Daily Mom Humor: Moms Who Get Nothing Done

Our Favorite Videos and Posts from Around the Web

Our Favorite Videos and Posts from Around the Web

Moms Who Get Nothing Done

I feel like I could write a book about Moms who get nothing done – instead, I will write a blog post because that seems easier to accomplish.

Thank you, Grandma Mia, for finding this video.  I feel like this explains the first 
2-years   4-years of my life after my daughter was born – I was a mom who got nothing done.  In all seriousness, cherish these moments because You’re Gonna Miss This.

Make a List of Things to Do:

Sometimes I write down tasks after I've done them, just to get the satisfaction of crossing them off my list.

When We Have Kids:

This pretty much sums up how I thought life would be like “when we have kids.”  The reality = much different.  In the post, 7 Things You Should Avoid Saying to a New Mom, we talk about what to never say to a new mom.  This video sums up what you should avoid saying to new parents.  

You’ll Be a Morning Person:

One of my favorite SomeECards gives you a glimpse into my unproductive motherhood/human situation a little bit further:

The Only Real Advice I Have to Offer:

All the while, we had the time to come up with the Top 35 Life Lessons that I Want to Pass on to My Daughter.  

The Parent Rap:

This is THE best parenting music video ever!

Intentions vs. Naptime

I love Luke Bryant

This little girl is so adorable that I can barely handle it….

This Video – “Bedbug Loggyist” Made Me Laugh:

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