How My Toddler Dictates My Bathroom Schedule

The newborn phase was undoubtedly the most difficult, for me.  But, at the very least, after my baby’s one-month mark, I had the option of using the bathroom in my home while feeling confident that my infant would remain in place on his baby gym and not get into trouble.  These days are over!  This confidence has gradually diminished as my child has gained mobility; leaving the door open as a security measure while I pee in my home no longer provides this type of, or any, confidence/security in her safety.  Admittedly, she has kept me company many of times in the bathroom while I go about my business.  But my pre-parenthood-self swore she would never do that!

Sometimes I am afraid to grab a Kleenex or snack from the kitchen while my daughter (1-year-old) plays in the living room.  To you “Open-Themed” home-owners – you have a significant parenting advantage here: I cannot see my living room from my kitchen in my home! The kitchen is a short distance away, but my toddler is attracted to everything dangerous.  That girl can crawl at the speed of light!  My darling little daughter is not quite as interested as I had hoped in the numerous toys I have so carefully selected for her.  Nope. She wants to eat paper (tissue, receipts, magazines…any kind of paper, really), chew on my laptop computer electrical cord, pick the “childproof” outlet plugs out of the outlet (ah!), among many other dangerous things. 

Not only is she crawling, but she is nearly walking! 

Her attempt to walk and stand independently is often met with a huge potential to bump her head.  And dislodging our DVD player from our TV stand seems to be her life-long goal.

What the he*% are the “Terrible Twos” going to bring?

There are days that I don’t brush my teeth in the morning because of my fear of running upstairs to grab my toothbrush…she could dismantle my living room in 30-seconds! And even worse, she could seriously injure herself! Sure, I’ve left a toothbrush in the kitchen for the sake of my dental hygiene  but that soon gets put away or dirty as soon as company comes over and I scramble to clean and tidy up.  I’ve “baby-proofed,” but that means nothing for this child!  They don’t make the type of equipment that she needs, at least not for a price that I can afford!  

I need other items that are in my upstairs bedroom/bathroom throughout the day while my toddler and me frolic in the living room. 
I’ve given up on quite a few of these items – are they worth carrying my 22-pound(+) toddler up my stairs, bending over to grab my chapstick from the floor while balancing her squirmy little body, as my back slowly gives out, and she fusses for her freedom?  Nope!  I will try the lotion from my kitchen sink to cure my chapped lips until naptape comes. My back hurts!

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