An Economical Bib That Saves Toddler Clothes

My one-year-old has recently decided that ripping off her old baby bibs is hilarious.  I knew the day would come.  I’m actually surprised she didn’t start ripping her bibs off sooner.  Sure, I could purchase bibs with a button snap that wouldn’t be quite as easy for her to rip off as the velcro bibs I currently own – but I’ve realized that baby bibs don’t serve their purpose anymore – they work that well at keeping her clean and protecting her clothes when she eats solid foods.  My washing machine is constantly busy! 

Solution:  Bibs with Sleeves.


My friend found these bibs, made by Ikea, and they are just $2.00 each.  They have sleeves so your little one’s clothes are protected. Ikea doesn’t sell these bibs online, but now sells these on their website (link: Ikea Baby Bib with Sleeves).  

Since this post, we have evaluated other bibs for toddlers.  You might find the post Top 5 Baby and Toddler Bibs helpful.

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