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Introducing Guest Blogger: Yunnie A.

Yunnie is a loyal reader who has provided Mommy Mia Monolgues with amazing insight into the world of blogging.  Yunnie has an amazing talent for identifying good stories around the world  and she has a great sense of what is actually interesting and fun for people to read about.  Here is Yunnie’s latest on some of the awesomeness that is circulating around the world wide web today:

by Yunnie A.

For your weekend (and Monday morning) reading…

Did you hear about the little girl, Evie, who mailed back two sticks she took from Yosemite National Park? 

  • Read her adorably cute letter here: ‘Cutest. Story. Ever,’ U.S. Interior says of a girl and two Yosemite Stick.

Do you want to enjoy the picture perspective of a photographer being led by his girlfriend, around the world? 
  • If so, check it out here.

Did you see the hilarious outcome when Johnny Carson asked the audience if anyone can replace the piano player for the night on the Tonight Show?  

Do you have one of spring’s must haves – paisley or lace?

  • Polished Paisley or Lace?

Did you know there are babies that can save themselves from drowning?

Spring is in the air, sometimes I feel like chopping my hair off like Charlize Theron. 
  • Check out Spring’s hair trends here:  Charlize Theron and here Michelle Williams.

–  This post is brought to you by Yunnie  A.

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