How the Nosefrida Changed My Boogy Little Life

The Nosefrida has made my baby actually enjoy the booger-sucking process.  My life has changed.
The Nosefrida
In December, I desperately posted about my struggles with using a booger sucker with my baby/toddler in my post Help! Baby HATES the Booger Sucker: Mommy Support Needed.  My little one was 13-months-old at the time.  My daughter absolutely despised the booger sucker, and behaved as if I was water-boarding (torturing) her when I would try to use it on her.  Not. Fun.

As promised, I gave the boogie sucker a shot, and now, I need to give a huge, huge thank you to my readers who suggested the Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator to me, because it has made an enormous difference in our lives.  My daughter can not only breathe and not only does my daughter now allow me to use the boogy-sucking Nosefrida on her, but she actually asks me to use it on her; and now, she loves it.  

I never, ever thought that the day would come when my child would tolerate nasal aspiration.

Video of My Baby (Toddler) 
Loving the Nosefrida

Now, let me explain a little bit about the Nosefrida.  I was very reluctant to try this product initially – it sounded gross. Even though I am a very loyal customer and saw the amazing reviews of the Nosefrida on while I was pregnant (and researching baby items), I ended up completely rejected the idea after I saw that you have to suck the boogers yourself out of your baby’s nose; I was like “EW!” and immediately rejected the idea.  I thought: “What if the boogers/snot get in my mouth?! EW!”  But I promise you that the boogers don’t get in your mouth – even with the massive amount of snot my child has, the snot/boogers hasn’t even reached the filter yet, let alone anywhere near my mouth.  But this thing is awesome.

Above is a video of us using the NoseFrida.  Tessa now goes “awwhhhww” after every time that I suck the boogers out of her nose.

(Side Note: I never thought I would be posting about sucking boogers on the internet…What has my life come to? Oh well..).

Dear inventors of Nosefrida:  I love you.



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