Daily Mom Humor - Shower Schizophrenia

someecards.com - Shower Schizophrenia: The constant belief that you hear a child crying while you're trying to take a shower.

This happens to me, every single day.  I cannot take a shower without hearing my child's cries - a part of my life which did not exist until the day that I gave birth to a little bitty.  Prior to being a mom, I heard spalike noises in my head (or at least that's what I now tell myself that I used to hear...I can't really remember, actually). 

God bless video baby monitor's; however, these devices are expensive, and therefore, I am significanly less likely to be willing to touch these devices while my fingers are wet (such as when I am in the shower).  Therefore, until I am willing to install a video surveillance system in our master bathroom (which will be NEVER because I will need a new car soon)...then I will continue to hear my child's voice(s) in my head...



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