1 Simple Way to Entertain Your Newborn Baby

Black and  White  Images

Many newborn babies are, apparently, infatuated with the color-contrast of black and white images – the two very opposite colors stimulate
the newborn-baby mind in a way that they’ve never, yet, experienced.  Try to imagine the first time that you ever had the chance to experience and appreciate the differences between the colors of black and white – such a simple concept, yet, it is easy to understand how this would be fascinating for a little baby.

At about 4-weeks-old, my newborn was mesmerized with the black and white pictures that I had downloaded to my iPad after an article on Babycenter.com suggested to me the idea of introducing B&W images to my newborn.  So, I typed in these keywords into Google: “black and white contrast images” and then, I downloaded a few of the PDF files that I found to my iPad.  Even though my 3-week-old daughter had a very short attention span (less than 2-minutes), it was still awesome to see her “WOW!-ed” little face – especially because this was probably the first time that I had ever seen her with any sort of expression of interest/fascination on her face in anything at all.

If you don’t have an iPad or tablet, then you can buy a book of great black and white contrast images to fascinate your baby.  Amazon.com sells the book, “White on Black” for around $6.00.

Link to Book:  White on Black

Enjoy the simplicity of the newborn phase.
Newborn Tessa Loves Black and White Images
Ooooo.  Ahhhh!

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