Best TV Shows to Watch While Your Child Naps (2013)

Here is a list of great shows to watch while your child is napping (this list will be continuously updated). Because you are probably doing the way more important things while your child is napping (dishes, laundry, hanging that picture you’ve been wanting to hang for the last 10-months, etc.), then this list could very-well be meaningless – if it is, then good for you for being so responsible.  If you need to just sit down and relax in front of the device that was once your best friend (before you had children), then here is a list of my current favorite shows that may tickle your interest:

1.  Modern Family

  • Though I am not so sure the most recent seasons of this show are quite as funny as the original, Modern Family still, undoubtedly, remains in my top 5 TV Shows.

2.  Homeland

3.  Parenthood

  • This show will make you laugh out loud over and over, and also make you ugly-cry.  I think this show does such a great job at touching all of the parts of parenthood.

4.  Friends

  • If you don’t like the show FRIENDS, then you and I cannot be friends.  

5.  How I Met Your Mother

  • As of 2013, this show offers a great mix of parenthood, the single life, and the dating life.  This show gets better and better.

6.  Cougar Town

  • Love this show.

7.  Six Feet Under

  • This is another twisted Premium TV show (by HBO).  I watched this in my early 20’s, and grew to LOVE the characters.  This show strangely made me feel more comfortable with the idea of death.

8.  Dexter

  • If you have an open mind, then watch this show FROM THE FIRST EPISODE.  May I repeat: YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW FROM THE FIRST EPISODE!

9.  Supernanny

  • Nothing will make you remember your birth control pills like a Supernanny marathon.  

10.  Arrested Development

  • This show is great.

11.  New Girl

  • I love this show, but I’ve had mixed reviews from my friends.  If you’re an 1970’s to early 80’s baby, then you may not like this show.

12.  The View

  • Yeah, so what?  I watch “The View.”  It’s my guilty pleasure.  I was watching the show in Live-time back when Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselback got into that huge fight, and that may, or may not have, been the highlight of my day.  

    13. The Office
    • Do I really need to explain why this show is funny?

    14.  The Big Bang Theory
    • You may have to be a nerd or know a nerd to love this show (I meet both of these criteria).  I love this show.

    15.  The Mentalist
    • Patrick Jane (the main character) is a hottie, and this show is great for a weekly murder mystery.  It’s similar to CSI and Law and Order, but this show has a on-going theme (Red John) for the main character (who, again, is a hottie).

    16.  The Bachelor

    • I am ashamed, ashamed, to admit that I watch this show.  I blame my sister for getting me hooked.  This is my greatest guilty pleasure.

    What is your favorite TV Show right now?

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