Top 21 Items To Pack When Traveling With Baby or Toddler On Airplane

Before you get on an airplane with your young toddler, take a look at this packing list of items to bring with you on the plane to make your flight with your toddler easier.

Packing List for Flight With Your Toddler:

  1. Gerber Graduates Grabbers Squeezable Pouches are super easy.  Make sure the individual pouches you buy are 4oz. or less otherwise you might have trouble with airport security (4 oz. maximum of liquid).  Some of the pouches are 4.23oz; some are 4 oz; some are less than 4 oz.  What I like about the pouches (no matter which brand you get) is that you don’t even need a spoon – your little one can just squeeze it in their mouth. Be sure to place to Quart-sized bag for security. 
  2. Puffs Cereal
  3. Cheerios
  4. A boiled egg for mealtime.
  5. Formula or Breast Milk (Bring Powder and buy bottle of water after security) or Milk
  6. Teething Rings
  7. Take N’ Toss Sippy Cups
  8. A small “surprise” toy that your baby has never seen.  Simple ideas are an empty brown lunch bag or a small empty makeup box.
  9. Stroller – you will want it and you can check it when you board the plane.
  10. iPad or SmartPhone with Toddler Entertainment Apps (Elmo App, Picture Show)
  11. Lovey or Stuffed Animal (e.g., Stuffed Elmo or Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse from
  12. Wipes 
  13. Small Packet of Wet Wipes
  14. Diapers – I personally use the Pampers Extra Long Protection Diapers – these bad boys can soak up a ridiculous amount of pee and they are still extremely flexible for a young toddler who is on-the-go.
  15. Disposable Bags for dirty diapers (See Sassy Baby Disposable Diaper Sacks from
  16. Disposable Changing Pads (See Skip Hop Pronto Changer Diaper Bag)
  17. Medications and a Dosage Information Sheet (Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Little Tummies Gas Drops, etc.).  If you have to administer medication multiple times, bring extra medication dispensers because it will be hard to wash them on the flight and nothing is worse than sticky, gooey medication dispensers.
  18. Spare Outfit for Baby (bring 2 on the plane)
  19. Spare Shirt for You
  20. Birth Certificate to prove your child is under age 2 (under 2 flies free)
  21. Scarf – can be used as a blanket for baby once on the plane.

Tip to Remember:  

  • Also, don’t forget to put outlet plugs and any other baby-proofing gear in your checked bag.  Your hotel or destination is probably not baby-proofed.


Please share your baby travel tips!


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