Mommy New Year’s Resolutions – Share Yours Here

Here are six New Year’s resolutions that I play to implement into my life this year:

1)  To layout my outfit for the next day and my child’s outfit for the next day the night before.  I want mornings to be easier and go smoothly.

2)  To stop using my Pack N Play as a gigantic laundry hamper and actually stay on top of laundry. (This will be my greatest challenge.)

3)  To get my mommy first-aid inventory prepared for my growing, curious toddler by stocking up on all of the necessary first-aid items that kids need (band-aids of all sorts, disinfectants, wraps, etc.).

4)  To throw away mysterious Tupperware lids and free up my kitchen space.

5)  To utilize my slow-cooker crock-pot more often – it makes yummy food, saves time, and makes the house smell awesome.

6)  To take a relaxing bath at least 3x a week (at night, after kids are asleep).  A glass of Chardonnay may or may not be there with me.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions this year?  Share with us by commenting on this post!


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