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Why It’s Important to Choose a Pediatrician BEFORE the Baby Comes

Trust me on this one:
Choose a pediatrician before your baby arrives.  

I wish I would have understood the importance of choosing the right pediatrician before my baby arrived.  Pediatricians have a HUGE impact on new mommies  (much greater than I knew when I was cluelessly pregnant).  As a new and tired mom with a newborn, you’ll be way too tired to easily make this decision postpartum and/or deal with the process of changing to a new pediatrician once your newborn baby arrives.  

I ended up switching pediatricians when my baby was 4-months-old after I endured 4 long months of progressively awkward visits to her office with my newborn.

Why did I switch pediatricians?

  • The polite version of the story:  The pediatrician and I just “weren’t a good fit.”
  • The truth:   The woman was a total weirdo! And she had extremely poor patient relations skills, and I didn’t like her caring for my daughter.  

But firing Dr. Weirdo was much more difficult than I expected it to be.  

Not only was I exhausted, but I had some strange emotional attachment to Dr. Weirdo because she knew my daughter from the day that my daughter was born (I blame the postpartum hormones for that one).

Note:  I chose our first pediatrician for my daughter based on a referral from my OB/GYN (who apparently had absolutely no idea what he was talking about and was referring this pediatrician only because that pediatrician was affiliated with his hospital).  Take my advice:  do the research yourself!


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My Toddler Likes Daddy Better Now

I was the apple of my little toddler’s eye at the beginning of our holiday vacation travels; I was the first person that she turned to in any moment of discomfort and the first person in the room that knew how to make her smile.

But somewhere between the endless love and affection of her grandparents and her aunties, and the plane rides to and from our visits to our relatives’ homes (in which she sat on Daddy’s lap the entire time), it seems that this Mommy has lost the glorious, prestigious status as the “Number 1” person on my toddler’s VIP priority list.   I am now a far second-place to “Daddy” in the eyes of my child.  

I Heart Dad Jumper…of course.

Mommy is not happy about this.  

Have I tried bribing my toddler with ice cream?  Maybe.

But I should be happy for her daddy, right?  After all, this is the man I love.  How can I blame her for loving him so much too?   He’s funny, he’s fun, and he is one hell of a tickle monster.  He has even taught her how to turn off/on light-switches, which has become her absolute favorite thing to do on a daily basis.  I understand that Daddy-and-daughter bonding is a wonderful part of life (bla bla bla).  But when did mommy become chopped liver?!  Am I not fun anymore? (No, that can’t be it…)

Mommy can flick light switches on and off too!

As my own dad used to say to us when we were kids, during times that he felt unappreciated: “I guess I’m just an old shoe….”  (Envision this phrase spoken in a voice that is similar to that of Eeyore, the Donkey, from Winnie the Pooh.)

Do I have an “unhealthy” level of enjoyment over my toddler’s rather significant (prior) attachment to me?

—-Yes, I do. (But that’s another article.)

The main point here: How did Daddy sneak up behind me so fast in the “favorite parent” race?!  

Now, when I walk in the door – I am lucky to get so much as a smile from my toddler – it’s as if I get a brief acknowledgement of a “head nod”  from my toddler, as if to say ‘Sup Mom” like I did to my mom as a teenager.  Now, my little daughter shrieks if her daddy so much as sets her down – not even I can comfort her anymore!  

It just seems so unfair!  I prepare all of her meals.  I change 98% of her diapers.  I do all of her laundry, and I sort all of her clothes (making sure to only buy her the comfy clothes).  I work round-the-clock! I do all of the grocery shopping.  I am the dedicated mom that you will finding standing in line at Wal-Mart’s Customer Service Counter at 10:30 pm on a Tuesday night because I am returning the Vick’s humidifier that didn’t lived up to my high-standards that I have for my toddler’s health and comfort. 

Here are a few of my theories as to how this happened:

  • She slept on Daddy’s lap for the entire plane rides. (Bonding)
  • Daddy has always been really good with kids, and now that she is older, I am seeing his talent that has been hidden up to this point in our relationship.
  • Daddy wears amazing-smelling cologne.

I’m not mad; I’m just [pause] disappointed.

The irony of this all: what I would have done for this type of daddy-daughter bonding when my little one was a newborn.  I was a tired mess!  Now I just miss her!

Please share your experiences or thoughts on this matter in the comment box below!

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These Are My [Pack N Play] Confessions – Mom

Pack N Play Confessions
Confession: Our Pack N Play Playard is my 
extra-large laundry hamper.

The time has come; I need to start being honest with myself and accept myself for who I am – my Pack N Play Playard will always, and forever be, my super duper, extra-large laundry hamper for as long as the Pack N Play is present in my living room area.  

I need accept myself, and accept the fact that my Pack N Play will never be used as a proper playard for my child (for any time period of longer than a day, after which it will be filled with my clean clothes, and my child’s clean clothes, once again).

Am I really so tired and/or lazy that I can’t gather the mental focus to fold a hamper of clothes?  Yes

These Are My Pack N Play Confessions
More Confessions: 

Sometimes, I even chuckle, and nod my head, as I hear those judgmental mommies roar about how “unnecessary these Pack’N’Play devices are” – because “after all, you don’t need a Pack’N’Play if you just watch your baby.”  I don’t speak up when I hear this chatter, but that’s only because I have needed to make myself feel better about my terrible laundry habit – the shame!  It’s like my dirty little secret:  I think the Pack N Play is fantastic (for more reason than one), and I would use the Pack N Play if I could break my habit of using it as my [greatest] laundry hamper of all time.  

Dear America, I am no longer ashamed of my love for the Pack N Play, no matter how I choose to use it.  

I love my Pack N Play almost as much as I love yoga pants (see My Love Letter to My Yoga Pants for more on that).

But I do long for a more organized laundry-keeping system…

  • If only I were strong enough to resist the temptation of Pack-N-Play’s desirable, large-capacity hamper.  
  • If only I were motivated enough to put away my laundry once my clothes left my dryer.

But I’m not, because, guess what?  It’s just way easier to use the Pack N Play as my secondary closet.  I love it. I admit it.  It’s the greatest laundry hamper that I have ever owned (it doesn’t overflow!).  It’s fantastic, aside from the whole part of it being a complete “eye sore” and in my living room, but for now – this is who I am and loving yourself, despite your own flaws, is important.  

I feel better already.  

I love you, Pack N Play.


Share your confessions here by commenting below!


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    My Battle With Sippy Cups

    Are you familiar with the scene from the movie, “Office Space,” where Peter, Michael, and Samir decide that they’ve had enough of the P.O.S. copy machine from their work office – the copy machine that delivered frequent “paper jam” errors on a daily basis?  (Yes, this question does somehow relate to the topic of “sippy cups” for children).  Well, in the movie, “Office Space,” Peter, Samir and Michael take their hated copy machine from their employer’s office to a desert meadow, and then they use a baseball bat to completely demolish this copy machine that they had grown such a strong hatred for after years and years of time-consuming paper-jams that always happened at the most inopportune times..

    What does the copy machine from the movie, “Office Space,” have to do with sippy cups, you may be wondering?  This vengeful scene that Peter, Samir and Michael spend ‘getting even’ with the copy machine is a fantastic representation of the way that I feel and want to behave towards sippy cups (i.e., replace the “copy machine” with “sippy cups”).  I may, or may not, find myself daydreaming about bringing all of my sippy cups and their stupid, unmatched lids, to a meadow with a baseball bat…

    What Is The Big Deal About Sippy Cups?

    Five-years-ago, I was celebrating “Thirsty Thursdays” with my girlfriends every week (aka, drinking alcohol on Thursday nights), and if you would have told me that five years from that point in time, that I’d be spending my Thursday and Friday nights cozied up on my couch and writing about my favorite sippy cups, then would have either: 

    • (a) snorted with laughter because that is so lame and there was no way I would have believed that was true; or, I would have:
    • (b) cried, because I would have believed what you were saying, and that is so lame.

    Nevertheless, here I am writing about sippy cups on my Thursday, Friday and even Saturday night, and it turns out that I’m totally cool with being so lame, because I (to my surprise) feel very passionately about this topic of sippy cups.  You may be wondering why.  Here is my answer:  Not all sippy cups are made equal.  No sir. No mam. To date, I believe I have tried at least 95% of the sippy cups on the market.  This means that I have at least one of each type of sippy cup in our kitchen cabinet, which also means that I spend what feels like half of my morning, afternoons, and nights trying to match up different sippy cups with different lids and with the corresponding bottom cup pieces – don’t even get my started on the different valve pieces.  

    Don’t let this be you.  Save yourself!  Don’t waste your money on bad sippy cups.  Refer to our list (Top 9 Sippy Cups for Baby and Toddler – Best of 2013) for advice on what the best sippy cups out there currently are, and save yourself the time and money.  Our team at Mommy Mia Monologues has teamed up with other my fellow moms; we’ve read a lot of product reviews to compare other opinions; and then we’ve used this information to devise a list of the best sippy cups on the market. 

    See the latest post:  Top 9 Sippy Cups for Baby and Toddler – Best of 2013

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    3D Ultrasound to Actual Baby – Photo Timeline – That’s a lot of growing in just 365 Days!

    Below is a photo collage timeline that shows just how much can change and how much a baby grows in just 365 days.  This was inspired by my first post 3D Ultrasound Photo Comparison to Actual Newborn Baby – it’s crazy to see the similarities of a 3D ultrasound to my baby once she was born.  I also do another comparison in my post 3D Ultrasound to Newborn Baby Side-by-Side Comparison (Part 2).  In this collage, the first photo in the collage is an ultrasound picture from when I was 6-weeks pregnant (March 2011), and the collage ends with a picture of my 4-months-old (March 2012).  From the egg yolk phase, to the tadpole phase, to the alien phase, to the “omg there’s a real baby in there!” phase, it’s crazy to see how quickly we humans grow.

    March 2011
    3D Ultrasound to Actual Baby Photo Timeline
    March 2012

    A lot changes in just 365 days!

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    Top Ridiculously Adorable Videos of Twin Babies (and Multiples)

    My good friend recently had twins, which has inspired me to collect all of the ridiculously cute and adorable videos of twins/multiples out there onto this blog post and webpage.  Here are my favorite twin babies (and multiples) videos so far:

    Twin Babies Dance With Daddy

    11-Month-Old Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar

    Quadruplet Babies Laughing

    Laughing Quadruplets – The Next Day

    Do you have a great video of your twins/multiples babies that you want to share?  
    Have your video featured on this post by pasting a link to your video in the comment section below (preferably via YouTube).  

    You must have rights to the video in order to be considered.  All videos will be reviewed prior to approval and posting.

    Strategies for Securing Your Baby a Seat On Airplane

    If you can’t afford to purchase a separate airline seat for your baby for your upcoming fight, then consider the following strategies for obtaining an extra seat for your toddler or baby. 

    Strategy 1 – The Best Approach (Preparation)
    • If both you and your spouse are traveling, try to book an aisle and a window seat that are in the same row, and make sure that the middle seat in between you is open when you’re booking. Other passengers who book their flights after you will usually not choose a middle seat and this can sometimes mean a free seat for your baby. If the middle seat ends up getting booked, most people will happily trade you for one of your aisle/window seats so that you and your spouse can sit together.
    Strategy 2 – Last Shot (Desperation)

    • Beg the person at the check-in and ticket counters to be placed next to an empty seat.  Be sure to highlight how exhausted you are…give your best puppy eyes. If that person says no, ask someone else once that first person walks away. Don’t forget that you can beg both the check-in counter people and the people at the counter once you get to your gate. Ok, so, technically, you are not “booking” the seats, as my title states, but these strategies will help you get that seat without paying, and it’s worth a shot. Trust me. You want a seat for your toddler or baby when you’re flying.
    Don’t forget that if your child is over 2-years-old, then you have to book him a seat – it’s the rules.  Children under 2-years-old can sit on your lap, but like I said, try to get a spare seat.  You will want the room.

    Good luck!

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    Our 14-Month-Old toddler has a new favorite phrase: “I know! I know!” 

    How did this new favorite phrase become implanted into our toddler’s mind?

    After daddy told Tessa, “I know you had a hard day!” (a joke because she and I had played in her new playhouse all day), Tessa immediately started running around our housing repeating, “I know! I know! I know! I know!”  

    Goofy little thing.

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