Do It Yourself Nursery Decorating Art Idea

Mommy Mia’s DIY Nursery Art Decor Project 

Our Nursery Theme Pottery Barn Penelope 

DIY Baby Nursery Art 
Pottery Barn Penelope Theme
We wanted to decorate our nursery for our daughter, but we were on a budget.  Our theme was Penelope by Pottery Barn Kids.  I decided to take a stroll to Hobby Lobby and let my creative juices guide me as to how to make my own nursery decor for my daughter.  I wanted it to be cute, and also add a sentimental touch that would be meaningful to my daughter (hopefully) when she is older – assuming she will appreciate that I made it myself.  This is what I came up with. 

(Total Cost of DIY Art Nursery Project: about $20)

Nursery Art 1:


Nursery Art 2:


DIY Steps to Baby Nursery Art Decor:

Step 1:  Bought 2 of these frames from Hobby Lobby.  The frames had flowers pre-printed on it.

Bare frames from Hobby Lobby.

Step 2:  Found cute little cardboard animals/frogs cut-outs from Hobby Lobby that would match her nursery (her nursery theme is Penelope from Pottery Barn).

Little cardboard animals/frogs
from Hobby Lobby.

Step 3:  Put together random pieces of scrap paper on a piece of cardboard using a glue stick and added the cardboard cut-outs using a hot glue gun.

Cardboard frog and butterfly cut outs glued to scrap paper.
Cardboard dog and fence cutouts glued to scrap paper.

Step 4:  Added my signature so my daughter can one day see how much her mama loved her even before she was born.

Added Mommy’s signature
on picture number 1.
Added mommy’s signature
on picture number 2.


Final Result for DIY Penelope Picture
Frames for Baby Nursery

We hung the pictures right next to her changing table.

Share your ideas for DIY Nursery Projects here by commenting below! I’d love to see/hear your ideas!


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