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How to Stop Crying Over Sliced Onions

Tip for Slicing Vegetables 

(such as onions):

Great for occasions like a Large Baby Shower

I despise cutting onions, and I am terrible at slicing tomatoes, so you can imagine my fear when I was put in charge of bringing the sandwich toppings for the ‘Sandwich Bar’ for my friend’s baby shower that had sixty guests attending.  I’d be crying all day long if I cut enough onions for 60 people…just the thought of that makes my eyes water.   I didn’t have the time do it, nor did I want my eyes for to burn for the next week.

Solution:  Ask the deli department at your grocery store to slice the vegetables for you.

Onions Sliced By 
Grocery Deli

Ask your local deli department at your grocery store to cut the onions for your before you spend valuable hours crying over onions and tomatoes!

These people have professional-grade slicing machines!  

Outsourcing the onion and tomato slicing was one of the greatest decisions of my life.  Not only do delis have the best slicing equipment out there, but they can slice veggies five times faster than you.  

The best part: I didn’t have to cry over the onions.  My eyes didn’t water – not even once.  What made me even happier:  the onions and tomatoes were sliced so thinly and perfectly.  There is absolutely no way that I could have done that.

Tomatoes Sliced by 
Grocery Deli

The grocery store in my city charges $4.99/lbs. for their food slicing service. (You don’t pay for the original price of the fruit/veggie – just the $4.99/lbs.)  For example, if “Tomato A” original price was $2.50/pound when you buy it from the store (without the deli-slicing service) and “Tomato B” original price was $3.50/pound when you buy it from the store (without the deli-slicing service), then both Tomato A and Tomato B would be $4.99/pound with the deli slicing service and there would be no original price fee for either. Some stores may even do it for free (the Safeway store in Arizona once cut my onions for free).

Another Idea:

Onion Goggles
Onion Goggles, by RSVP International 


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Top 21 Items To Pack When Traveling With Baby or Toddler On Airplane

Before you get on an airplane with your young toddler, take a look at this packing list of items to bring with you on the plane to make your flight with your toddler easier.

Packing List for Flight With Your Toddler:

  1. Gerber Graduates Grabbers Squeezable Pouches are super easy.  Make sure the individual pouches you buy are 4oz. or less otherwise you might have trouble with airport security (4 oz. maximum of liquid).  Some of the pouches are 4.23oz; some are 4 oz; some are less than 4 oz.  What I like about the pouches (no matter which brand you get) is that you don’t even need a spoon – your little one can just squeeze it in their mouth. Be sure to place to Quart-sized bag for security. 
  2. Puffs Cereal
  3. Cheerios
  4. A boiled egg for mealtime.
  5. Formula or Breast Milk (Bring Powder and buy bottle of water after security) or Milk
  6. Teething Rings
  7. Take N’ Toss Sippy Cups
  8. A small “surprise” toy that your baby has never seen.  Simple ideas are an empty brown lunch bag or a small empty makeup box.
  9. Stroller – you will want it and you can check it when you board the plane.
  10. iPad or SmartPhone with Toddler Entertainment Apps (Elmo App, Picture Show)
  11. Lovey or Stuffed Animal (e.g., Stuffed Elmo or Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse from
  12. Wipes 
  13. Small Packet of Wet Wipes
  14. Diapers – I personally use the Pampers Extra Long Protection Diapers – these bad boys can soak up a ridiculous amount of pee and they are still extremely flexible for a young toddler who is on-the-go.
  15. Disposable Bags for dirty diapers (See Sassy Baby Disposable Diaper Sacks from
  16. Disposable Changing Pads (See Skip Hop Pronto Changer Diaper Bag)
  17. Medications and a Dosage Information Sheet (Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Little Tummies Gas Drops, etc.).  If you have to administer medication multiple times, bring extra medication dispensers because it will be hard to wash them on the flight and nothing is worse than sticky, gooey medication dispensers.
  18. Spare Outfit for Baby (bring 2 on the plane)
  19. Spare Shirt for You
  20. Birth Certificate to prove your child is under age 2 (under 2 flies free)
  21. Scarf – can be used as a blanket for baby once on the plane.

Tip to Remember:  

  • Also, don’t forget to put outlet plugs and any other baby-proofing gear in your checked bag.  Your hotel or destination is probably not baby-proofed.


Please share your baby travel tips!


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Around the Web Favorites – April 2013

Below is a list of links of some of my random favorites articles, posts, and videos from around the web.  This post is inspired by a Mommy Mia Monologues reader, Yunnie A. (check out some of Yunnie’s favorites from around the web on her guest blog posting: So What Did I Miss Recently?).

An Interesting Article on Bringing Your Children To the Grocery Store:

Here is a post from (one of my favorite blogs/websites) about how to get your kids through the grocery store without your kids (or you) having a meltdown:  How to Get Your Kids Through The Grocery Store – Meltdown Free.  

For my toddler, I keep two bananas in my purse – at all times – when I bring her to the grocery store.  Why?  (a) Because my child is obsessed with bananas. (b) It’s easy to transport. (c) I feed the the banana as she sits in the grocery cart and it takes up a good amount of time – enough time that I can grab my tampons and more bananas, check-out, and leave.  
You could also take the author of the above-referenced article and not go grocery shopping with a hungry child.  Sometimes, if my 18-month-old daughter didn’t get fed at daycare, I have no choice but to go grocery shopping with a hungry child.  In this case – refer to my advice about bananas.

Funny Baby Video:

Here is a hilarious video of a baby who suddenly wakes up when her favorite song is played on the radio:

Inspiring Video – Video of a Woman Hears for the First Time:

I saw this video on The Ellen Show last year.  This video makes me cry almost every time. If you are a hormonal pregnant woman, or if you are experiencing your special monthly moment, then be prepared to cry.  I love this video.

Hilarious Television Commercials, from the Ellen Show:

Television has been tough to watch recently after the Boston Bombing.  Here is a feel-good monologue from Ellen DeGeneres:  

And more from Ellen: Funny Purse.


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Daily Mom Humor – “The Parent Rap”

Hilarious Video

This video, “The Parent Rap” is freaking hilarious.  If you are a parent (or even if you have friends who are parents), then you will probably find this hilarious.  This mom and dad have a great sense of humor.  

My favorite part is at the end when she mean mugs the camera and says “I’ll pull this B right over.”  Ha.  Very funny parenting video.


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Share It Maybe (“Call Me Maybe”) – Sesame Street Funniness

Here is another favorite video of mine from Sesame Street.  It’s Cookie Monster’s version of the original song, “Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Rae Jepsen, except that Cookie Monster is referring to cookies and his version of the song is called, “Share It Maybe.”  So stinkin’ cute!

Share It Maybe (aka, Call Me Maybe), by Cookie Monster 

(Sesame Street)

“Call Me Maybe,” Interview with Elmo and Groover on BBC 

(Sesame Street)

What To Know Before Baby’s 12-Month Check-Up

My one-year-old had her “12-Month Physical” with her pediatrician today.  I had called the pediatrician office prior the appointment to gauge how bad this appointment would be in terms of vaccinations, and I was told she would be getting four shots.  Just like every other time that my daughter has had shots, I had a diaper-bag full of items to distract my little toddler (toys, puffs, iPhone Elmo Videos) from the pain of the needles.  At her 9-month vaccination appointment, my daughter didn’t even flinch because I pulled out her very first Cabbage Patch doll, “DoDo,” at the exact moment that the shot went into her skin, and she was too excited to even notice the needle!  

But the 12-month appointment was dramatically different.  This time, the shots were injected into her arm (all previous shots were injected into her leg).  Apparently, squirming babies make administering arm injections a lot more difficult for the nurses.  The nurse that administered the vaccinations made me hold my daughter on my lap, straitjacket style, as my poor baby had her finger pricked and squeezed for a blood sample (which took three LONG minutes consisting of my baby screaming and squealing in horror) and then for the four additional vaccines that were administered in her arms.  The entire process took about 7 minutes, but these were the worst 7-minutes I’ve ever experienced. My daughter was screaming and crying like I have never, ever, heard before, and I had to hold myself back from sobbing.  I couldn’t take her mind off of the pain, because not only were my hands tied from holding her arms down, but I couldn’t even see her face because she was facing away from me on my lap.   It was such a sad, powerless feeling.  There is a better way to do this.

I’m mad at myself for not pausing this situation and demanding a third-person to be brought into the room to help distract my daughter.  I assure you that her pain would have been eased by her stuffed Elmo or the “Elmo Calls” (iPhone App) that I had with me as part of my plan to distract her during shot-administering process. 

Our old pediatrician had a medical staff member hold the infants during vaccinations (not the mom), so that way the Mommy could distract the child.  I didn’t appreciate that process enough.  Next time, her daddy is coming.  

My advice is to call ahead of time to ask if a third-person is available for the vaccination shot process.  Even if they are not comfortable holding the child down, the third-person could at least play the role of distracting the baby. If not, make dad go with you or beg someone else to.  My daughter was hysterical.  I have never seen her so sad…it was more than a “physician discomfort sad”…it was like she stopped trusting humanity for the first time or realized that the devil exists. She is usually such a happy little bear. 

I do not think that having a third-person in place for the vaccination administration processes for 12-month-olds would necessarily break the bank for a pediatric clinic.   I assure you that if a third-party would have been there to help me that LO’s vaccinations would have gone 3x faster.

What have your vaccine experiences been like during vaccination time?


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Top 10 Easy Baby Books

Top 10 Baby Books

As you have probably heard over and over again: it is never too early to start reading to your child.  Making books part of your bedtime routine is a great way to get your child on a consistent schedule, and this helps them sleep better (which is great news for you!). Here is a list of my Top 10 (or Top 15-ish) books that have been my favorite to read to my little one during the first years of her life; more importantly, my daughter loves these books!

Top 10 Baby Books

1.  Little Giraffe Finger Puppet Book

Little Giraffe Finger Puppet Book

The Little Giraffe Finger Puppet Book is great if you want to see your baby or toddler fascinated by a book, then you need to pull out this finger pupper book.  My little one gets so excited each time we pull this book out.  She kisses the giraffe every time.  The author makes other finger-puppet books as well.

2.  Goodnight Moon

 Goodnight Moon

The reliable classic Goodnight Moon truly is great for getting your baby or toddler into a bedtime routine.  I have this book memorized – word for word.  My little one loves this book, and everything in it from the “quiet old lady whispering hush” to the bowl full of mush.

3.  The Going to Bed Book

 The Going-To-Bed Book

The Going-To-Bed Book is PERFECT for when you need a quick nighttime reading.  It’s catchy, and Sandra Boynton is hands-down one of my favorite children’s authors.  Her books are so catchy and fun for both the parent and the child.  When my little one was a young baby (and when I was a very, very tired mommy getting a Master’s Degree), I would grab this book when I needed to shorten my little one’s bedtime routine.  I can also recite this book by heart.

4.  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (If You Give…)

This book was a favorite at one point in my life, and I’m eager to be able to read it to my daughter.  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (If You Give…) is a great book for children who are in their toddler years, especially considering they don’t make this book in the sturdy “baby and young toddler proof” boardbook form.  I love the graphics of this book.

5.  Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Every 4-year-old that I’ve come in contact with over the last couple of years has something to say about Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.   They love this book. This is for children 3-years and up, but it’s definitely a book you want to have in stock.  

6.  White on Black

White on Black

White on Black is a great book for newborns, because many newborn babies love black and white contrast images (starting at around 3-weeks-old).  My little one loved black and white images and it was so fun to see my child fascinate over something for the first time ever.  Read more about black and white images on my post 1 Simple Way to Entertain Your Newborn Baby.

7.  So Big! With Elmo

So Big! (Sesame Street) (Sesame Beginnings)

If your toddler is as crazy about Elmo as my child, then you can’t go wrong with Elmo.  I liked So Big! (Sesame Street) (Sesame Beginnings) a lot when my little one was around  9-months-old, because it helps teach the adorable trick of “How Big is the Baby?”  I highly recommend pairing off any Elmo book with a Stuffed Elmo (see more about the power of Elmo over toddlers at Top 5 Toys for Young Toddlers).

8.  Love You Forever

Love You Forever

If you are a hormonal pregnant lady, then Love You Forever will probably make you cry because you will be overwhelmed with love for your child.  I love this book.

9.  Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You

The book  Guess How Much I Love You is yet another book that is paired well with a stuffed animal friend, like this rabbit character. This is a cute book to read during the day with your child.

10.  Good Night World Series
Great Baby Gift Ideas – Book Theme

These Good Night Our World Series books make great baby shower gift presents because they personal add a touch to the gift.  The book series has books for various cities and states, like  Good Night Chicago, Good Night Philadelphia Good Night New JerseyGood Night San Diego, and many more locations around the United States.

 Good Night Philadelphia (Good Night Our World series)

 Good Night New Jersey (Good Night Our World series)

 Good Night Chicago (Good Night Our World series)

 Good Night San Diego (Good Night Our World series)

11.  More of My Favorites from Author, Sandra Boynton:

Here are more of my favorites by Sandra Boynton (who writes one of my favorite bedtime books that mention earlier in this post  The Going-To-Bed Book.

Share your favorite baby book!
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Daily Mom Humor – “Fifty Babies of Grey”

Fifty Shades of Grey

I read almost all of the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, but at about 85% through the first book, I had to put it down because I was beginning to completely judge the main character, Anastasia.  Have some self respect woman!  Sheesh.  Nevertheless, nearly all of my girlfriends have read this book, and I think we would all be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy it at least a little bit.

Here is a hilarious video of Ellen DeGeneres reading ’50 Shades of Grey’: - In just 9 months we will be witness to a population boom. Known as the

Daily Mom Humor: Moms Who Get Nothing Done

Our Favorite Videos and Posts from Around the Web

Our Favorite Videos and Posts from Around the Web

Moms Who Get Nothing Done

I feel like I could write a book about Moms who get nothing done – instead, I will write a blog post because that seems easier to accomplish.

Thank you, Grandma Mia, for finding this video.  I feel like this explains the first 
2-years   4-years of my life after my daughter was born – I was a mom who got nothing done.  In all seriousness, cherish these moments because You’re Gonna Miss This.

Make a List of Things to Do:

Sometimes I write down tasks after I've done them, just to get the satisfaction of crossing them off my list.

When We Have Kids:

This pretty much sums up how I thought life would be like “when we have kids.”  The reality = much different.  In the post, 7 Things You Should Avoid Saying to a New Mom, we talk about what to never say to a new mom.  This video sums up what you should avoid saying to new parents.  

You’ll Be a Morning Person:

One of my favorite SomeECards gives you a glimpse into my unproductive motherhood/human situation a little bit further:

The Only Real Advice I Have to Offer:

All the while, we had the time to come up with the Top 35 Life Lessons that I Want to Pass on to My Daughter.  

The Parent Rap:

This is THE best parenting music video ever!

Intentions vs. Naptime

I love Luke Bryant

This little girl is so adorable that I can barely handle it….

This Video – “Bedbug Loggyist” Made Me Laugh:

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