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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mama’s out there!  

The goal of this post is to provide you with miscellaneous entertainment as you (hopefully) sit in bed and do nothing on this fine Mother’s Day weekend.  Don’t feel bad if you do not have plans that involve you being able to relax today.  My plans for Mother’s Day:  having brunch with my family at a local restaurant buffet (and with a Toddler that despises sitting still…wish me luck), and then my plans later in the day consist of folding and putting away an insane amount of laundry that has built up in our spare bedroom, and then cleaning our house.  How is this made possible?  My sister and my mom will be supervising my toddler (a wonderful change to my Sunday schedule) – this is part of my Mother’s Day present from them.  I’m so excited!  

In the meantime, for your enjoyment, I’ve collected a few funny video clips and funny photos for your enjoyment.  These videos may appear to be random, but they are a collection of the web videos that I would feel like watching on a Mother’s Day.

Random Videos (and pictures) 
For You to Enjoy This Mother’s Day:

Just Like Me

This is just cute – a great Momma’s Day video that will bring you the warm and fuzzies.   

The Parent Rap

I’ve posted this video (“The Parent Rap’) before, and feel that it is worthy to be posted for a second time.  Happy Mother’s Day!

My Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet – From My 18-Month-Old

Ok – the real story is that I made the bouquet for myself.  We brought my 18-month-old daughter to the park, and her new goal in life became to pop off every single dandelion head in sight, and then give them to me! (Warm and fuzzies). I had to make the bouquet  but she picked the flowers!

Family Guy – Stewie – Mom, Mum Mommy! WHAT?!

Why does this make me happy every single time that I watch it?  My theory:  I think I used to do this to my mom all the time.

Funny eCard – “I Plan to give you love, nurturing, and just enough dysfunction to make you funny.”

someecards.com - I plan to give you love, nurturing, and just enough dysfunction to make you funny.

Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People Into Thinking that President Obama Appointed Judge Judy to the Supreme Court

This is random, but it made me laugh.  These people are being interviewed by the Jimmy Kimmel show, and the Jimmy Kimmel staff lie to them and tell them that President Obama appointed Judge Judy (the day-time judge from the “Judge Judy” television show) and the people being interviewed are all pretending to have heard about this event (again, this did NOT happen). It’s just funny to see people BS their way through a question.  I know I’ve done this at least a million times in my life…I don’t even want to know if a prank was ever being played on me.

Adorable Four-Year-Old Sings “When I Was Your Man,” on the Ellen Show

This kid is stinkin’ cute.

New Book That I Want to Read

I’m intrigued by this title.  I feel that I may owe my mother this apology; and likewise, I hope to receive this apology from my offspring as well.  I’d also like to receive an apology in regards to pooping in the bathtub during my child’s first years – I’d take getting peed on over this any day.

Sorry I Peed on You: (and Other Heartwarming Letters to Mommy) Sorry I Peed on You: (and Other Heartwarming Letters to Mommy)

Funny eCard – “You know you’re a mom when you’ve been washing the same load of laundry for 3 days because you forget to dry it.”

Mr. Mia wants to rip his hair out when I do this (but his hair is so short and cute that he could never).  I have absolutely HORRID laundry habits (see my post These Are My Pack N Play Confessions for more on what I mean by this).  I hate laundry for very many reasons (stay tuned for a post where I will explain why).  I’d rather pick up dog poop from my back yard than fold and put-away laundry.  I’m weird, and I don’t know why.

someecards.com - You know you're a mom when you've been washing the same load of laundry for 3 days because you keep forgetting to put it in the dryer.

Kevin the Cashier at Toys R US – The Ellen Show

Ellen DeGeneres is in my Top 10 Favorite People of All time (this list does not include my immediate family members).  

Funny eCard – “Patience – What parents have when there are witnesses present.”

I feel like I’m actually very patient with my daughter at all times (she’s also very patient with me); however, God has given me a very easy child up (at least up to this point), and I fear on a daily basis the amount of work, and patience that a second child will require.  For this reason, I have calendar alerts on my iPhone for my birth control. 

someecards.com - Patience... What parents have when there are witnesses present.

Any Mother’s Day funnies that you would like to share?  
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