenario: If the middle seat ends up getting booked, most people will happily trade you for one of your aisle/window seats so that you and your spouse can sit together. 
    • See my article: Strategies for Booking a Free Plane Seat for Your Baby or Young Toddler When Traveling for more details.  (We chose Strategy Number 1 from the article).


    Strategy Implementation of "Operation Free Baby Seat on Airplane"
    Here is a breakdown of the results of the strategies implementation:

    Flight Number 1 (Departure Flight): Failure.

    • Our departure flight was oversold, so our seats were rearranged - voiding this strategy (very disappointing).

    Flight Number 2 (Return Flight): Success!

    • On our return flight, the "Who Wants to Sit Next to a Baby on a Plane?" strategy was a complete success - the man in the middle seat between us decided to switch to a different middle seat that was in a row behind us (who wants to sit next to a baby?).  This left the middle seat in our row free for us to sprawl out!  

    The new name for this strategy: The "Who Wants to Sit Next to a Baby on a Plane?" Strategy. Success! 


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        My toddler could open and close the door to our washing machine all day. She is obsessed. I'm not a big fan of it, but nevertheless, it is cute. I like to think she's imitating me, even though I don't actually do laundry all that often.

          12-Month-Old Baby Laughing at Peekaboo - Video

            Baby Gift Idea: Toddler Sleeping Bag

            My little one got this Toddler Sleeping Bag from Pottery Barn Kids as a First Birthday present from her great aunt.  I don't think a cuter sleeping bag exists on this planet.  She loves this thing - she is constantly kissing ("muah!") the bear's face!

            The sleeping bag is extremely soft and has a lot of padding! She's obviously still too young to actually sleep in the sleeping bag safely (she is only 13-months-old), but it's great for playtime!  It's very comfortable - I've honestly fallen asleep on it a few times (it's very inviting!). This plush little bear bag definitely puts my childhood sleeping bag to shame!

            Fun Gift Ideas for Toddlers (and Fun Parents)

            Gift Idea for Your Toddler - Playhouse Tent:  We just ordered the "Pacific Play Tents Cottage House" for my 14-month-old daughter for a Christmas present (from grandma)!  I am proud to say that my little girl has just entered the phase in her life where she loves forts.  This is fantastic news for me, because building/playing-in forts is one of my greatest passions in life (because I'm still seven-years-old deep down).

            Admit it:  Reading a book in a fort with a flashlight when it's dark outside is the funnest way to read a book.  Playhouses are basically semi-permanent forts.  What I like about the playhouse that I ordered is that I'll be able to see my little one through the windows to keep an eye on her.  It's also a quick and easy set-up and take-down (according to the reviews).

            The Coolest Part: there is room for mommy inside the playhouse!

            The Playhouse We Bought:  We chose the "Pacific Play Tents Cottage House" because it has great reviews on (cost: $70), but there are a ton of other fun little playhouses out there too, including gender-neutral or playhouses that are geared more towards boys.

            Here a link to the playhouse if you want to take a peak:  Pacific Play Tents Cottage House.

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            Toddler-Tessa Kisses Anything With a Face Now - Video

            Tessa loves to kiss (aka "muah!") everything now! Even our dogs! 13-Months Old.

            Make Life With Your Newborn Much Easier - The Newborn Podster

            Newborn Podsters and Your Happiness

            I want to kiss the inventor of the Leachco Podster.   This is the greatest invention of all time. This is my absolute #1 favorite baby product out there.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BABY ITEM EVER!  Read the reviews on….they are not lying….it is amazing.

            I bought the Podster when my newborn was 3-weeks old, and it changed my life. The Leachco Podster trumps all baby swings, bounces and other baby gear that I have tried, and I have tried a lot.  (Note: the Boppy brand makes a similar item, but don’t be fooled – this one is much better).  

            "How do people have babies without 
            these Podster things?" 

              -   Quoted by my friend, Allison 

            The Podster (lounger) is my "go-to" gift for every single pregnant friend that I have.  I beam with pride after my girlfriends call me in their tired postpartum state to thank me and tell me that they have no idea what they would do without this product.  

            Newborns fit into the Podster so perfectly.   This thing is a life-saver for the unpredictable nap times of newborns. It's like LeachCo. had a team of brilliant physicists working in a lab and mastered the science of a newborn's physical body structure and found the perfect shape that meets a newborn's sleep-comfort needs.  I put my newborn daughter in the Podster in the center of our bed while we both napped.  My daughter napped in the Podster while inside of her crib. (I watched closely on my video baby monitor with the volume on high to make sure she didn't roll over).

            The Podster is easy to move from room to room.  It is sooo much more portable than a swing or bouncer. The Podster is as portable as baby gear gets.   I took this thing with my everywhere.  I packed the thing in my suitcase when we flew to Grandma's house in Idaho for a visit.

            When my arms and back were tired, I would set her in the Podster on the couch and feed her a bottle.  This thing saved me so much back brings happy tears to my eyes.  You can set the Podster on the counter or floor of your bathroom while you do your makeup, pluck your eyebrows, etc.  

            Great for Bath Time:   You can lay out your infant bath towel on the Podster while your baby takes a bath.  It is perfect for the quick transfer of a wet naked baby and the perfect surface to wrap that wet baby up in a cute little hooded baby towel.

            Safety Reminder: Do not leave your baby unsupervised in the Podster.  Your baby can learn to roll over at any time.

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