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My Battle With Sippy Cups

Are you familiar with the scene from the movie, "Office Space," where Peter, Michael, and Samir decide that they've had enough of the P.O.S. copy machine from their work office - the copy machine that delivered frequent "paper jam" errors on a daily basis?  (Yes, this question does somehow relate to the topic of "sippy cups" for children).  Well, in the movie, "Office Space," Peter, Samir and Michael take their hated copy machine from their employer's office to a desert meadow, and then they use a baseball bat to completely demolish this copy machine that they had grown such a strong hatred for after years and years of time-consuming paper-jams that always happened at the most inopportune times..

What does the copy machine from the movie, "Office Space," have to do with sippy cups, you may be wondering?  This vengeful scene that Peter, Samir and Michael spend 'getting even' with the copy machine is a fantastic representation of the way that I feel and want to behave towards sippy cups (i.e., replace the "copy machine" with "sippy cups").  I may, or may not, find myself daydreaming about bringing all of my sippy cups and their stupid, unmatched lids, to a meadow with a baseball bat...

What Is The Big Deal About Sippy Cups?

Five-years-ago, I was celebrating "Thirsty Thursdays" with my girlfriends every week (aka, drinking alcohol on Thursday nights), and if you would have told me that five years from that point in time, that I'd be spending my Thursday and Friday nights cozied up on my couch and writing about my favorite sippy cups, then would have either: 

  • (a) snorted with laughter because that is so lame and there was no way I would have believed that was true; or, I would have:
  • (b) cried, because I would have believed what you were saying, and that is so lame.
Nevertheless, here I am writing about sippy cups on my Thursday, Friday and even Saturday night, and it turns out that I'm totally cool with being so lame, because I (to my surprise) feel very passionately about this topic of sippy cups.  You may be wondering why.  Here is my answer:  Not all sippy cups are made equal.  No sir. No mam. To date, I believe I have tried at least 95% of the sippy cups on the market.  This means that I have at least one of each type of sippy cup in our kitchen cabinet, which also means that I spend what feels like half of my morning, afternoons, and nights trying to match up different sippy cups with different lids and with the corresponding bottom cup pieces - don't even get my started on the different valve pieces.  

Don't let this be you.  Save yourself!  Don't waste your money on bad sippy cups.  Refer to our list (Top 9 Sippy Cups for Baby and Toddler - Best of 2013) for advice on what the best sippy cups out there currently are, and save yourself the time and money.  Our team at Mommy Mia Monologues has teamed up with other my fellow moms; we've read a lot of product reviews to compare other opinions; and then we've used this information to devise a list of the best sippy cups on the market. 

See the latest post:  Top 9 Sippy Cups for Baby and Toddler - Best of 2013

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Toddler Meal Time:

Daily Mom Humor - Teaching a Toddler to Use a Spoon

Spoon-teaching suggestions welcome!  

Leave a comment below.

Seriously, does anyone have any ideas for teaching a toddler to use a spoon?  I am paging all been-there-done-that moms for help with this matter.  This just isn't happening for us.  She hates utensils and only wants to use her fingers!  Help!

We are proud to report, however, that my child can hold her own sippy cup now.  This has changed our life.

Top 5 Baby Bibs That Actually Work

Top 5 Baby Bibs Image

Here is a list of the Top 5 best baby bibs that we have found - all the way from newborn to toddler.  Why are bibs so important that they necessitate a "Top 5" list? Because stained baby clothes means more laundry and dressing and re-dressing your kid is a pain in the butt.    We also believe that sippy cups are equally as important (see Top 9 Sippy Cups for Babies and Toddlers for more information), and you can also read about my battle with sippy cups on the post My Battle With Sippy Cups.  For now, here are the five best baby bibs out there:

Top 5 Baby Bibs

1.  DaBib
Link:  DaBib - DaGiggles Waterproof
Ages:  0+ Months
Useful for DaBib - DaGiggles Waterproof is FANTASTIC for babies who seem to have a ‘hole in their lip’ – meaning that milk dribbles down their mouth because they can’t drink quite fast enough.   Most bibs don’t catch the milk that dribbles down baby’s cheek and under baby’s neck.  It’s a pain in the butt to constantly be washing underneath baby’s wobbly neck, and the consequence of not washing baby’s neck can end in a yeast infection.  This bib ROCKS.  It’s a tad pricey, but it's worth every penny.  DaBib Waterproof Bib is also water-proof and it’s reversible – one side terry cloth and the other side is waterproof material (shown in the picture above).

NOTE:  Another brand with the same idea the DaBib Waterproof Bib (i.e., absorbing extra milk that flows out from your baby's mouth) is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib, which also aims to catch the milk dripping down baby's cheek.  I've used both bibs.  They are both fantastic.  In my opinion, the DaBib brand has a better absorbancy though, so if your baby has a "hole in its lip" (meaning that your baby dribbles A LOT when it drinks a bottle even with slow-flow nipples), then I would go with the DaBib brand and spend the extra money.  If your baby has a normal-to-medium dribbling problem, then I'd save some money and go with the  Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib.  

Tommee Tippee Closer to Natural Milk Feeding Bib

2.  Bumkins Long-Sleeved Bibs
Link:  Bumkins Long-Sleeved Bib
Bumkins Long-Sleeved Bib   
Ages: 6+Months
Useful for:  Bumkins Long-Sleeved Bibs are great for the messy meals, especially the meals in which your very uncoordinated toddler will be feeding himself with a fork or a spoon.  I use this a lot for lunches to keep my little one’s clothes clean.

Have questions about sippy cups?  Find out how to maintain your sanity with sippy cups by checking out our article - Top 9 Best Sippy Cups.

3.  Bumkins SuperBib
Link:  Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib
Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib  
Ages:  6+ Months
Useful for:  The Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib bibs are experts at catching cheerios, and these are also very easy to clean (doesn’t require a washing machine after each use like other bibs). 

4.   Waterproof Terry Bibs With Snaps
Link:  Waterproof Baby Bibs with Snaps
Waterproof Terry Baby Bibs

Ages:  0+ Months (or for babies who do not dribble)
Useful for:  The Waterproof Baby Bibs with Snaps are affordable, and effective once baby stops dribbling during feeding time).  For dribblers, using DaBib - DaGiggles Waterproof  is your best bet. But these bibs from for bottle-feeding, and for spoon-fed babies.  You can find comparable bibs, made by Parents’ Choice, at Wal-Mart (a 5-pack is $4.99).

5.  Ikea Bibs with Sleeves
Link:  Ikea Baby Bib Set with Sleeves 
Ikea Baby Bib Set with Sleeves 
Ages: 6+Months
Useful for:  The Ikea Baby Bib Set with Sleeves is a great bib for messy eaters and it's a fraction of the price of the Bumkins Sleeved Bibs (the perk of the Bumkins is their sturdiness).  A 2-pack costs around $8.00.  These bibs are great for art projects later on in the child's life.  Check out our post about the Top Items for Pre-Schoolers for more on the best products for toddlers and preschoolers.

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How Waffles Changed My Life

Frozen Waffles Changed My Life.
Toddler Chowing on Frozen Waffle

My young toddler has graduated to the spectacular phase of her life where she can feed herself a waffle!  Why am I so excited that I feel the need to write about this? What does this mean for me?  This means that I save an extra 5 minutes each morning because I no longer have to spend time shredding up her waffle! Oh the things I can do with 5 minutes!

This is huge!

Toddler Loves Waffles


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Easy Toddler Meal Recipe: Pasta Salad

Suddenly Toddler Pasta Salad

  • Suddenly Pasta Salad - Classic 
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Cooked Peas (lots of them) - you can use the frozen kind
  • Optional: Add Ground Turkey or Chicken, 1/2 lbs. (for protein)
  • Mix all of the ingredients together! 
  • Refrigerate and serve cold.

The Best Part: Your toddler can pick everything up in by herself! You'll have dinner for at least the next few nights. If you're not comfortable with the size of the noodles, cut them in half. You can also do homemade pasta salad, or any other pasta salad brand you are accustomed to; I personally like the Suddenly Pasta Salad brand because these are the smallest rotini noodle I've found. 


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An Economical Bib That Saves Toddler Clothes

My one-year-old has recently decided that ripping off her old baby bibs is hilarious.  I knew the day would come.  I'm actually surprised she didn't start ripping her bibs off sooner.  Sure, I could purchase bibs with a button snap that wouldn't be quite as easy for her to rip off as the velcro bibs I currently own - but I've realized that baby bibs don't serve their purpose anymore - they work that well at keeping her clean and protecting her clothes when she eats solid foods.  My washing machine is constantly busy! 

Solution:  Bibs with Sleeves.


My friend found these bibs, made by Ikea, and they are just $2.00 each.  They have sleeves so your little one's clothes are protected. Ikea doesn't sell these bibs online, but now sells these on their website (link: Ikea Baby Bib with Sleeves).  

Since this post, we have evaluated other bibs for toddlers.  You might find the post Top 5 Baby and Toddler Bibs helpful.

Sippy Cup Bungee Cords Solve an Annoying Problem

I give 10-points to the genius who thought of this idea: theSippiGrip Sippy Cup Bungee Cords.  It's a bungee cord for your toddler's sippy cups (my toddler's favorite thing to do is to knock her sippy cups off of her high chair).  

Sippy Cup Bungee Cord
Link:  SippiGrip Sippy Cup Bungee Cords
Sippy Cup Bungee Cord
If your baby is like my baby, then she will love to throw her sippy cup on the floor once she gets to the "high chair phase."  Prevent this with the  SippiGrip Sippy Cup Bungee Cords.  Genius.

We use no-spill sippy cups most of the time, so even if she knocks the sippy cup off, there is no collateral damages to our floor; it's main selling point for me: I no longer find myself constantly rinsing off a fallen sippy cup. That was getting annoying.  The cup stays clean, and I stay sane (for the most part).  Love this. I bought mine off of - there are a few different brands that you may want to check out.  The one I bought is great (SippiGrip Sippy Cup Bungee Cords), and it runs about $11.00.  This also makes a great baby gift.

Sippy Cup Bungee Cord
Toddler Sippy Cup Bungee Cord

17 Easy Toddler Finger Food Ideas

Here is a list of freezer-friendly, easy, healthy, toddler meals and toddler snacks.  Finger foods are the greatest because mommy can use her hands to eat too!  

    1. Ground Chicken or Turkey
    2. Frozen Blueberries
    3. Frozen Carrots
    4. Frozen Peas
    5. Frozen Cooked Sweet Potatoes
    6. Finely Shredded Low-Fat Cheddar Cheese
    7. Cheerios
    8. Gerber Puffs
    9. Rice Cakes by Parent's Choice (great for teething!)
    10. Pinto or Kidney Beans
    11. Toast....if you have leftover baby food jars, it makes great jelly 
    12. Frozen Turkey Meatballs
    13. Frozen Mini Eggo Pancakes
    14. Frozen Diced Strawberries
    15. Dole Mandarin Oranges (No sugar added, no syrup)
    16. Scrambled....or Hard-Boiled Eggs
    17. Homemade Pizza Made with Tortilla, Pizza Sauce, and Low-Fat Cheese

    My Favorite Bib:
    Dabib - Waterproof, Wipe-off Bib
    Link:  DaBib - DaGiggles Waterproof, Wipe-off bib
    Toddler Tessa Enjoying Her Cheerios

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