How to Find Your Cell Phone Around Your House When You Don’t Have A Land-line Phone to Call It

When you lose your cell phone around your home, do you ask people to call it for you so you can find it when it rings?

What if no one else is home?  And what if you don’t subscribe to a land-line service?

This website ( has saved my butt so many times.  

If you are a scatterbrain like me, you’ve probably misplaced your cell phone around your house (couch cushions, bathroom drawers, the refrigerator, etc.) every once in a while (for me, this happens almost daily).  I don’t have a land line at our house, so my phone is my only method of communication with the outside world, outside of the Internet of course.  

The worst is when no one in my family is home for me to ask them, “Hey, I can’t find my cell phone.  Will you please call it?”  I would find myself constantly digging through the couch cushions.  This website,, has been my saving grace ever since I was in college and living in a single-bedroom apartment by myself. Just pull up this website, type in your cell phone number, and they will call your phone for you.  The ringing of your phone will help you locate it! (Just keep your fingers crossed that your phone isn’t on silent.)

Click Here to View Their Website, or go to

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