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3D Ultrasound to Actual Baby - Photo Timeline - That's a lot of growing in just 365 Days!

Below is a photo collage timeline that shows just how much can change and how much a baby grows in just 365 days.  This was inspired by my first post 3D Ultrasound Photo Comparison to Actual Newborn Baby - it's crazy to see the similarities of a 3D ultrasound to my baby once she was born.  I also do another comparison in my post 3D Ultrasound to Newborn Baby Side-by-Side Comparison (Part 2).  In this collage, the first photo in the collage is an ultrasound picture from when I was 6-weeks pregnant (March 2011), and the collage ends with a picture of my 4-months-old (March 2012).  From the egg yolk phase, to the tadpole phase, to the alien phase, to the "omg there's a real baby in there!" phase, it's crazy to see how quickly we humans grow.

March 2011
3D Ultrasound to Actual Baby Photo Timeline
March 2012

A lot changes in just 365 days!

3D Ultrasound Photo Side-by-Side Comparison to My Actual Newborn Baby

3D Ultrasound Photo Compared to Actual Baby
When I was pregnant, I constantly 'googled' side-by-side comparisons of ultrasound photos and photos of the babies after they were born as a means to satisfy my curiosity.  I could not wait to meet my little beaner bear (yes, that's her nickname)!  I needed to know if her 3D ultrasound/sonogram photos would be similar to the way she would look in real life once she was born.  

It turns out, in my case, she looks exactly the same (in my opinion).  So I decided to do a side-by-side comparison to show you just show similar she looked while she was in my belly to her newborn face.  

You may also notice that her 34-week ultrasound photo appears to show that she was missing the left side of her head.  I obsessively googled "baby missing left side of head in ultrasound photo" as well - and lost quite a bit of sleep.  Don't do what I did if this happens to you during pregnancy.  Rest assured that my daughter was born with both sides of her head and yours probably will too.  Don't let the ultrasound photos alarm you too much.

You can also check out 3D Ultrasound to Newborn Baby Side-by-Side Comparison (Part 2) for another photo comparison using the same 34-week ultrasound photo from this post.  It's also crazy to see how much a little human being can grow in such a short amount of time - a lot happens within the short span of just 365 days.  See my post Ultrasound to Baby Photo Timeline: That's a lot of growing in just 365 Days! to see a timeline of how fast they grow in that first year!


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