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HIV Orphanage Clinic in Vietnam – Photos

My MBA program visited an HIV Orphanage Clinic in Vietnam, and we witnessed the heart-wrenching living conditions that the orphans there experience on daily basis.  Here is a video of our experience helping the clinic: 

I returned home with a profound sense of gratitude, and guilt, for the life that I am fortunate, and lucky enough, to live.  My trip to Vietnam was a requirement of my Master’s program at the University of Wisconsin, where I am obtaining my Masters in Business Administration (MBA).  I will graduate in February of 2013. I’ve thought about the children and the babies that I met every day since I left Asia.

I witnessed, first-hand, the operations of an HIV Orphanage Clinic in a third-world country, and it ripped my heart out.  Life isn’t fair.  I can’t go into the details about the conditions of the clinic, but what I can say is that I was blubbery sobbing mess underneath my sunglasses during the entire bus-ride back to the hotel when we left the HIV Orphanage Clinic. There is so much that I want to do to help these children and the caregivers at the clinic. (See How My Favorite Baby Product Will Help Orphans With HIV in Vietnam for more on that).

If you are interested in helping the clinic, or for more information, please contact me via email at [email protected]

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Jason Mraz Singing on Sesame Street

I love Jason Mraz, and especially I love his song, “I’m Yours.”  So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw him on Sesame Street singing an adorable spin off of the song, “I’m Yours,” called, “Outdoors.”  So cute.

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Daily Mom Humor – Routines and Boredom

This is just about how the balance in my life goes every day….

Daily Mom Humor - Routines and Bordem



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So what did I miss recently?

Introducing Guest Blogger: Yunnie A.

Yunnie is a loyal reader who has provided Mommy Mia Monolgues with amazing insight into the world of blogging.  Yunnie has an amazing talent for identifying good stories around the world  and she has a great sense of what is actually interesting and fun for people to read about.  Here is Yunnie’s latest on some of the awesomeness that is circulating around the world wide web today:

by Yunnie A.

For your weekend (and Monday morning) reading…

Did you hear about the little girl, Evie, who mailed back two sticks she took from Yosemite National Park? 

  • Read her adorably cute letter here: ‘Cutest. Story. Ever,’ U.S. Interior says of a girl and two Yosemite Stick.

Do you want to enjoy the picture perspective of a photographer being led by his girlfriend, around the world? 
  • If so, check it out here.

Did you see the hilarious outcome when Johnny Carson asked the audience if anyone can replace the piano player for the night on the Tonight Show?  

Do you have one of spring’s must haves – paisley or lace?

  • Polished Paisley or Lace?

Did you know there are babies that can save themselves from drowning?

Spring is in the air, sometimes I feel like chopping my hair off like Charlize Theron. 
  • Check out Spring’s hair trends here:  Charlize Theron and here Michelle Williams.

–  This post is brought to you by Yunnie  A.

For more from Yunnie, 
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Before I Became a Mom…I Went Skydiving.


Long before I became a mom, I went skydiving.  I highly recommend it.  This was how I spent my Spring Break during undergraduate school.  
Here is the video:

Important Note: That thing that I am holding at about the 1:00 minute point in the video: I had no control over. If you were about to jump out of an airplane (and were about to pee your pants), then you’d have probably held it too! I was terrified, and I tend to be a bit spacey when I’m terrified. I was an college as an undergraduate.

While I was absolutely terrified until the exact moment that my feet safely hit the ground, I loved skydiving.  It was the biggest rush of natural energy (i.e., adrenaline) that I have ever experienced (caffeine cannot begin to compare).  This experience has led me to believe that any person who believes that they are falling to their death, but then survives, experiences the same type of energy.

Originally, I intended for this post to be about, “how facing your fears energizes you.” But then, I realized that one of my biggest, current fears is the ant hill (i.e., ant colony) that is currently located alongside the outside foundation of the side of my house; and then I realized  that I have absolutely no interest in facing my fear of ants (I absolutely despise bugs…especially ants…those sneaky little as*h*les can’t be trusted).  I’d jump out of a plane any day before touching ants. 

What “crazy” stuff did you do before 
you became a parent?  

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Daily Mom Humor – Starbucks Prank With Ellen DeGeneres and Dennis Quaid (Video)


This video gets me every time!  It’s a hidden-camera video of Dennis Quaid at a Starbucks and Ellen DeGeneres is telling Dennis Quaid ridiculous things to say through an IFB in his ear.  This is one of those videos that will never get old to me.  I seriously watch this video every time I’m having a bad day…makes me laugh every time.  I have a new-found respect for Dennis Quaid that I never knew was possible.