Help Orphans With HIV in Vietnam – Letter To Leachco

Back in November, I posted about how my favorite baby product (the Newborn Podster) can help orphans with HIV in Vietnam, after I returned home from visiting Vietnam, where we visited an HIV Orphanage Clinic and witnessed the heart-wrenching conditions that the children and the orphans there live on daily basis. (Original Post:  How My Favorite Baby Product Can Help Orphans in Vietnam).  We have not yet received a response a response from Leachco for this letter (letter sent in November 2012).  My hope is to create a following of this post that will encourage a response from Leachco.

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HIV Orphanage Clinic 
Hanoi, Vietnam



Clyde E. Leach – CEO and Founder of Leachco, Inc.
Jamie S. Leach – Executive Vice President, Co-founder of Leachco, Inc.
Leachco. Inc., Corporate Headquarters

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jamie and Clyde Leach, 

I first want to begin by telling you how much I love your company’s Newborn Podster Infant Seat Lounger. I purchased this item when my daughter was 3-weeks-old, and I wish I would have had it from the day she was born because it made my life, and taking care of my daughter, substantially easier.  I cannot begin to tell you how much back pain, and time, this product has saved me.  I carried your Podster with me nearly everywhere my daughter and I visited; I packed it in my suitcase when we visited the grandparents in Idaho.  Your Podster is, by far, the most practical, convenient baby gear item that I have yet to purchase. I don’t know what I what have done without it as a new mom! 
I have purchased a total of eight different Podsters from you through since December of 2011. 
Your Podster has become my “Go-To” baby gift – it is the first gift that I buy for all of my pregnant friends.  My friends inevitably end up feeling the same passion about your Podster as I do, and have told me that the Podster has now become their new “Go-To” baby gift item too! 

I am a huge advocate of your product and even steer people away from the competing pillow that Boppy offers because I know that it doesn’t offer the same quality as your Podster.  Again, I love your pillow! 

I saw how your Podster could significantly help these HIV orphans and their caregivers.

In September 2012, I traveled to Vietnam for my International Residency visit for my MBA program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Our class visited many organizations in Vietnam, and among those was an HIV Orphanage Clinic located in the city of Hanoi.  Although the clinic functions by receiving funding from the Vietnamese government, the funding does not appear to be enough, and this funding does not permit the clinic to extend at all beyond a narrow definition of “necessities” for the children.  There were no toys in sight and diapers were a precious commodity.

HIV Orphanage Clinic – Hanoi, Vietnam

Our class of thirty people brought along toys for the older children.  It was a heart-wrenching feeling to see that these children didn’t have any toys.  Our class also donated two beds to be used by children (ages 3-10).  Our class also provided the supplies and labor to paint and repair the outside playground of the clinic.  Although I am proud of our work, I know it wasn’t enough, especially for the infants, who I have thought about every day since.

There are approximately fifteen infants, ages 0-12 months, at the clinic.  The only seating options that these infants have are the dirty floor, and metal beds that have a thin layer of bamboo as the mattress.   The caregivers lack any seating to place the infants that provides comfortable support.   

All I could think about was how much this clinic would benefit from a LeachCo. Podster.

Infant Bedding – HIV Orphanage Clinic, Hanoi, Vietnam

With the help of my family, I plan to purchase 3 of your newborn Podsters 
to send to the orphanage.

Would your organization be willing to donate any number of Podsters to this clinic?  Are there any other amazing products (such as your portable bath tubs) that your organization would be willing to donate?  Please?  I’ve included the mailing address and contact information for the clinic at the bottom of this letter.  I will be happy to pay for any international shipping for any items that you are willing to donate. 

I will love your product either way. I know that the Podster could change the daily lives of the infants by providing them a comfortable, cozy seating space; and if my experience and my friends’ experience is any indicator, your product will help these caregivers tremendously.  The Podster is significantly better than any swing, bouncer or cradle I have tried or researched.  The time and comfort your Podster will provide to this clinic will be invaluable.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration.  I will make myself available anytime, immediately upon your request.*


Mommy Mia
Mommy Mia Monologues

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