Strategies for Securing Your Baby a Seat On Airplane

If you can’t afford to purchase a separate airline seat for your baby for your upcoming fight, then consider the following strategies for obtaining an extra seat for your toddler or baby. 

Strategy 1 – The Best Approach (Preparation)
  • If both you and your spouse are traveling, try to book an aisle and a window seat that are in the same row, and make sure that the middle seat in between you is open when you’re booking. Other passengers who book their flights after you will usually not choose a middle seat and this can sometimes mean a free seat for your baby. If the middle seat ends up getting booked, most people will happily trade you for one of your aisle/window seats so that you and your spouse can sit together.
Strategy 2 – Last Shot (Desperation)

  • Beg the person at the check-in and ticket counters to be placed next to an empty seat.  Be sure to highlight how exhausted you are…give your best puppy eyes. If that person says no, ask someone else once that first person walks away. Don’t forget that you can beg both the check-in counter people and the people at the counter once you get to your gate. Ok, so, technically, you are not “booking” the seats, as my title states, but these strategies will help you get that seat without paying, and it’s worth a shot. Trust me. You want a seat for your toddler or baby when you’re flying.
Don’t forget that if your child is over 2-years-old, then you have to book him a seat – it’s the rules.  Children under 2-years-old can sit on your lap, but like I said, try to get a spare seat.  You will want the room.

Good luck!

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