Dear Supernanny: The Letter That I Wrote to Supernanny After Drinking Boxed Wine…

The Letter That I Wrote to Supernanny 
After Drinking Boxed Wine…and that I proof-read later and then realized that I still meant every single word:

(ABSTRACT:  Jo Frost, “The Supernanny,” and Caesar Milan – “The Dog Whisperer” should team up, for at least three television episodes, to combine their wisdom and to help parents of both “humans” and “dogs” learn how to better manage these coinciding-environments).  

Dear Supernanny,

I do not need your help, yet.  I believe that I am following your advice quite well; y
our “Supernanny” show currently owns roughly 60% of the space on our family DVR, as I have weekly “Supernanny Marathons.”  Please note that our child is 18-months-old, and that this is the only child that Mr. Mia and I currently have.

That said, there shall come a day where I will choose to have another child; and possibly even another child after that.  And if Mr. Mia catches me at a “groggy” night, and if my OB/GYN ignores my request for him to, “PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP ME AFTER THREE CHILDREN!” (aka, tie my tubes), then there is a very, very strong chance that I will be writing to you, dear Supernanny, begging and pleading for your help. Please do not ignore me when and if this day comes.  I beg of you to please consider the application that my future, desperate-self may send to you.  

I thought it would be prudent to forewarn you in regards to my flaws – both as a mother and as a “lady”:


Comments That the Supernanny Would Say To Me Immediately Upon Observing My Daily Life:  

Instance 1:
  • Supernanny:  As a mother, do you ever do your laundry?
  • My Response:  I will shamefully respond with “no.” (See my post These Are My Pack n Play Confessions for further information).
Instance 2:

  • Supernanny:  Have you no control over your dogs?
  • My Response: No. Not really. (crap!)

Instance 3:

  • Supernanny:  Don’t you think it would be easier on yourself if you woke earlier in the morning?
  • My Response:  Yes. Yes, I do.  But I hate the mornings.  (All eye contact with Supernanny will be avoided at this point, so as to avoid the shameful stare that she will give to me.)


Supernanny, your show, the “Supernanny,” serves many purposes for my family.   Let me walk you through some of those purposes:

  1. Because of your awesome lessons in child discipline, I am confident that I will rock the time-outs for my children, and in an unexpected (but totally normal/healthy) way, I am actually excited to master this skill.
  2. Your “Supernanny” television series serves as a back-up method of birth control for me.  Thank you, Supernanny, for providing me with an amazing back-up reminder to take my birth control pill in a timely fashion each month.
  3. On a more sentimental note:  Your show reminds me of how important it is for parents to keep their own sanity together before they can ever reasonably expect to have any sort of control over their households.
  4. Joe, you are a “baby whisperer.”   That said, I cannot help but wonder whether you ever watch the TV show, “The Dog Whisperer” with Caesar Milan?  We have two dogs and a toddler – for a total of three creatures that we must maintain daily. 
    • Once I have my next child, I will be sending you and Caesar Milan (“The Dog Whisper”) a formal (and likely desperate) invitation to my household for a dual-consulting trip.  (See my list below for reasons that this would be the most amazing thing that will/has ever happen(ed) to me).
    • Joe and Caesar:  If you accept my invitation, then I will make you the best pulled pork sandwich and the best spicy pesto chicken pasta (with goat cheese) that either of you have even had.  I also make amazing salads and amazing crostinis. (I have become extremely hungry even writing about my cooking.)
    • I strongly believe that my two dogs, coupled with my toddler and my future out-of-control children will make for a great television show.
  5. Supernanny, if I never get around to having more children, will you please seriously consider teaming up with the Dog Whisperer?  I probably won’t have another child for at least a few years, but I would love to see you do this!  Our dogs try to eat my toddler’s cheerios  and taking the dogs out in the morning can be quite the challenge with a toddler.  The Lord only knows what I will face with more children and more creatures!
  6. To both Joe (Supernanny) and Caesar (The Dog Whisperer): our invitation for pesto chicken pasta and/or pulled pork sandwiches is always open.  I love you guys!

More on the Supernanny potential partnership with “The Dog Whisperer”:
(Thank you, Boxed Wine.)
  • The best(est) part, perhaps, will be to see my two favorite television celebrities – The Supernanny and the Dog Whisperer – work together. The entire last decade of my life has been dedicated to learning the best methods for raising happy, healthy creatures in my home – both my dogs and, now, my child.  And the majority of this advice has come from both you, Supernanny, and from the “The Dog Whisperer” – Caesar Milan.  

To see the two of you together would be the virtually the same as the following situations:

  • Witnessing Michael Jordan and Steve Nash collaboratively play on an NBA team together.
    • It would make me very happy.
  • It would be like if my favorite beer – Blue Moon – teamed up with my favorite wine – Chardonnay.  
    • It would make me very happy.
  • It would be like if my chocolate milk paired up with my favorite energy drink – V8 Splash.
    • It would make me very happy.
  • It would be like if my favorite show of all time, “Friends,” suddenly decided to collaborate with my current greatest, favorite show of all time – “Homeland.”  Can you imagine the synergy?  
    • It would make me very happy.
  • It would be like if the healthcare sector collaborated with the information technology departments (I’m a supply chain manager for a healthcare system during the day…this would be fantastic if this occurred).
    • It would make me very happy.

Thank you.


Mommy Mia

Favorite Baby Gym Photo Time

A Must-Have Favorite Baby Toy: 

Here are photos of my little one playing with the Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym.  I love this toy (it’s in my top 25 must-have items for newborns).

‘Photo Bomb’ of Toddler Using the Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym:

Below you’ll find a “photo bomb” of my little one going to town on this baby gym.  She used it all the way up to about 10-months-old.  This baby gym is mentioned in my post 6 Best Baby Toys (0-12 Months), and also in Top 25 Must-Have Newborn Baby Items.  The best part about it is the piano, and the mirror for baby to play with.

Here is a photo bomb of my toddler playing with the
Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym throughout her first year:

Tessa Had a Hard Day
at the Baby Gym 3-Months-Old
Baby Gym at 2-Months Old 
Baby Gym at 9-Months Old
Baby Gym at 2-Months-Old
Tummy Time With Baby Gym
at 4-Months-Old
Playing the Piano Lady Gaga Style
at 6-Months-Old
Baby Gym Workout
at 3-months-old
2-Months-Old Baby Gym


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How to Save Money on Diapers and Other Household Items


Step 1)  Sign up for Amazon Mom (discount on diapers).

Step 2)  Utilize Amazon Subscribe and Save (additional discounts). 

  • I love Amazon Mom and Amazon Subscribe and Save because these two programs combine to make the perfect Just-In-Time supply chain inventory system for your household (supply chain management synergy at its finest).  
  • Amazon Mom members receive 15% off of diaper orders.  
  • Amazon’s Subscribe and Save products provide a 5% discount off of all eligible products (e.g., toothpastes, deodorants, Diaper Genie refills, etc.). 
  • For diapers, this adds up to 20% off per pack of diapers! This is huge, especially considering that the diapers are delivered to your very own front door! 
Price Discounts With Amazon Mom and Amazon Subscribe and Save

Example:  We buy “Pampers – Overnight Extra Protection Diapers Super Pack” for our toddler.  Here is the pricing summary for buying these diapers through Amazon and Wal-Mart (as of January 2013):
  • Amazon Regular Price (including delivery) =  $28.99.
  • Amazon Price With Amazon Mom Membership + Amazon Subscribe and Save (including delivery to your front door) = $23.19 (20% off Amazon Price)
  • Wal-Mart In-Store Price (Wal-Mart pricing used for price comparison purposes) = $24.94 
  • Savings = at least $1.75 Per Diaper Pack
After doing the math, you see that with Amazon Mom and Amazon Subscribe and Save, you save at least $1.75 per pack of diapers through, AND the diapers are delivered to your front doorstep.

Screenshot of My Amazon 
Account Diaper Order


Important Notes About Amazon Subscribe and Save:
  • With Amazon Subscribe and Save, you get to choose the delivery frequency of the products that you subscribe to (for example: do you need deodorant twice a month, or once a month?…you get to decide).  
  • We use Amazon Subscribe and Save for our Diaper Genie Refills (3-Pack) and it shows up at our front door every 2-months.  It’s amazing.   Our entire household uses it for deodorant  toothpaste, hair products, etc.  I have my favorite makeup face powder sent to me monthly.
  • Subscribe and Save items will also save you from the pain of actually remembering to buy these items when you’re at the store.  Running out of deodorant or diapers is never a good thing.  This helps prevent that.     


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10 Ideas to Help Detraumatize Your Toddler During Vaccinations and Shots

1.  Bring a wing-man.

  • Make your partner come with you, or ask a grandparent, or auntie/uncle.  Schedule the appointment during your significant other’s lunch-break if you have to.  Otherwise, you will likely be left holding down your little one by yourself – straight-jacket-style – during shots, which means that no one is there to distract your little baby. 

2.  Download apps on phone that your baby/toddler will be mesmerized with.  

  • My young toddler is obsessed with Elmo, so we have the “Elmo Calls” app on our phone.  This was VERY useful as a means of distraction during our most recent vaccination visit (she still cried…but this app made it so much better).

3.  Bring new or forgotten-about toys.  

  • Pull these bad boys out right as the nurse has the needle ready.  
  • Tip :  Hide the toys in your purse and make sure your little one doesn’t see them ahead of time.
  • Here is a list of toys that my young toddler loves 5 Great Toys for Young Toddlers.  The toy remote control and the stuffed Elmo are great for vaccine appointment distraction.

4.  Consider spreading your little one’s shots out over multiple appointments.  

  • This can be a good idea.  I wish I would have spread out my daughter’s vaccines for her 12-month shots – she had to get four vaccines, plus a finger prick.  That was way too much for her and the appointment was a nightmare (read about it here at What To Know Before Baby’s 12-Month Check-Up).  Spreading these shots out would have made it significantly less traumatic.
  • I highly recommend doing this if your child will be getting his or her finger pricked – that is the worst…the nurse squeezes the blood out…and it’s so sad….seconds seem like hours while this is occurring.

5.  Make sure your little one has a good nap before your appointment.  

  • Tired Baby = unhappy baby.
  • Tired Baby + Vaccinations = VERY UNHAPPY BABY

6.  Make sure your baby has a full tummy.  

  • Hungry Baby = unhappy baby
  • Hungry Baby + Vaccinations = VERY UNHAPPY BABY 

7.  Stop at Starbucks on the way (for you).  

  • This will help you be a mommy ninja.

8.  Call your pediatrician’s office ahead of time to find out details.  

  • Is it 3 shots, 4 shots? 
  • Is there a finger prick?  

9.  Reward brave behavior of your little one.  

  • Ice cream or shakes are a great way to reward your child for brave behavior following pediatrician appointment that involves vaccinations.

10.  If it’s flu season, get the flu shot at the same time as your little one.

  • If you have a toddler, then show them how fun it is to be “brave.”  
  • MORE IMPORTANTLY, get your shots before baby and then convince the nurse that she is “so good at giving shots!” (build up her confidence) and then, she’ll try extra hard when it’s time to put the needle to your baby).  I swear, this method is effective.

Share your tips for surviving vaccinations 
with your baby or toddler by commenting below!


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8 Easy Ideas To Make Yourself Happy, When Skies Are Grey

Here are 8 ideas to make yourself happy, when skies are “grey.” These are basically ideas on how you can help turn your mood around, when you need to. Here is the list:  

1.  Make yourself amazing food – such as ‘crostinis.’

If you are obsessed with food the way that I am (aka, your true inner-self is a gigantic fatso and good food makes you very, very happy), then I highly recommend these crostini recipes from Real Simple magazine.  Holy. Party. That. My. Taste. Buds. Can’t. Even. Handle. Right. Now.

Here is the link to 10 absolutely amazing crostini recipes (from Real Simple Magazine) that I have broken down into my top 3 favorites:

  • The Roast Beef and Pomegranate Crostini is to die for…this is my favorite…except that I used goat cheese instead of the sour cream that the recipe calls for (I am obsessed with goat cheese).
  • The Ricata and Roasted Tomato recipe from Real Simple is amazing…
  • The Pesto, Radish, and Sea Salt Crostini recipe from Real Simple is “whaaaaaat!?!?!??” (meaning – so good!)

2.  Take a hot bath (bring wine!)

Before bedtime, take a hot bath.  Bring wine.  Find a candle and light it. Turn off the bathroom lights.  Oh yeah, and bring wine or water).  I like to bring both wine and a tall glass of iced water for after my bath.  I started doing this routine every night after I got my daughter into a “bedtime routine.”  I used to have trouble sleeping, but as soon as I do my own, mommy, bedtime routine, I am out in 2-minutes by the end of it.  

3.  Don’t try to solve your life’s problems at nighttime.  Wait until morning – when you are fresh.

Do not try to solve problems at nighttime.  And do not argue at nighttime (See Top 35 Life Lessons to Pass On To Daughters, and remember this advice!)

4.  Utilize the power of music – make a playlist of all the songs you loved when you were younger.

Make a playlist of the music that you loved while you were in Junior High (Middle School) and High School and listen to it.  I’d be lying if I said that the song “Bye Bye Bye,” by N’Sync didn’t make me really, really happy.

5.  If you are in a bad mood, consider the alignment of the “stars” (aka: could it be hormones?).

Ask yourself if you could possibly be PMSing, or if any sort of hormonal changes (fertilization drugs, pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause) could be causing your mood to change.  Sometimes I forget how much PMS can effect me (no, “Mr. Mia,” this is not an EXCUSE…it is REAL!!!), and it’s not until my PMS is over that I realize why I felt like such a nut-case. Learn how to identify PMS (for instance, track your period). 

If you are PMSing, then your hormones will have a field day reading You’re Gonna Miss This – A Reminder for Parents.

If you are a male who suspects that your significant other may be suffering from PMS, then I highly suggest that you consider tracking your wife’s menstrual cycles through an iPhone app (or any smartphone app) to arm and protect yourself with this information when the time comes (TIP: DO NOT TELL HER THAT YOU ARE DOING THIS…ESPECIALLY IF SHE IS ALREADY PMSing, OR YOU MAY BECOME HER NEXT VICTIM).  

If you have irregular periods, like me, then if and when I start crying at a Subaru commercial, for example, then I try to make a mental (no pun intended) note to myself that I may be a bat-shit crazy person for the next few days. (SIDE NOTE and IN MY DEFENSE: the Subaru commercial that I am referring to has a young daughter that suddenly phases from a 7-year-old with pigtails into an 18-year-old leaving her home for college….all the while her dad is standing outside of the Subaru, with his loving father eyes – wanting her to be careful and she drives away in the Subaru).  The commercial is adorable.  See the commercial that makes me cry when I am PMSing below:

  • Rule of Thumb:  If a commercial makes you cry (as touching as they can be), then your hormones may be deceiving you, and you should check yourself (and your hormone levels) for potential discrepancies.  You may owe the guy at the first window of the Burger King drive-thru an apology; because you may, or may not have, un-rightfully, given the poor guy an attitude for not remembering that you ordered a medium, instead of a small, Whopper Jr. value meal.
  • I make a mental note to myself that I may be bat-shit crazy for the next 3-days, and I try not to let the fact that “Mr. Mia” left his dirty dinner play on the floor for the 100,000,010th time.

6.  Put down your computer, and go outside.  

Get away from your computer!  Yeah!  I’m talking to you!  Put down your phone!  Computers and the internet (Facebook) can make you feel like total poo when you compare yourself with “Mrs. Jones”…at the very least, you will probably end up with a cramp in your neck by the time you eventually emerge from the hypnotism of Facebook.  If the weather doesn’t permit outside activity  then try to get out; go anywhere (even Walmart).  If it is nighttime and you need to stay at home, refer to my above idea and TAKE A BATH.

7.  Get lost in a book.  

Ask someone, whose taste you trust, for a book recommendation (I always ask my mom).  Here are some of my favorite books that have, historically, captured me to the point where I always forgot whatever miserable occurrence was lingering in my life at the time at the time (e.g., first-trimester nausea, dark winter days, etc.):

  • Feeling Saucy?  Read a Romantic Book by Nicholas Sparks
  • Feeling Bored?  Read a Thriller:  Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn
  • Feeling Sentimental?  Read a book on Friendship: Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
  • Are you a lover of man’s best friend (aka, “dogs”)?  Read, “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein.

    8.  Watch this video (put in on the “full screen” mode option…it makes it so much better.”)

    This video will make you sniff-sniff with tears of happiness, and if you have a pet – you might want to go hug the little booger after watching this.  

    Lion Reunited with Owner:

    This makes me want to run with my dog in a meadow and hug her fat little puggle head.  (Warning: If you are indeed pregnant, PMSing, or have another hormonal imbalance (such as menopause), then this video may make you cry…but you will be crying with tears of joy and happiness and you will want to hug an animal afterwards.

    If by the end of completing these tasks you find yourself singing in the shower, then you have likely succeeded in your pursuit of happiness.

    What methods do you use 
    to boost you mood?  

    Break a Bad Habit by Changing Your Password

    Create Passwords That Help You Break a Bad Habit

    Have a bad habit that you want to quit?  I read an article on that suggests an idea how helping you quit a bad habit by generating passwords that reinforce that idea.  The idea is that you reinforce an idea in your brain through repetitive typing.  Most people type in passwords for their various online and computer accounts (bank, email, computer login, etc.)  multiple times a day; so if you create a password that has a personal goal of yours built into it somehow, then this can help you to quit a bad habit by reinforcing that idea in your brain through repetitive typing.  

    So, instead of making a password such as “baseball1234 or using your previous telephone number as your password (which is a terrible idea), consider making your password something that can help reinforce breaking a bad habit; the example that Lifehacker uses is “Iwillquit$smoking.”

    Here are some of my ideas for passwords that I should create for myself but won’t because that would be stupid seeing as I this is a public post:  

    • “Iwill$tartworkingout”
    • “Iwillstopusingthepacknplayasalaundryhamper”
    • “I-will-stop-eating-pecan-bar$-for-dinner”
    • “I-will-stop-wearing-my-maternity-pants-to-work-because-my-child-I-am-not-pregnant-and-my-child-is-almost-2-years-old”
    • “Iwillstopwastingmoneyoncrappytupperwarecontainers”
    • “I-will-stop-blaming-my-tiredness-on-my-newborn-because-my-child-is-2-years-old-and-I-am-actually-tired-because-I-play-on-Pinterest-until-1-AM” 

    Realistically, I probably won’t give up wearing my maternity pants.  I love comfy pants way too much (see My Love Letter to Yoga Pants for more on that).

    “Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”   – Benjamin Franklin

    (uh oh)

    What are your bad habits?

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    Overstressed Mom from United Kingdom Rapping About Motherhood – YouTube Favorites

    Here’s an entertaining video I randomly found on YouTube – it’s an “overstressed mom from the United Kingdom” rapping about motherhood.  It’s pretty funny – worth sharing.

    Overstressed Mom from United Kingdom Rapping About Motherhood 
    –  My YouTube Favorites –

    Here is the link to the video on YouTube.

    Top 25 (Non-Ugly) Baby Diaper Bags That Don’t Actually Look Like Diaper Bags (2015)

    Top 25 Non-Ugly Baby Diaper Bags That Don't Actually Look Like Baby Diaper Bags

    Choosing a Diaper Bag:

    If you fall into the category of the type of mom (or mom-to-be) who does NOT want to stroll around town carrying an extra-large bag over your shoulder that screams, “THIS IS A DIAPER BAG! CAN’T YOU TELL FROM THE BRIGHT PINK AND YELLOW FLOWERS AND THE NYLON MATERIAL?”, then this post is for you.  This post is different than the Top 25 Must-Have Newborn and Baby Items because this post focuses exclusively on the diaper bag itself.

    Is your diaper bag ugly?
    You may be wondering how you can determine whether or not your diaper bag is ugly (and therefore determine whether it “screams” when walking into a room).  Your ugly diaper bag will distinguish itself from a normal purse or tote through its overly-stated patterns, pastel-colored designs and presence of animal characters and flowers.

    The Real Reason That We Buy Ugly Diaper Bags:
    Why do we buy such ugly diaper bags?  For whatever reason, by the time “baby registry day” comes around, our ability to distinguish between good fashion from bad fashion often has already disappeared when it comes to diaper bag selection.  Instead of picking a color or style that we actually like ourselves, many of us decide that we should incorporate those cute little pastel-colored zoo animals from baby’s nursery into the theme of this brand new, and often expensive, diaper bag that we will be using every day for the next several months.  (I made this mistake when I picked out my first diaper bag, and if you are like me, then you WILL get tired of carrying around a bag with pink and purple giraffes on it, every day.)

    Practical and Stylish Diaper Bags:
    This last week, my good friend found out that she is expecting a baby and she asked me to put together her baby registry.  I have had so much fun putting it all together for her.  For the last three days, I have exclusively focused my time on “diaper bag research” (and yes, “diaper bag research” is an actual thing).  My goal was to find a diaper bag that doesn’t actually look like a “diaper bag,” and that was both: (a) practical and large enough, and (b) that disguised itself as an adorable and fashionable purse or tote.

    Here are my favorite diaper bags:
    (Note:  Don’t forget to share your favorite diaper bag by commenting on this post!)

    Top 25 Baby Diaper Bags

    1. Petunia Pickle Bottom Cafe Carryall

    1.  Petunia Pickle Bottom Cafe Carryall

    Link:  Petunia Pickle Bottom Cafe Carryall

    2. Urban Mom Stylish Diaper Bag

    2.  Urban Mom Stylish Diaper Bag

    Link:  Urban Mom Stylish Diaper Bag – Tote Style

    3. Kate Spade New York Basic Nylon Stevie Baby Bag

    3.  Kate Spade New York Basic Nylon Stevie Baby Bag

    Link:  Kate Spade New York Basic Nylon Stevie Baby Bag

    4. OiOi Carry All Diaper Bags
    4.  OiOi Carry All Diaper Bags
    OiOi Carry All Diaper Bag

    5. timi and leslie Jessica Diaper Bag

    5.  timi and leslie Jessica Diaper Bag

    Link:  timi and leslie Jessica 7-Piece Diaper Bag

    6. JJ Cole Baby Bag (Cafe)

    6.  JJ Cole Baby Bag (Cafe)

    Link:  JJ Cole Baby Bag (Cafe)

    7. timi and leslie Dawn Diaper Bag

    7.  timi and leslie Dawn Diaper Bag

    Link:  timi and leslie Dawn Diaper Bag

    8. Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Legacy Collection Diaper Bag

    8.  Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Legacy Collection Diaper Bag

    Link:  Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Legacy Collection Diaper Bag, First Lady

    9. Ju-Ju-Be Super Be Legacy Collection Zippered Diaper Bag Tote
    9.  Ju-Ju-Be Super Be Legacy Collection Zippered Diaper Bag Tote

    Link:  Ju-Ju-Be Super Be Legacy Collection Zippered Diaper Bag Tote, Queen of The Nile

    10.  JJ Cole Caprice Diaper Bag

    Link:  JJ Cole Caprice Diaper Bag

    11.  Babymel Cara Stripe Tote Bag

    Link:  Babymel Cara Stripe Tote Bag

    12.  Kate Spade Classic Spade Adaira Baby Bag

    Link:  Kate Spade Classic Spade Adaira Baby Bag

    13.  Kate Spade Spot Nylon Stevie Tote Baby Bag

    Link:  Kate Spade Spot Nylon Stevie Tote Baby Bag

    14.  Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed Statement Satchel
    Link:  Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed Statement Satchel – Indigo

    15.  timi and leslie Rachel Diaper Bag

    Link:  timi and leslie Rachel Diaper Bag

    16.   Ju-Ju-Be Nautical Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag

    Link:  Ju-Ju-Be Nautical Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag, The First Mate

    17.  Carter’s Zip Front Fashion Tote Diaper Bag

    Link:  Carter’s Zip Front Fashion Tote Diaper Bag

    18.  Carter’s Zip Fashion Diaper Bag

    Link:  Carter’s Zip Fashion Diaper Bag

    19.  JJ Cole Parker Diaper Bag

    Link:  JJ Cole Parker Diaper Bag

    20.  Coach Peyton Brown Signature Baby Diaper Bag

    Link:  Coach Peyton Brown Signature Multifunction Tote and Baby Diaper Bag

    21.  Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall

    Link:  Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall

    22.  Petunia Pickle Bottom Altogether Tote

    Link:  Petunia Pickle Bottom Altogether Tote

    23.  Universal Stroller Organizer By Ethan and Emma
    Link:  Universal Stroller Organizer By Ethan and Emma

    24.  OiOi Tote Diaper Bag – Leather Tan Slouch
    Link:  OiOi Tote Diaper Bag – Leather Tan Slouch

    25.  Storksak Elizabeth Leather Diaper Bag
    Link:  Storksak Elizabeth Leather Diaper Bag


    26.  Storksak Sofia Leather Diaper Bag
    Link:  Storksak Sofia Leather Diaper Bag

    27.  Teal and Gray Color Block Diaper Tote Bag by White Elm – The Moxie
    Link:  Teal and Gray Color Block Diaper Tote Bag by White Elm – The Moxie


    I remember being pregnant with my first child and feeling like the concept of diaper bags was somewhat of a mystery to me. Which features were important? Were you only allowed to carry diapers in it? I realized today that I have a deeply-rooted dislike for the diaper bag that I so naively purchased prior to having my first child.

    Daily Mom Humor – Laundry With a Toddler - Folding Laundry with a Toddler is like trying to straighten a desk full of papers while a fan blows on it.

    It is impossible to do laundry with my toddler around.  Anything that I’ve folded, she sees as a “challenge to destroy.”  If I try to fold the laundry on or laundry room counter, my toddler will do everything in her power to press every single button on the washing machine (she enjoys the “beep” sound that the buttons make).  Her obsession with pressing the laundry room buttons eventually led to the control panel of our washing machine burning out….which cost us $150 in repair costs.  

    In conclusion, I refuse to do laundry.

    See my post These Are My Pack n Play Confessions for more of my thoughts on this matter.