Top 10 Surprises After My Baby Was Born

1.  How important it is to choose the right pediatrician before the baby comes.    

  • This is a decision that is better made before you become a sleep-deprived mommy-zombie and have a newborn that wakes up every two hours to eat at night.  Try to avoid making important decisions within the first 6-weeks of your child’s life, because if you are anything like me, your brain with be mush.  On that same note, having a pediatrician that you don’t like and click with (especially during the newborn phase when you’re prone to be more moody and emotional) is a NIGHTMARE for a mom. Trust me on this one (it happened to me).    

2. How I still looked 5-months pregnant after I delivered my baby.

  • Not cool.

3.   How much baby stuff I had that I didn’t need, and how much more of the practical items that I still needed.   

4.  How little I actually understood the meaning of “sleep deprivation” during pregnancy compared to when my baby was born.  

  • The whole waking up every 2-hours to feed a newborn baby can start to feel like a very effective torture method.  Nevertheless, you will love your little booger so much that it won’t matter.  (And just remember: it gets so much better – you WILL survive the newborn phase….you can do it!)   For a non-funny, but very helpful book on baby’s sleep habits, I recommend  The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy  (The Sleep Lady book is my go-to reference manual even to this day)…it’s definitely my favorite “sleep advice book” that I’ve come across…and I’m pretty sure I’ve read all of the good ones out there.
Link:  The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy

5.  Just how little that my baby’s poop grosses me out.  

  • Now this was a total SHOCKER to me because I won’t go near my dog’s eye goobers without 2 sheets of a paper towel. This is an example of mother nature at her finest.

6.  How much my newborn daughter looked like her daddy – it was almost creepy.

  • I used to tease Mr. Mia that our child would come out looking Asian or black or hispanic (I am a white), and that I would tease him “in advance” that I would have no idea why. I had a very strange sense of humor during pregnancy.  (Side Note:  There is absolutely no doubt in this man’s mind that I am 100%+ loyal to him, because I am…he is fantastic).  I don’t think he thought my jokes were as funny as I thought they were during pregnancy (I have a strange sense of humor), but I think he officially got the joke once our daughter, Tessa, was born – our daughter was basically identical to Mr. Mia as a newborn.  She looked nothing like me, which annoyed me slightly, but she looked exactly like her daddy and like her great-grandma (from her daddy’s side).

7.  Just how little that other parents remember about their child’s newborn phase:

  • When my little one was 2-weeks old, I was asked by a colleague of mine, “So your baby is sleeping through the night by now, right?”   His memory of his children (all three of them) seemed to reflect that his children were sleeping 8+ hours by the time they were 2-weeks-old).  I call bullsh**.   I don’t care what your definition of “sleeping though the night” may be (6-hours, 8-hours) – my child was very far from it at 2-weeks-old.  I don’t think that he was lying – I think that mother-nature helps us forget the sleep-deprived misery of the newborn phase in order for us to procreate.  Maybe I think that.  I don’t know. 

8.  How much I hate baby outfits that have buttons.

  • Zippers are where it’s at when it comes to baby clothes!  Zippers are so much easier to work with in the middle the night when you are so extremely tired and changing your baby’s diapers.  Buttons, frankly, suck.  Matching up and aligning the buttons properly on a baby’s outfit (an outfit that you know will need to be un-buttoned 2-hours later for the next diaper change) is the last thing that your tired brain needs as a mommy with a newborn.  Embrace the invention of zippers.  (Exception to button outfits:  Side-Snap Onesies.  See The Must-Have Clothing Item For Your Newborn Baby for more on side-snap onesies).

9.  Just how much the funny pregnancy books ended up helping me.  

  • The funny books that I read during pregnancy (Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth and The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy) really helped me to be mentally “geared up” for the parts of motherhood that most books don’t talk about – these books helped me realize that I wasn’t the only one experiencing these feelings (and gas pains), and that I wasn’t totally crazy (for more on this book, see Funny Books that Will Make Any Pregnant Woman Laugh).  

10.  (This one is from her daddy). Just how powerful and consuming the love that you have for you baby becomes at the moment you hold that baby for the first time.  #warm-and-fuzzies -

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