Calling All FitBit Moms! Let’s Compete in Challenges!

FitBit Moms

Who wants to compete for “steps” using the FitBit fitness tracker challenges?
When is it time to start losing the “baby weight” after having a baby? Let’s just say that I’m still counting my extra weight as “baby weight” even though my “baby” is almost 4-years-old now.  But who’s counting?

I recently upgraded my FitBit fitness tracker wristband to the newer model – it tracks heart rate as well as steps and sleep cycle. 

My favorite part about it is that I can compete with my friends in what are called “Challenges.”  These challenges allow us to view all of our “Steps” and we specify a period of time to measure the steps.

Who wants to compete with FitBit challenges on
My excuse for gaining weight was always because “I was so busy because I have a child.”  (Lame excuse, yes I know).  But I would LOVE to compete with other moms because then it really proves that I don’t have an excuse to be a couch potato.

Here is my public profile for FitBit if you would like to add me:

Add me as a “friend” on FitBit and let’s compete!

Warning: I talk a lot of “***” when we’re competing.  But it’s only because it the only thing that makes me feel better.

Here is the link to the FitBit that I use if you want one too:
Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

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