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Top 5 Baby Bibs That Actually Work


Top 5 Baby Bibs Image

Here is a list of the Top 5 best baby bibs that we have found – all the way from newborn to toddler.  Why are bibs so important that they necessitate a “Top 5” list? Because stained baby clothes means more laundry and dressing and re-dressing your kid is a pain in the butt.    We also believe that sippy cups are equally as important (see Top 9 Sippy Cups for Babies and Toddlers for more information), and you can also read about my battle with sippy cups on the post My Battle With Sippy Cups.  For now, here are the five best baby bibs out there:

Top 5 Baby Bibs

1.  DaBib

Link:  DaBib – DaGiggles Waterproof
Ages:  0+ Months

Useful for DaBib – DaGiggles Waterproof is FANTASTIC for babies who seem to have a ‘hole in their lip’ – meaning that milk dribbles down their mouth because they can’t drink quite fast enough.   Most bibs don’t catch the milk that dribbles down baby’s cheek and under baby’s neck.  It’s a pain in the butt to constantly be washing underneath baby’s wobbly neck, and the consequence of not washing baby’s neck can end in a yeast infection.  This bib ROCKS.  It’s a tad pricey, but it’s worth every penny.  DaBib Waterproof Bib is also water-proof and it’s reversible – one side terry cloth and the other side is waterproof material (shown in the picture above).

NOTE:  Another brand with the same idea the DaBib Waterproof Bib (i.e., absorbing extra milk that flows out from your baby’s mouth) is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib, which also aims to catch the milk dripping down baby’s cheek.  I’ve used both bibs.  They are both fantastic.  In my opinion, the DaBib brand has a better absorbancy though, so if your baby has a “hole in its lip” (meaning that your baby dribbles A LOT when it drinks a bottle even with slow-flow nipples), then I would go with the DaBib brand and spend the extra money.  If your baby has a normal-to-medium dribbling problem, then I’d save some money and go with the  Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib.  

Tommee Tippee Closer to Natural Milk Feeding Bib

2.  Bumkins Long-Sleeved Bibs
Link:  Bumkins Long-Sleeved Bib

Bumkins Long-Sleeved Bib   

Ages: 6+Months
Useful for:  Bumkins Long-Sleeved Bibs are great for the messy meals, especially the meals in which your very uncoordinated toddler will be feeding himself with a fork or a spoon.  I use this a lot for lunches to keep my little one’s clothes clean.

3.  Bumkins SuperBib
Link:  Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib

Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib  
Ages:  6+ Months
Useful for:  The Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib bibs are experts at catching cheerios, and these are also very easy to clean (doesn’t require a washing machine after each use like other bibs). 

4.   Waterproof Terry Bibs With Snaps
Link:  Waterproof Baby Bibs with Snaps
Waterproof Terry Baby Bibs

Ages:  0+ Months (or for babies who do not dribble)

Useful for:  The Waterproof Baby Bibs with Snaps are affordable, and effective once baby stops dribbling during feeding time).  For dribblers, using DaBib – DaGiggles Waterproof  is your best bet. But these bibs from for bottle-feeding, and for spoon-fed babies.  You can find comparable bibs, made by Parents’ Choice, at Wal-Mart (a 5-pack is $4.99).

5.  Ikea Bibs with Sleeves
Link:  Ikea Baby Bib Set with Sleeves 
Ikea Baby Bib Set with Sleeves 

Ages: 6+Months

Useful for:  The Ikea Baby Bib Set with Sleeves is a great bib for messy eaters and it’s a fraction of the price of the Bumkins Sleeved Bibs (the perk of the Bumkins is their sturdiness).  A 2-pack costs around $8.00.  These bibs are great for art projects later on in the child’s life.  Check out our post about the Top Items for Pre-Schoolers for more on the best products for toddlers and preschoolers.


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How to Find Your Cell Phone Around Your House When You Don’t Have A Land-line Phone to Call It

When you lose your cell phone around your home, do you ask people to call it for you so you can find it when it rings?

What if no one else is home?  And what if you don’t subscribe to a land-line service?

This website ( has saved my butt so many times.  

If you are a scatterbrain like me, you’ve probably misplaced your cell phone around your house (couch cushions, bathroom drawers, the refrigerator, etc.) every once in a while (for me, this happens almost daily).  I don’t have a land line at our house, so my phone is my only method of communication with the outside world, outside of the Internet of course.  

The worst is when no one in my family is home for me to ask them, “Hey, I can’t find my cell phone.  Will you please call it?”  I would find myself constantly digging through the couch cushions.  This website,, has been my saving grace ever since I was in college and living in a single-bedroom apartment by myself. Just pull up this website, type in your cell phone number, and they will call your phone for you.  The ringing of your phone will help you locate it! (Just keep your fingers crossed that your phone isn’t on silent.)

Click Here to View Their Website, or go to

How the Nosefrida Changed My Boogy Little Life

The Nosefrida has made my baby actually enjoy the booger-sucking process.  My life has changed.
The Nosefrida
In December, I desperately posted about my struggles with using a booger sucker with my baby/toddler in my post Help! Baby HATES the Booger Sucker: Mommy Support Needed.  My little one was 13-months-old at the time.  My daughter absolutely despised the booger sucker, and behaved as if I was water-boarding (torturing) her when I would try to use it on her.  Not. Fun.

As promised, I gave the boogie sucker a shot, and now, I need to give a huge, huge thank you to my readers who suggested the Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator to me, because it has made an enormous difference in our lives.  My daughter can not only breathe and not only does my daughter now allow me to use the boogy-sucking Nosefrida on her, but she actually asks me to use it on her; and now, she loves it.  

I never, ever thought that the day would come when my child would tolerate nasal aspiration.

Video of My Baby (Toddler) 
Loving the Nosefrida

Now, let me explain a little bit about the Nosefrida.  I was very reluctant to try this product initially – it sounded gross. Even though I am a very loyal customer and saw the amazing reviews of the Nosefrida on while I was pregnant (and researching baby items), I ended up completely rejected the idea after I saw that you have to suck the boogers yourself out of your baby’s nose; I was like “EW!” and immediately rejected the idea.  I thought: “What if the boogers/snot get in my mouth?! EW!”  But I promise you that the boogers don’t get in your mouth – even with the massive amount of snot my child has, the snot/boogers hasn’t even reached the filter yet, let alone anywhere near my mouth.  But this thing is awesome.

Above is a video of us using the NoseFrida.  Tessa now goes “awwhhhww” after every time that I suck the boogers out of her nose.

(Side Note: I never thought I would be posting about sucking boogers on the internet…What has my life come to? Oh well..).

Dear inventors of Nosefrida:  I love you.



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    Help Orphans With HIV in Vietnam – Letter To Leachco

    Back in November, I posted about how my favorite baby product (the Newborn Podster) can help orphans with HIV in Vietnam, after I returned home from visiting Vietnam, where we visited an HIV Orphanage Clinic and witnessed the heart-wrenching conditions that the children and the orphans there live on daily basis. (Original Post:  How My Favorite Baby Product Can Help Orphans in Vietnam).  We have not yet received a response a response from Leachco for this letter (letter sent in November 2012).  My hope is to create a following of this post that will encourage a response from Leachco.

    Please share this post, and help us to help the orphans in Vietnam!  
    (Sharing Options Available at Bottom of Post)


    HIV Orphanage Clinic 
    Hanoi, Vietnam



    Clyde E. Leach – CEO and Founder of Leachco, Inc.
    Jamie S. Leach – Executive Vice President, Co-founder of Leachco, Inc.
    Leachco. Inc., Corporate Headquarters

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jamie and Clyde Leach, 

    I first want to begin by telling you how much I love your company’s Newborn Podster Infant Seat Lounger. I purchased this item when my daughter was 3-weeks-old, and I wish I would have had it from the day she was born because it made my life, and taking care of my daughter, substantially easier.  I cannot begin to tell you how much back pain, and time, this product has saved me.  I carried your Podster with me nearly everywhere my daughter and I visited; I packed it in my suitcase when we visited the grandparents in Idaho.  Your Podster is, by far, the most practical, convenient baby gear item that I have yet to purchase. I don’t know what I what have done without it as a new mom! 
    I have purchased a total of eight different Podsters from you through since December of 2011. 
    Your Podster has become my “Go-To” baby gift – it is the first gift that I buy for all of my pregnant friends.  My friends inevitably end up feeling the same passion about your Podster as I do, and have told me that the Podster has now become their new “Go-To” baby gift item too! 

    I am a huge advocate of your product and even steer people away from the competing pillow that Boppy offers because I know that it doesn’t offer the same quality as your Podster.  Again, I love your pillow! 

    I saw how your Podster could significantly help these HIV orphans and their caregivers.

    In September 2012, I traveled to Vietnam for my International Residency visit for my MBA program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Our class visited many organizations in Vietnam, and among those was an HIV Orphanage Clinic located in the city of Hanoi.  Although the clinic functions by receiving funding from the Vietnamese government, the funding does not appear to be enough, and this funding does not permit the clinic to extend at all beyond a narrow definition of “necessities” for the children.  There were no toys in sight and diapers were a precious commodity.

    HIV Orphanage Clinic – Hanoi, Vietnam

    Our class of thirty people brought along toys for the older children.  It was a heart-wrenching feeling to see that these children didn’t have any toys.  Our class also donated two beds to be used by children (ages 3-10).  Our class also provided the supplies and labor to paint and repair the outside playground of the clinic.  Although I am proud of our work, I know it wasn’t enough, especially for the infants, who I have thought about every day since.

    There are approximately fifteen infants, ages 0-12 months, at the clinic.  The only seating options that these infants have are the dirty floor, and metal beds that have a thin layer of bamboo as the mattress.   The caregivers lack any seating to place the infants that provides comfortable support.   

    All I could think about was how much this clinic would benefit from a LeachCo. Podster.

    Infant Bedding – HIV Orphanage Clinic, Hanoi, Vietnam

    With the help of my family, I plan to purchase 3 of your newborn Podsters 
    to send to the orphanage.

    Would your organization be willing to donate any number of Podsters to this clinic?  Are there any other amazing products (such as your portable bath tubs) that your organization would be willing to donate?  Please?  I’ve included the mailing address and contact information for the clinic at the bottom of this letter.  I will be happy to pay for any international shipping for any items that you are willing to donate. 

    I will love your product either way. I know that the Podster could change the daily lives of the infants by providing them a comfortable, cozy seating space; and if my experience and my friends’ experience is any indicator, your product will help these caregivers tremendously.  The Podster is significantly better than any swing, bouncer or cradle I have tried or researched.  The time and comfort your Podster will provide to this clinic will be invaluable.

    Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration.  I will make myself available anytime, immediately upon your request.*


    Mommy Mia
    Mommy Mia Monologues

    GIVEAWAY! Must-Have Baby Item! (Ends July 7, 2015)


    GIVEAWAY! Baby Item Giveaway! Fisher-Price Rock n Play Sleeper

    We are hosting the Mommy Mia Monologues Baby Item GIVEAWAY (July 2015) to celebrate the 4th of July!  The giveaway ends July 7, 2015.  We’re giving away the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper!  The giveaway is hosted through

    The Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper is a fantastic for newborns and is definitely a must-have. I talk about it more in my post Top 25 Must-Have Newborn and Baby Items.

    Link:    Mommy Mia Monologues Baby Item GIVEAWAY July 2015

    How to Enter:

    Follow this link to enter the Mommy Mia Monologues Baby Item Give Away July 2015

    More about the prize:

    For more information about the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper, click here.

    Top 25 Must-Have Newborn and Baby Items

    Cute Idea for Long-Distance Grandparents – Happy Birthday, Grandma!

    For Grandma’s birthday (Grandma lives across the country), we utilized our Toddler’s new-found love for stickers and made Grandma a birthday sign.

    Happy Birthday, Grandma!

    Happy Birthday Kisses
    for Grandma!

    A sticker expert…
    and just a toddler. 🙂

    A bit of a perfectionist…

    Checking for quality issues…

    A few minor changes in
    sticker location…

    Happy Birthday Grandma!

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    My Real Life vs. Country Music (The Toilet Flood)

    This week, unbeknownst to us, our upstairs toilet overflowed and then flooded our upstairs bathroom and then dripped through the ceiling all the way to our downstairs kitchen.  Now, our first and second floor has been taken over by over-sized, gigantic industrial fans and dehumidifiers that our local “flood restoration company” has provided.  My poor, innocent kitchen ceiling now has holes drilled into it, with dozens of plastic tubes sticking out going into and out of our ceiling.  As first-time home owners, this situation was in my Top 10 as far as the worst things that could go wrong with my home (with fire, tornado, earthquake, and termites being some of the other things). 

    Below are two separate depictions between what my week has looked actually looked like and what a country song thinks it looked like: 

    Depiction 1 – My Life This Week According to a Country Song:

    • According to country music, this is “just another day (week! months!) in paradise.”  Below is a music video of the cutesy, unrealistic version of what my life looked like this week, as depicted by Phil Vassar in his country song, “Just Another Day in Paradise.”  
    • I actually love this song, and have loved it since I was 15-years-old; however, listening to the lyrics ever since I was a teenager has given me unrealistic expectations as to the joy, calm, love and happiness that I would feel when something went wrong with my home.

    Depiction 2 – My Reality and What My Week Actually Looked Like:

    My Face:
    My face when I walked in our kitchen and saw a huge puddle of water on the floor….and then looked up at our ceiling to see water dripping from it…looked a lot like Fuller from Home Alone.

    And then I ran around in circles freaking out, and my toddler looked up at me wondering what the heck I was doing.  

    And… - The Doctor said I needed to start drinking more wine. Also, I'm calling myself

    NOTE:  I actually wrote this post last month, so for those of you close to me who are currently confused (and being like, “SHE HAD ANOTHER FLOOD?!”) – no I did not have another floor; rather, I have been postponing this post for way too long.

    Have you ever had a crisis occur in your home?  
    Please share it with us!  Comment below! 
    (I’m going to feel like crap if you say a hurricane or fire or tornado or murder – that would put a toilet floor in perspective – but please share your story anyway.)

      Top Gift Ideas – For Her (2013)

      Top Gift Ideas – For Her (2013):  Whether you need a gift for your wife, sister, friend, daughter or yourself, here is an ongoing list of gift ideas that will updated on an going basis.  Some of these items are items that have made a huge difference in my personal life, and others are gift ideas for myself that serve as “hints” for the people in my life.  All of the items make great gifts for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas or Hanukkah, or special occasions.  This gift list leans for towards “practical” gifts for women – meaning that they are likely to actually be used.

      1.  For the Woman Who Hates Shaving

      Tria Hair Removal Laser (at home)
      Link: Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

      The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is amazing.  My sister and I went in on this device together (split the cost), and we’re on the third round of using it on your lower legs.  It works great (but DO NOT use it before your period…it will hurt).  Some people haven’t had great luck with it, but see if your hair and skin-type are compatible with this.  This product promises to permanently remove your hair (which seems crazy).  I’m skeptical, but I’ve had to shave significantly less often since we started using the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X.  

      2.  For the Gal Who Hates Vacuuming
      Roomba Robotic Vacuum
      Link:  iRobot Roomba 760 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies 

      It is difficult to adequately express my love for my robotic vacuum.  My Roomba has practically become a member of our family.  These Robotic Vacuums are great for homes with people who have allergies or for people who have toddlers who like to pic up random specs of anything off of your floor and eat it.  See my post on my robot vacuum at Robotic Vacuums and Your Toddler.

      3.  For the Energy-Saving Lover
      Nest Learning Thermostat
      Link:   Nest Learning Thermostat 

      I love our  Nest Learning Thermostat.  If you have an iPhone, then you can change the temperature of your home no matter where you are located.  We were in Arizona, and we changed the temperature from 65 to 72 for our house (located in the Midwest) from the Phoenix airport!  (We wanted to warm our house up before we got home in the middle of the cold Midwest winter).

      4.  For the Mom Who Hates Your Remote Control

      Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Control
      Link: Logitech 915-000162 Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote with Color Screen (Black)

      If there’s a woman in your life that makes death threats to the five different remote controls that operating the  DVR, DVD player, Television, Apple TV, and your Stereo System in your living room, then a Universal Remote Control will make her very happy.  It’s so user-friendly.  There are a variety of  Universal Remote Controls on with great reviews, so you can find one that meets your specific needs.

      5.  For the Photo-Taker Without a Good Camera

      A New Camera
      Link: Canon PowerShot SX50 HS 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 50x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

      This camera is on my radar.  I don’t own a camera (I use the one on my iPhone), but I want a middle-of-the-line camera that takes quality photos of my daughter, especially for the photos that we take outdoors this summer.  My iPhone camera isn’t cutting it as far as quality goes.  (Hint, hint – Mr. Mia.)

      6.  For the Lady With an iPad

      iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case
      Link:  iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

      Writing an email from your iPad becomes 100x easier with an iPad Bluetooth Keyboard.  Make sure that you find one that meets your exact iPad generation.  

      7.  For The Woman Who Hates Ironing

      SteamFast Fabric Steamer
      Link: SteamFast Compact Fabric Steamer

      I love our  SteamFast Compact Fabric Steamer for nights I want to quickly get wrinkles of our my shirts for the week.  It works on most shirts, and it works GREAT for wrinkled window curtains (you don’t have to take them off of the rod).  I used this a lot for my professional shirts during my MBA program, and I use it a lot for my work shirts and pants.  I just keep it in my bathroom closet, and then hang my shirts from my shower rod and then steam away.

      8.  For the Wine Lover

      Mikasa Baloon Wine Goblets
      Link:  Mikasa Cheers Balloon Wine Goblet 

      The Mikasa Cheers Balloon Wine Goblet are just really pretty wine glasses.  I got these for my sister for Christmas last year.  She loves them.  

      9.  For the Lazy Wine Lover

      Electric Wine Bottle Opener
      Link: Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener 

      If you drink wine in your house, then an Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener is a must-have.  It makes opening a bottle of wine the easiest, most seamless process in the world.

      10.  For the Gal Who Needs to Relax
      Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo
      Link:  Ana Bath 5 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower System

      We had water pressure issues in our old shower-head, and the Ana Bath 5 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower System not only took care of that, but it is a good-looking, convenient shower-head (love the combo feature).  The hose is long, and the shower stream is perfect.

      11.  For Her, Around the House

      Velcro Terry Bath Towel Spa Wrap
      Link: Betty Dain Terry Spa Wrap 

      I love my Betty Dain Terry Spa Wrap towel wrap (with Velcro  because I can keep a towel wrapped around me that actually stays on my body after I get out of the shower.  I use this thing every single day.  

      12.  For the Girl With a Pretty Smile

      Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
      Link:  Philips Sonicare Easy Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush 

      The  Philips Sonicare Easy Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush will make your mouth feel the cleanest it has ever felt.  It’s like going to the dentist every single day.  If you slide your tongue across your teeth after  the first few times that you use it, you will be like “Woah!”.

      13.  For the Mom Who Loves to Jog

      Jogging Stroller
      Link:  BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller

      I didn’t realize how smooth a stroller ride could be until we received the BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller  as  gift.  The BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller can go over bumps and gravel so smoothly.   When I’m motivated to go for a jog (which, for me, is actually very rarely), then this thing is great.  My more motivated friends with kids, who actually do go jogging, will swear by this.

      Have a gift idea to share?  Have something you have been wanting as a gift? Share it!
      Leave a comment.


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