Signs That Your Blog Actually Sucks

Ever get the weird feeling like you are talking to yourself?  Well, that’s how it sometimes feels when you write a blog, especially a blog that receives very little comments.  It’s quite humbling!  Maybe you chose the wrong platform (WordPress vs. Blogger). Or maybe, it’s something deeper than that….maybe the blogging community just isn’t that into you.

What do I mean by this?  When not even your mom, nor your sister, can “remember” your last blog post, and when neither one of them have ever even commented on your blog, aside from one single time, in your last 200+ posts, then your blog might suck.  And, even if you are passive-aggressively trying to send your mom and sister this message right now, say, for instance, even through this very blog post, there is still a 98% chance that they will not receive your message.  Why?  Because they do not read your blog.  

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