9 Tips for Flying on Airplane with Baby

If you’re traveling with your baby or young toddler soon, then consider the following tips that will help to make your airplane flight go smoothly: 

1.  Consider the weather at destination when packing. 

  • You may also want to consider the temperature where you will be staying.  Does Grandma like to keep the temperature ridiculously warm in her house?  Plan accordingly.

2.  Free up your hands by bringing a backpack for your carry-on (instead of a diaper bag. 

  • Also, consider purchasing a baby carrier, such as the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Air, as this will free up your hands as well.

3.   If you can, buy diapers, wipes and formula when you get to your destination.

  • BUT pack plenty for the plane and travel time – airports don’t sell diapers!

4.  Consult the airline if you want to take your car seat on board.

  • If your baby sleeps well in his car seat  it may a good idea to bring it on board with you if you’re traveling during nap or sleeping time.

5. Use the restrooms located in the front of the plane for diaper changes.  Trust me.

  • The restrooms in the back of the plane are loud (because of the airplane’s engines), and this can scare babies.
  • Remember:  Absorbent diapers are your best friend.  I recommend using overnight diapers with extra protection (Pampers Extra Protection is my favorite diaper for sizes 3 and up).

6.  If your child likes to throw toys on the floor, consider packing toys that won’t roll away on the airplane floor, like small stuffed animals or rubber rings.

  • Gerber Graduates Squeezable Pouches are super easy and mess-free…you don’t even need a spoon – you or baby can just squeeze it in their mouth. Be sure to place these pouches in a Quart-sized bag when you go through security.  Cereal Puffs and Cheerios also make excellent snacks.
  • Keep rotating out the toys and snacks while on the plane to keep baby stimulated.

7.  If and when crankiness occurs, walk your baby or young toddler around the plane.

  • Get on your plane-neighbor’s good side: if your child is crying or acting up, smile and say you’re sorry and that you’re doing the best you can.  They may help you.
  • Don’t forget that you are a strong, smart, mommy-ninja, and you can handle anything.

8.  Have the baby drink a bottle or liquid during take-off and landing to relieve ear pressure pain. 

  • I give my baby a little Tylenol before the flight in case the air pressure hurts her ears (ask your doctor first).
  • Use a pacifier if necessary – anything to get that “sucking” sensation going in their ear canal.

9.  Try to book your toddler or baby their own seat – you will want the space.  

Bonus Tip # 10: 

  • Remember:  Make use of your sense of humor! You’ll need it!

Please share your tips for traveling 
with a baby or toddler!

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