3D Ultrasound to Newborn Baby Side-by-Side Comparison (Part 2)

Ultrasound Photo Compared to Newborn Baby – Similarities (Tessa)

Due to the popularity of our first “ultrasound/actual-baby, side-by-side comparison” post (3D Ultrasound Photo Side-by-Side Comparison to My Actual Newborn Baby), I decided to do a “Part 2″comparison of my 34-week ultrasound photo to my newborn baby.  I loved googling “3D Ultrsound comparison to baby Photo” when I was prego, so I thought this may interest some of our readers.  Check out my ultrasound-t0-baby photo timeline at Ultrasound to Baby Photo Timeline: That’s a lot of growing in just 365 Days!

Do you have ultrasound photo/baby comparison photos to share with us?  Share a link to your comparison photo by commenting on this post!

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