The (Real) Reason My Toddler Always Says “No”

In a previous post, My Toddler Says No To Everything, I talk about our toddler’s response to 99.9% of questions asked of her: “No.”  We’re not actually sure whether she has ever even said, “Yes,” to any question, ever.  

I couldn’t figure out how this silly trend started with my toddler.

Then, I stumbled upon a video of my toddler on my computer, from back when she was 7-months-old.  In the video, my daughter is shaking her head, “No,” to veggies.  Not only did I have no idea that this interesting “No” trend started all the way back when she was a 7-month-old baby, but the worst part is that if you watch the video, you can hear me in the background, and I AM LAUGHING AT HER!  I did this to myself!  It just hit me as to how many other times that I must have encouraged this behavior – several! 


6-Month-Old Tessa Saying, “No” – (Video)
This is where the saying “No” started….


18-Month-Old Tessa Saying, “No” – (Video)
Below are the two videos featured in the previous post; Tessa is 18-months-old here, and these videos show how much my toddler loves the answer, “No.”  I can only  blame myself.

(Part 2)

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