Top 5 Uses of the Newborn Podster

The Newborn Podster
Multiple-Uses, Demonstrations, and Photo-Time

I am obsessed with this must-have newborn item – the Newborn Podster, made by Leachco, as can be shown by my numerous posts about this simple item (I do not work work the company, I swear).  I talk about how much easier the Newborn Podster makes life with a newborn in my post How to Make Life With Newborn Easier – The Newborn Podster, and it is listed as number one for the Top 25 Must-Have Newborn Baby Items.
Newborn Podster
I ran out of things to talk about today, which is a first (we lost a member of our pet family this week, so I’m not myself this week).  So, here is a photo demonstration of the multiple uses for the Newborn Podster.

Exhibit A:  
Nap Time and the Newborn Podster

Make sure you supervise your little baby, because you don’t want them to suddenly learn to roll over while laying on the Newborn Podster and get hurt or worse.  Be a smart mom.  Safety first. 

Exhibit B:  
Bath Time and the Newborn Podster

In that awkward moment between getting your baby out of the infant bath tub and wrapping them with a towel – where do you set your baby?  The Newborn Podster is perfect!  I just lay the towel on the Podster ahead of time next to the bath tub on the counter, and set my baby there as I wrap her up and them cuddle her in my arms.  

Safety First:  DO NOT LEAVE THE PODSTER ON COUNTER WITHOUT BOTH ARMS ON YOUR BABY. I may not even need to say that, but I feel compelled to.

Exhibit C:  
Tummy Time and the Newborn Podster

The Podster is great for tummy time practice.  I absolutely despised tummy time with my newborn, simply because my newborn despised tummy time, but the Newborn Podster helped.

Exhibit D:  
Awake Time and the Newborn Podster

Exhibit E:  
Baby Outgrows the Newborn Podster – Dog Bed!

The Newborn Podster makes a great dog bed after your baby outgrows it!  
Take it from my dog, Bammer!

Newborn Podster


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