Top 3 iPhone Apps to Temporarily Distract Your Baby

1.Elmo Calls’
Elmo Calls is my favorite smartphone app, by far  You can “Face Time” with Elmo.  This app is awesome.  It’s just a quick call and they have a wide-variety of pre-recorded Elmo fun.  Works great when you need to distract your little one quickly. I pull this app out when I need to give my daughter saline spray up her nose (she’s not a fan of that, but this usually does the trick).   

2.  ‘I Hear Ewe’
My baby loves animal sounds with this app.  You just tap on different animals and they made a different noise. This is fun to do with your baby.

3.  ‘Alphababy’
I can’t locate artwork for this app, but just search for “AlphaBaby” on your phone.  In the Alphababy app, your little one just taps on the screen and a different letter of the alphabet, or a number, will pop up each time baby taps.  Each letter or number will be in a different color.  This app is great for the waiting room at the doctor’s office, because the app is still stimulating for your bored baby even when the app is muted (numbers and letters still pop up the screen). 

“Elmo Calls” iPhone App

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