Favorites From Around the Web (July 2013)

Creepy Comments From Children

The Article, These Creepy Comments From Kids Will Give You the Chills, will do what it promises. It’s a compilation of quotes that different moms sent in of the various “creepy” things that their children have said.  

The Baby Owner’s Manual

The book, The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance, is a funny and cute little idea as a gift for parents, or for parents themselves.  Mr. Mia received this as a gift, and it’s made a great coffee table book.

The Baby Owner’s Manual

Presentable Yoga Pants!

The Mothers En Vogue – “Weekender Pants” are the closest that I’ve come, so far, to obtaining my dream of finding yoga pants that are actually presentable and that I could wear to happy hour at a decent restaurant without judgement (see more on my love for yoga pants at My Love Letter to Yoga Pants).  

Moms vs. Dads – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

How Mom’s Really Feel About Summer Break

Great Way to Make Your Kids Feel Special on Their Birthdays

This mom made a list of 20 Ways To Make Your Kids Feel Special on Their Birthdays.  It’s so cute.  I’m willing to bet that these kids never wonder if their mom loves them.  I love this.  

Hilarious Dog Photos

If funny pictures of dogs makes you happy, then you will enjoy this post of 17 funny pictures of dogs.  

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