A Non-Ugly Toy Bin for Baby and Toddler Toys


Link: Threshold Global Trunk 

from Target

I love my child’s toys, I do, but the neon-pink and neon-green polka-dotted storage bins that we were using to store my daughter’s toys had to go if I wanted re-gain control of my living room.  This is my first attempt to restore the “Zen” to my living room since the birth of my child.  A friend of mine suggested a brilliant idea: get rid of the neon storage bins and use a storage trunk (for adults) for toys.  I was disappointed in myself that I had never thought of this idea.  

I found this storage trunk online from Target 

(Link: Threshold Global Trunk) and it’s amazing because

I am now one-step closer to having a zen-ful living room.  This trunk is large enough for a lot of toys and it’s actually stylish.  My little one just stands over the toy trunk and pulls out the toys of her choice.  My next big step will be to get her to put her toys away (baby steps).

The storage bin is $76.99 (if you use your Target debit card, you get an additional 5% off).

Goodbye to the Easter-colored toy bins that always found their way to my hallway closet whenever I wanted to impress a guest who was coming to our house (this was usually done a last-minute effort).  

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