What Am I Going To Do With My Life Now That Homeland Season 2 is Over?

We just finished the second season of “Homeland”….

Once the second season of “Homeland” ended, I immediately felt deep regret:  

  • I should have watched the episodes at a slower pace. 
  • I should have appreciated the essence of the show in its entirety more than I did.
  • So many regrets!  I love this show so much, and now, no other show can come close to compare to it. 

Without Homeland, what are we going to do on a Friday night now?!  

This is devastating.  

Does anyone, anyone, have any other GREAT show suggestions 
(ideally, a television show that is equally as amazing as “Homeland”)?  

Now that “Homeland” is over, we are so bored.  

Without “Homeland,” we feel so….empty…so lost.

Without “Homeland” to look forward to every night, it’s as if a critical part of my brain will no longer be stimulated effectively, and that makes me sad.

(Yes, this is pathetic, but I do not care.)

I guess that all we can do is wait for the 3rd season to begin.  This will be the longest, most difficult, wait of my life – it may even tie with the treacherous waiting time of pregnancy.  

Please share with us 
your TV show suggestions! We are bored.

Oh, and…


Dear Claire Danes: you are awesome.  

Link:   Homeland: The Complete First Season

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