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Why I Almost Ate My Professor for Lunch – Graduate School and Pregnancy

Pregnancy and My MBA
“I almost ate my professor for lunch.”

I began my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program when I was 5-months pregnant and ended the program with a toddler.  

MBA + Pregnancy = a few challenges

My MBA program held lunch at 1:15 pm for its students.  ARE THEY SERIOUSLY SERIOUS?  1:15?  Do they have any idea how late that is to eat lunch?  Not having lunch until 1:15 pm, to a pregnant woman, is cruel and unusual.  But not even for just pregnant people, but 1:15 is still late for normal people too.  

There were times that I contemplated eating my professor’s arm if he decided to continue with lecture for even 15-seconds past our 1:15 pm lunch break.  

While I was pregnant during my MBA program, I literally, on purpose, gave my professor(s) the meanest  ugliest possible look I could possibly put on my face if that professor so much as went 5-seconds into my lunch hour (I do not recommend this!).  

Looking back, my professors that semester probably thought I was absolutely batshit crazy – they probably wondered why this blonde, pregnant girl was trying to kill them with her stare.  

The truth is that I was hungrier than a hyena   For me, an empty stomach during my pregnancy was always met with “morning” sickness (aka, “absolute Hell”) and an excruciating headache (I had a terrible first trimester as far as “morning” sickness goes).  On top of that, our classes started at 8:00 am – what kind of normal person would not be starving by 1:15?  That is just plain mean to make us wait until 1:15! What ever happened to eating lunch at noon, like society has taught us to do? 

The student union of my college campus is the equivalent to a pregnant woman’s Disney Land – with everything from Burger King, to make-your-own pitas, to Crab Rangoon.

Some suggested that, to combat my pregnancy hunger, I pack my own lunch…and “nibble on it during class.”  Sure.  That seems simple.  But why would I do that when there was an entire student union full of reasonably-priced restaurants for my fat, hungry, very-pregnant self to choose from?  So what did I do?  

If you could flashback and somehow watch me during my so-called “bathroom breaks,” then you would have seen me, who was very pregnant, running/waddling across campus to the student union’s Burger King – for their chicken tenders that I had been thinking about all morning (and their sweet and sour sauce, of course), and fries.  Oh my!

I took “bathroom breaks” during my MBA lectures, which is code for the fact that I frequently became a pregnant ninja and snuck my hungry, pregnant over to the student union’s food court.  

Over time, I mastered the art of shoving chicken tenders in my face during my “bathroom breaks” and I am fairly confident that I broke a world record at how fast my 7+months pregnant body could waddle/run back to my seat in class.  All of this was done without any of my classmates ever knowing what I had just done – these were my top secret Burger King missions.  Muah ha ha.  Eventually, I became a master in this mission for chicken tenders – I perfected this process and narrowed it down from 20 minutes to only 14 minutes, all in which I made it from my classroom, to across campus to the student union Burger King, then I ate chicken tenders faster than you would ever think is humanly possible, and then would walk/waddle-run back to my classroom, and take my seat in class like nothing had happened (for all they knew, it takes a pregnant lady 14 minutes to pee).

Winner Announcement for February 2013 Blog Giveaway

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Top 11 iPhone Apps to Make Mommy Happy and Organized (2013)

Here is a list of 11 of my favorite iPhone apps that have made my life significantly easier as a mom so far in the year 2013.  From cooking, to organizing my finances to distracting my child while in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office, these apps rock my world.  Share your favorite iPhone or smart phone apps by commenting below!

1.  Globe Convert

If you are like me and are particularly challenged at converting teaspoons to tablespoons, ounces to gallons, Celsius to Fahrenheit, feet to miles, days to years (etc.), then you will love this app.  I use it a lot for cooking when I need help converting a recipe’s ingredients from “cups” to “ounces” (especially if I’m doubling a recipe or cutting a recipe in half).  I found this app when I traveled to Asia last year and needed a quick way to convert US Currency to the Vietnamese currency. (Oh yeah, it does currency conversion too).

2.  Show Time

If you are obsessed with tracking which television shows that you have and have not seen (like Mr. Mia), then you will love this app.  Mr. Mia likes to know if there is a new “How I Met Your Mother” or a new “Homeland” for him to watch and this app tells him, which saves him from having to scroll through the DVR to figure that out (such a hard life).

3.  Award Wallet

If you have awards accounts, then you will probably love Award Wallet.  This app will track all of your rewards and points, automatically, and give you a dashboard of all of your accounts – all in one place.  It’s amazing.  I use it for my airline miles, Pampers and Huggies points, and for Best Buy’s rewards program.

4.  No Time to Cook, by Real Simple
I love to cook, and I love all the recipes that I see in my Real Simple magazines, so I absolutely love this cooking app that Real Simple put together.  It has great recipes, and a keyword search option.  You can organize sort by “meal type,” “prep time”, and ingredients.  Love this app.

5.  Slice – Package Tracker

If you do a lot of online shopping, then this thing rocks.  Not only does it track all of your online purchases automatically (no matter what store you order from), but it alerts you with push notifications when your package is “out for delivery” and when your package has been delivered.  The also keeps track of how much you spend, so it serves as a great reference when you’re trying to budget or cut your spending.  This app does all of the work for you.


The personal finances app is AMAZING.  I can track all of my accounts (bank accounts, mortgage, credit cards, retirement, etc.) on one app – it’s basically a dashboard of your own personal net worth.  It’s also amazing for payment reminders and budgeting.  

7.  Any List

If you and your husband both have iPhones, then the AnyList app is fantastic for shared “Honey Do” lists.  You just share your “Honey Do” list with your husband (type in his email address into the “share” option of the app), and then he can view the list from his phone.  You’ll get updated when he checks off an item.  Warning: he will also make a “Honey Do” list for you.

8.  I Hear Ewe
My daughter has loved this app since she was 12-months-old.  It’s a great way to play with your baby and teach her animal noises while laying on your couch.

9.  Elmo Calls

I love (love) the Elmo Calls app simply because my daughter gets so insanely happy every time Elmo “calls” her. It’s formatted to appear as if your toddler is “Face Timing” with Elmo.  It is hilarious.  When I traveled to Vietnam and visited an orphanage, the little kids loved to play with this app on my phone (see more about that on my post: How the iPhone Brought Huge Smiles to Orphans With HIV). 

10.  Your Bank’s Mobile App

If your bank offers a mobile app with a “Deposit” feature, then I highly recommend using it – that is if you despise running errands in the same way that I do.  I never go to the bank anymore because of my bank’s mobile app – it’s amazing.  I can literally deposit the checks that I receive into my bank account using my iPhone without every leaving my living room. This is a lazy person’s dream.

11.  Pinterest

What kind of list would this be if I didn’t include the Pinterest app?  This app won’t exactly make a more efficient person, but it’s really fun to waste time playing on Pinterest.

What are your favorite iPhone or SmartPhone apps?

Here is a list of the links for my favorite apps, plus a few more that I really enjoy:


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Top 5 Uses of the Newborn Podster

The Newborn Podster
Multiple-Uses, Demonstrations, and Photo-Time

I am obsessed with this must-have newborn item – the Newborn Podster, made by Leachco, as can be shown by my numerous posts about this simple item (I do not work work the company, I swear).  I talk about how much easier the Newborn Podster makes life with a newborn in my post How to Make Life With Newborn Easier – The Newborn Podster, and it is listed as number one for the Top 25 Must-Have Newborn Baby Items.
Newborn Podster
I ran out of things to talk about today, which is a first (we lost a member of our pet family this week, so I’m not myself this week).  So, here is a photo demonstration of the multiple uses for the Newborn Podster.

Exhibit A:  
Nap Time and the Newborn Podster

Make sure you supervise your little baby, because you don’t want them to suddenly learn to roll over while laying on the Newborn Podster and get hurt or worse.  Be a smart mom.  Safety first. 

Exhibit B:  
Bath Time and the Newborn Podster

In that awkward moment between getting your baby out of the infant bath tub and wrapping them with a towel – where do you set your baby?  The Newborn Podster is perfect!  I just lay the towel on the Podster ahead of time next to the bath tub on the counter, and set my baby there as I wrap her up and them cuddle her in my arms.  

Safety First:  DO NOT LEAVE THE PODSTER ON COUNTER WITHOUT BOTH ARMS ON YOUR BABY. I may not even need to say that, but I feel compelled to.

Exhibit C:  
Tummy Time and the Newborn Podster

The Podster is great for tummy time practice.  I absolutely despised tummy time with my newborn, simply because my newborn despised tummy time, but the Newborn Podster helped.

Exhibit D:  
Awake Time and the Newborn Podster

Exhibit E:  
Baby Outgrows the Newborn Podster – Dog Bed!

The Newborn Podster makes a great dog bed after your baby outgrows it!  
Take it from my dog, Bammer!

Newborn Podster


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Daily Mom Humor – Formal Notices by the Bureau of Communication

Source:  Formal Notices by the Bureau of Communication (  

If you need a laugh, then I highly recommend playing on the website, Formal Notices by the Bureau of Communication (, which has given me hours of fun already with its “fill-in-the-blank stationary for everyday correspondence” for communicating with a person in your life for the following situations:  
  • a Formal Apology
  • Declaration of Romantic Intent
  • Statement of Gratitude
  • Unsolicited Feedback
  • Official Invitations
  • And more…
If you enjoy Mad Libs, then you will probably find humor in Formal Notices by the Bureau of Communication.  All you do is fill in the blanks with your chosen words, and you will put a smile on the recipient of just about anyone who receives this letter.  I’m going to be purchasing their book, Formal Notices: Fifty Fill-in-the-Blank Forms for Everyday Correspondence, for my coffee table, and this may become my go-to gift for people who are difficult to buy for (such as, my dad).

Coffee Table Book:  
Formal Notices: Fifty Fill-in-the-Blank Forms for Everyday Correspondence - MadLibs should make apology cards.


Sleep Issues and Your Baby: Must-Read Book

The Sleep Lady Book

The “Sleep Lady” book (The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tightis my go-to reference manual for whenever my daughter starts to show any hints of sleep problems. I’ve been lucky to have been blessed with a great sleeper for a daughter, but this may not be all luck and blessings – I have to give credit it to this book – “The Sleep Lady Book” (as I call it), written by Kim West and Joanna Kenen.  When my daughter was much younger, and I was exhausted, I turned to books for suggestions on ways to help get into a better sleep schedule.  I read so many books, all varying from from “cry-it-out”, to “attachment parenting” type of books.  When I finally found this book, which doesn’t advocate either of the above-mentioned methods, I was extremely happy because it allowed me to make my own decisions.  The book lays out what you should expect, what your options are for improvement, and most importantly  the author gives you the ability to tailor your own beliefs to her suggestions.  She is a big believer in the power of nighttime routines and how powerful these routines are for getting your child’s mind geared up for bed time.  She talks about the power of a “lovey.”  And much more.  It’s an easy read and you can always refer back to it.  This book has helped me a ton.

5 out of 5 stars.