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Top 6 Best Baby Toys! (2013)

For an updated list of the top best baby toys, please see Top 25 Best Toys – Baby and Toddler.

If you’re looking for the best baby toys – toys that your baby will actually use continuously and not get sick of playing with – then you have come to the right place.  I have a small obsession with baby toys (maybe more than small).  Here is a list of my top 6 baby toys (ages 0-12 months) that my baby loved the most during her first-year:

1.  Laugh and Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote 
Link:  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote is the best $10 I have spent in  a while.  Babies, for whatever reason, are obsessed with your TV remote controls (the real kind that you use to watch TV with), which is all great until they end up reprogramming your home television in Spanish and you don’t know how to switch it back (true story).  This toy satisfies this obsession, and may save you from calling your TV company’s tech support.  You can find it at Target or on

Age When Baby Will Start to Love it:  around 6-months old

2.  Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Baby Gym
Link:  Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym

I mention this play gym in my Top 25 Must-Have Newborn Baby Items article, but I felt compelled to mention it again here for a couple of reasons: (1) it is not only for newborns, and (2) because it’s awesome.  The Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym is amazing is our favorite baby gym because of it’s dangling mirror (babies love mirrors because they love looking at themselves), but it’s main asset is its kickable piano that babies LOVE – it plays music and lights up….very entertaining.  Another great thing about this baby gym is that you can level up the piano as baby grows and starts sitting.  The only downfall to this baby gym is that it is hard for the baby to roll over all the way without getting caught in the arch.  

Age When Baby Will Start to Love it:  1-2 months old

3.  “The Magic Seahorse” 
Link:   Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse Baby Soother

The ” Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse Baby Soother” is the technical name for this toy, but I call it “Magic Seahorse” because it’s works like magic at calming your baby to sleep (not all the time, but a good chunk of the time).  I’d give this seahorse a 50% success rate at soothing babies. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling soothed as well!)  I also talk about his seahorse in the article Top 25 Must-Have Newborn Baby Items.  My little one has a few lovies and this one is by far her favorite.  We play with it during the day, and it’s her source of comfort at nighttime – it works by pressing the seashorse’s belly and then the seahorse lights up and plays relaxing music for about 10-minutes until it turns off.  Ask your doctor before putting it in the crib with your baby and exercise common sense).

Age When Baby Will Start to Love It:  Newborn

4.  The “Oball”

Link:  Oball

The Oball is great for those tiny little fingers because it’s an item that they are actually able to grasp with those tiny little fingers.  The was the first item that our daughter was actually ever able to hold.  She loves it.  It’s costs about $4.99 and is a toy that is worth every penny. I also talk about this toy in my article Top 25 Must-Have Newborn Baby Items.

Age When Baby Will Start to Love It: 3-months

5.  Laugh and Learn Music Activity Table
Link: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table is the best activity table out there that I have found.  Unlike other activity tables, the Laugh and Learn Fun table has has multiple settings (Play, Music, Spanish, Learning Time), so it keeps your baby occupied for longer.  You can remove the legs for baby to use it during the Sitting phase as well.  The is one of those “Keep Baby Busy, Keep Mommy Happy” Toys.  I also talk about this toy in my article Top 25 Must-Have Newborn Baby Items.

Age When Baby Will Start to Love It:   When they can sit up on their own

6.  Suction Spin Wheel for Highchair
Link:   Sassy Developmental Wonder Wheel Suction Toy 

The Sassy Developmental Wonder Wheel Suction Toy will keep your baby occupied at his high chair for a solid 5 minutes while you prepare a meal.  That may not sound like much, but it is…!  It suctions to your high chairs plastic (so keep that high chair clean or it won’t stick!)  If you pair this suctions pin wheel with the bungy sippy cup cord (see How This Small Idea Solves a Big Sippy Cup Problem), then you’re feeding sessions will go much more smoothly.

Age When Baby Will Start to Love It: Highchair Age

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You Know You Have a Newborn When – Your Robe

You Might Have a Newborn When...
You might have a newborn when this happens….
  • At 9:00 pm on a Wednesday, you jump in your car for a late-night diaper-run (you hadn’t anticipated exactly which diapers would be the best fit for your newborn’s sensitive little buns, so of course, you hadn’t been able to ‘stock up’).
  • You pull into the parking lot, at Walmart, and park your car.
  • As you twist your car keys from the ignition, you haphazardly look down at yourself, and you realize that you are still wearing your fleece bath robe (the ugly bath robe that lays on the hook on the back of your bathroom door) – the bath robe that, at one point in your life, used to make you embarrassed, if and when, the pizza delivery man witnessed you wearing it when you answered the door.
  • But then, you become momentarily surprised, because all of the sudden, you realize that you have seriously stopped caring what people think of you – you are so tired – your newborn is depleting all of your natural energy, despite your pre-labor promise to yourself that this wouldn’t happen.  
  • You contemplate a new idea to yourself: “So what if I’m wearing my robe inside of a retail store?”
    • You tell yourself, “You should see what other people who shop at Walmart wear….so yeah…my robe probably isn’t that bad compared to those bozos.”
  • Your mind begins to drift back to your pre-pregnancy self, and you wonder, “What have I become?…..”
  • But then, you remember that driving back home and then back to Walmart would entail at least an extra 25 minutes (when you count both ways) to your trip.
  • Then, you envision how good it would feel to sleep on your fluffy bed (the bed that has the crappy mattress that you used to complain about)
    • ….or how good it would feel to take a shower….
    • …or to thoroughly floss your teeth. 
    • …Ahwhwhw…beedddddd….
  • You put your car keys in your purse, and you become suddenly liberated from the burdens of what was once society’s judgements.
  • You walk into Walmart, with your fleece bath robe still on.

Food for Thought:

Have you heard of the website “People Who Shop at Walmart”?  Before we judge the “people who shop at Walmart,” perhaps we need to consider whether these are just new parents who are tired as he**.  

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    My Third Trimester – Thunk, Thunk – Here I Come!

    I met all of the typical references that you hear people make regarding large, pregnant women: I was like a whale, or a boat, or a large bus.  But personally, my large, pregnant-self related more to the gigantic dinosaur –  the T-Rex.  Do you remember the famous scene from the movie, “Jurassic Park” – the scene  where the water inside of the water glass cup starts rippling as the heavy T-Rex approaches the Jeep?  Well, I imagine that the same thing happened to the water glasses belonging to my downstairs neighbors during my 8th and 9th month of pregnancy – whenever I would get up  from the couch and walk (i.e., stomp) into my kitchen (usually for my third full-serving of spaghetti or pecan bars). 

    Here is the video that I’m talking about:

    Once my gigantic pregnant-self accepted my T-Rex body, then I started to actually think like a T-Rex.   Do you remember that other toilet scene from Jurassic Park (the scene where the T-Rex eats a guy while he is sitting on the toilet)?   That’s what I secretly day-dreamed about doing to the person who said to me: “A woman from my work had twins and she went back to work 3-days later!” (See 7 Things to Never Say To a New Mom for more on this).

    Great Article – 10 Daddy and Daughter Tips

    Source: via Mommy Mia on Pinterest

    Link:  10 Daddy Tips for Raising a Daughter

    My sister came across this blog post 10 Daddy Tips for Raising a Daughter on Pinterest from the website the other day and shared it with me.  This is such a great post that I had to share it here.  It has 10 tips for dads for raising a happy daughter.  I printed it out to share with my little one’s daddy because I loved it so much.  Keep some tissues nearby because you might have happy tears. 

    The blog website is:

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    My Love Letter to My Yoga Pants

    Dear Yoga Pants,

    You make me a better person.  Thank you for the comfort that you provide to me and for how safe you make me, and my mid-section, feel each and every day.  When I look at you every morning, laying there on the floor just waiting for me so patiently, I know that you will be understanding of whatever decisions that I choose to make that day; your support is empowering.

    Thank you for allowing me to eat however much I please during my mealtimes by providing me with your expandable mid-line waste-line that doesn’t punish my underwear line upon temporary expansion.  I want you to know that eating that third taco at lunch-time brings me immense joy each and every time. I could not do that without you.

    Thank you for not requiring buttons, like my former lover required – his name is “jeans”. 

    Thank you for helping me defeat the evil “muffin top” that emerges in my mid-section each winter – your elasticity and your flexibility with my torso shows both your true purpose to humanity and it highlights your strong ability to adapt to non-ideal circumstances.  These are qualities that are not found in many. 

    Thank you for your superb ability to truly multi-task…by being my “day-pants,” my pajamas; and, even sometimes (ok, the truth is: often), you even become my “going out for the night” pair of pants – my ex, “Jeans,” may have the looks, but ‘Jeans’ doesn’t understand me the way that you do; I cannot bear to leave you on a Friday night.  

    Sometimes I feel guilty for not being forthcoming about our relationship; please note that when I wear an extra-long shirt or a tank-top that could technically be worn as a ‘dress’ and which disguises your signature fold-over wrap at the hip (the fold that marks you as a “yoga pant”) that this is not because I am ashamed of you; rather, I am afraid of how much I love you.  

    Thank you doing a fine job at replacing all other pants in my life.  I love you forever.

    Love always,

    Mommy Mia


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    Helping Nurses Help Nepal After the Earthquake

    An important message from Mommy Mia:

    Lisa (RN) Providing Support to Nepal after the Earthquake

    My cousin, Lisa, is amazing.  In the last 3-weeks, she quit her job and put her life on hold for a month in order to go to Nepal and help the victims from the devastating earthquake that struck the country back in April of 2015.

    My cousin is a registered nurse (RN) and I vividly remember sitting at the breakfast table with her after my grandmother’s funeral, and we had both just learned about the devastating effects that the earth quack had made on he country of Nepal.

    She immediately turned to me and said, “I need to go there and help.”

    3-months later, my amazing cousin is doing exactly what she said she would do.

    She found an executive leader through “Helping Hands” ( and she is now over in Nepal helping the hospitals (who are still overwhelmed with patients).

    Are you interested in helping this Registered Nurse support Nepal?

    What could I do to help Nepal? I wondered.  I am not a registered nurse.  I would have a difficult time traveling to Nepal and leaving my family behind.  My idea: help my cousin promote her

    My cousin wants funds so that the hospital that she works for is able to purchase the medical supplies and equipment that they need in order to treat their patients.  She also will use this money for purchasing educational training for the local nursing staff of these hospitals. has created a Blog on behalf of my cousin (and on behalf of Nepal) in order to support her admirable efforts.

    Medical Supplies that Were Provided by Lisa

    Here is the link to my cousin’s Blog about her nursing volunteer work that she is doing in Nepal:

    Daily Mom Humor – Morning Coffee Means No Talky-Talky

    I am not a morning person.  I like nothing about the morning.  I was told this would change after having kids. It hasn’t.  I want to eat my breakfast, and drink my coffee each morning – in peace.  Is that so much to ask?

    You’d think that I would, perhaps, wake up earlier each morning to get my own alone time.  But no.  Like I said, I hate mornings.  I love sleep.  

    Therefore, mommy is requesting that no one talks to me while I drink my coffee in the morning.

    So far, nobody has listened to my request. 

    I will keep trying.

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