Around the Web Favorites – April 2013

Below is a list of links of some of my random favorites articles, posts, and videos from around the web.  This post is inspired by a Mommy Mia Monologues reader, Yunnie A. (check out some of Yunnie’s favorites from around the web on her guest blog posting: So What Did I Miss Recently?).

An Interesting Article on Bringing Your Children To the Grocery Store:

Here is a post from (one of my favorite blogs/websites) about how to get your kids through the grocery store without your kids (or you) having a meltdown:  How to Get Your Kids Through The Grocery Store – Meltdown Free.  

For my toddler, I keep two bananas in my purse – at all times – when I bring her to the grocery store.  Why?  (a) Because my child is obsessed with bananas. (b) It’s easy to transport. (c) I feed the the banana as she sits in the grocery cart and it takes up a good amount of time – enough time that I can grab my tampons and more bananas, check-out, and leave.  
You could also take the author of the above-referenced article and not go grocery shopping with a hungry child.  Sometimes, if my 18-month-old daughter didn’t get fed at daycare, I have no choice but to go grocery shopping with a hungry child.  In this case – refer to my advice about bananas.

Funny Baby Video:

Here is a hilarious video of a baby who suddenly wakes up when her favorite song is played on the radio:

Inspiring Video – Video of a Woman Hears for the First Time:

I saw this video on The Ellen Show last year.  This video makes me cry almost every time. If you are a hormonal pregnant woman, or if you are experiencing your special monthly moment, then be prepared to cry.  I love this video.

Hilarious Television Commercials, from the Ellen Show:

Television has been tough to watch recently after the Boston Bombing.  Here is a feel-good monologue from Ellen DeGeneres:  

And more from Ellen: Funny Purse.


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