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Mommy Hack - Matching Socks and Laundry Time

Mommy Hack:  Standardize Your Socks and Eliminate the Pain of Sock-Matching On Laundry Day

Buy a bunch of the same exact sock type to prevent the pain of matching socks.  (I had to save up my money for a couple months, but it was worth it).  Do this for your kids as well.  I'm sure  that you've heard of this hack before, but I am here to personally endorse this.  Thank you, Pinterest.  If you only wear a small variety of sock types - for example, ankle socks, crew cut, black/white, etc., then get a tub for each type of sock.  I have a tub in my closet for my (a) black work socks, (b) white socks, and (c) dress shoe socks.  I never have to match my socks when doing laundry, and the only sorting that I have to do is separate the socks into the three bins.  You can find great sock-bins in the Dollar Aisle at Target.

This is the greatest thing that I have done for myself lately.  It's changed my laundry life.  Now, don't get me wrong, I still use my Pack N Play as my laundry bin (see the post My Pack N Play Confessions for more on that),  but this little mommy hack has helped a lot when it comes to sorting laundry for my daughter and me.
It's your turn!
What "hack" do you use that 
makes your daily chores easier? 
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Daily Mom Humor - Laundry With a Toddler - Folding Laundry with a Toddler is like trying to straighten a desk full of papers while a fan blows on it.

It is impossible to do laundry with my toddler around.  Anything that I've folded, she sees as a "challenge to destroy."  If I try to fold the laundry on or laundry room counter, my toddler will do everything in her power to press every single button on the washing machine (she enjoys the "beep" sound that the buttons make).  Her obsession with pressing the laundry room buttons eventually led to the control panel of our washing machine burning out....which cost us $150 in repair costs.  

In conclusion, I refuse to do laundry.

See my post These Are My Pack n Play Confessions for more of my thoughts on this matter.

These Are My [Pack N Play] Confessions - Mom

Pack N Play Confessions
Confession: Our Pack N Play Playard is my 
extra-large laundry hamper.

The time has come; I need to start being honest with myself and accept myself for who I am - my Pack N Play Playard will always, and forever be, my super duper, extra-large laundry hamper for as long as the Pack N Play is present in my living room area.  

I need accept myself, and accept the fact that my Pack N Play will never be used as a proper playard for my child (for any time period of longer than a day, after which it will be filled with my clean clothes, and my child's clean clothes, once again).

Am I really so tired and/or lazy that I can't gather the mental focus to fold a hamper of clothes?  Yes
These Are My Pack N Play Confessions
More Confessions: 

Sometimes, I even chuckle, and nod my head, as I hear those judgmental mommies roar about how "unnecessary these Pack'N'Play devices are" - because "after all, you don't need a Pack'N'Play if you just watch your baby."  I don't speak up when I hear this chatter, but that's only because I have needed to make myself feel better about my terrible laundry habit - the shame!  It's like my dirty little secret:  I think the Pack N Play is fantastic (for more reason than one), and I would use the Pack N Play if I could break my habit of using it as my [greatest] laundry hamper of all time.  

Dear America, I am no longer ashamed of my love for the Pack N Play, no matter how I choose to use it.  

I love my Pack N Play almost as much as I love yoga pants (see My Love Letter to My Yoga Pants for more on that).

But I do long for a more organized laundry-keeping system...

  • If only I were strong enough to resist the temptation of Pack-N-Play's desirable, large-capacity hamper.  
  • If only I were motivated enough to put away my laundry once my clothes left my dryer.
But I'm not, because, guess what?  It's just way easier to use the Pack N Play as my secondary closet.  I love it. I admit it.  It's the greatest laundry hamper that I have ever owned (it doesn't overflow!).  It's fantastic, aside from the whole part of it being a complete "eye sore" and in my living room, but for now - this is who I am and loving yourself, despite your own flaws, is important.  

I feel better already.  

I love you, Pack N Play.


Share your confessions here by commenting below!


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