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8 Easy Ideas To Make Yourself Happy, When Skies Are Grey

Here are 8 ideas to make yourself happy, when skies are “grey.” These are basically ideas on how you can help turn your mood around, when you need to. Here is the list:  

1.  Make yourself amazing food – such as ‘crostinis.’

If you are obsessed with food the way that I am (aka, your true inner-self is a gigantic fatso and good food makes you very, very happy), then I highly recommend these crostini recipes from Real Simple magazine.  Holy. Party. That. My. Taste. Buds. Can’t. Even. Handle. Right. Now.

Here is the link to 10 absolutely amazing crostini recipes (from Real Simple Magazine) that I have broken down into my top 3 favorites:

  • The Roast Beef and Pomegranate Crostini is to die for…this is my favorite…except that I used goat cheese instead of the sour cream that the recipe calls for (I am obsessed with goat cheese).
  • The Ricata and Roasted Tomato recipe from Real Simple is amazing…
  • The Pesto, Radish, and Sea Salt Crostini recipe from Real Simple is “whaaaaaat!?!?!??” (meaning – so good!)

2.  Take a hot bath (bring wine!)

Before bedtime, take a hot bath.  Bring wine.  Find a candle and light it. Turn off the bathroom lights.  Oh yeah, and bring wine or water).  I like to bring both wine and a tall glass of iced water for after my bath.  I started doing this routine every night after I got my daughter into a “bedtime routine.”  I used to have trouble sleeping, but as soon as I do my own, mommy, bedtime routine, I am out in 2-minutes by the end of it.  

3.  Don’t try to solve your life’s problems at nighttime.  Wait until morning – when you are fresh.

Do not try to solve problems at nighttime.  And do not argue at nighttime (See Top 35 Life Lessons to Pass On To Daughters, and remember this advice!)

4.  Utilize the power of music – make a playlist of all the songs you loved when you were younger.

Make a playlist of the music that you loved while you were in Junior High (Middle School) and High School and listen to it.  I’d be lying if I said that the song “Bye Bye Bye,” by N’Sync didn’t make me really, really happy.

5.  If you are in a bad mood, consider the alignment of the “stars” (aka: could it be hormones?).

Ask yourself if you could possibly be PMSing, or if any sort of hormonal changes (fertilization drugs, pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause) could be causing your mood to change.  Sometimes I forget how much PMS can effect me (no, “Mr. Mia,” this is not an EXCUSE…it is REAL!!!), and it’s not until my PMS is over that I realize why I felt like such a nut-case. Learn how to identify PMS (for instance, track your period). 

If you are PMSing, then your hormones will have a field day reading You’re Gonna Miss This – A Reminder for Parents.

If you are a male who suspects that your significant other may be suffering from PMS, then I highly suggest that you consider tracking your wife’s menstrual cycles through an iPhone app (or any smartphone app) to arm and protect yourself with this information when the time comes (TIP: DO NOT TELL HER THAT YOU ARE DOING THIS…ESPECIALLY IF SHE IS ALREADY PMSing, OR YOU MAY BECOME HER NEXT VICTIM).  

If you have irregular periods, like me, then if and when I start crying at a Subaru commercial, for example, then I try to make a mental (no pun intended) note to myself that I may be a bat-shit crazy person for the next few days. (SIDE NOTE and IN MY DEFENSE: the Subaru commercial that I am referring to has a young daughter that suddenly phases from a 7-year-old with pigtails into an 18-year-old leaving her home for college….all the while her dad is standing outside of the Subaru, with his loving father eyes – wanting her to be careful and she drives away in the Subaru).  The commercial is adorable.  See the commercial that makes me cry when I am PMSing below:

  • Rule of Thumb:  If a commercial makes you cry (as touching as they can be), then your hormones may be deceiving you, and you should check yourself (and your hormone levels) for potential discrepancies.  You may owe the guy at the first window of the Burger King drive-thru an apology; because you may, or may not have, un-rightfully, given the poor guy an attitude for not remembering that you ordered a medium, instead of a small, Whopper Jr. value meal.
  • I make a mental note to myself that I may be bat-shit crazy for the next 3-days, and I try not to let the fact that “Mr. Mia” left his dirty dinner play on the floor for the 100,000,010th time.

6.  Put down your computer, and go outside.  

Get away from your computer!  Yeah!  I’m talking to you!  Put down your phone!  Computers and the internet (Facebook) can make you feel like total poo when you compare yourself with “Mrs. Jones”…at the very least, you will probably end up with a cramp in your neck by the time you eventually emerge from the hypnotism of Facebook.  If the weather doesn’t permit outside activity  then try to get out; go anywhere (even Walmart).  If it is nighttime and you need to stay at home, refer to my above idea and TAKE A BATH.

7.  Get lost in a book.  

Ask someone, whose taste you trust, for a book recommendation (I always ask my mom).  Here are some of my favorite books that have, historically, captured me to the point where I always forgot whatever miserable occurrence was lingering in my life at the time at the time (e.g., first-trimester nausea, dark winter days, etc.):

  • Feeling Saucy?  Read a Romantic Book by Nicholas Sparks
  • Feeling Bored?  Read a Thriller:  Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn
  • Feeling Sentimental?  Read a book on Friendship: Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
  • Are you a lover of man’s best friend (aka, “dogs”)?  Read, “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein.

    8.  Watch this video (put in on the “full screen” mode option…it makes it so much better.”)

    This video will make you sniff-sniff with tears of happiness, and if you have a pet – you might want to go hug the little booger after watching this.  

    Lion Reunited with Owner:

    This makes me want to run with my dog in a meadow and hug her fat little puggle head.  (Warning: If you are indeed pregnant, PMSing, or have another hormonal imbalance (such as menopause), then this video may make you cry…but you will be crying with tears of joy and happiness and you will want to hug an animal afterwards.

    If by the end of completing these tasks you find yourself singing in the shower, then you have likely succeeded in your pursuit of happiness.

    What methods do you use 
    to boost you mood?  

    Break a Bad Habit by Changing Your Password

    Create Passwords That Help You Break a Bad Habit

    Have a bad habit that you want to quit?  I read an article on that suggests an idea how helping you quit a bad habit by generating passwords that reinforce that idea.  The idea is that you reinforce an idea in your brain through repetitive typing.  Most people type in passwords for their various online and computer accounts (bank, email, computer login, etc.)  multiple times a day; so if you create a password that has a personal goal of yours built into it somehow, then this can help you to quit a bad habit by reinforcing that idea in your brain through repetitive typing.  

    So, instead of making a password such as “baseball1234 or using your previous telephone number as your password (which is a terrible idea), consider making your password something that can help reinforce breaking a bad habit; the example that Lifehacker uses is “Iwillquit$smoking.”

    Here are some of my ideas for passwords that I should create for myself but won’t because that would be stupid seeing as I this is a public post:  

    • “Iwill$tartworkingout”
    • “Iwillstopusingthepacknplayasalaundryhamper”
    • “I-will-stop-eating-pecan-bar$-for-dinner”
    • “I-will-stop-wearing-my-maternity-pants-to-work-because-my-child-I-am-not-pregnant-and-my-child-is-almost-2-years-old”
    • “Iwillstopwastingmoneyoncrappytupperwarecontainers”
    • “I-will-stop-blaming-my-tiredness-on-my-newborn-because-my-child-is-2-years-old-and-I-am-actually-tired-because-I-play-on-Pinterest-until-1-AM” 

    Realistically, I probably won’t give up wearing my maternity pants.  I love comfy pants way too much (see My Love Letter to Yoga Pants for more on that).

    “Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”   – Benjamin Franklin

    (uh oh)

    What are your bad habits?

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    This Post Inspired by: Source:

    Overstressed Mom from United Kingdom Rapping About Motherhood – YouTube Favorites

    Here’s an entertaining video I randomly found on YouTube – it’s an “overstressed mom from the United Kingdom” rapping about motherhood.  It’s pretty funny – worth sharing.

    Overstressed Mom from United Kingdom Rapping About Motherhood 
    –  My YouTube Favorites –

    Here is the link to the video on YouTube.

    Top 25 (Non-Ugly) Baby Diaper Bags That Don’t Actually Look Like Diaper Bags (2015)

    Top 25 Non-Ugly Baby Diaper Bags That Don't Actually Look Like Baby Diaper Bags

    Choosing a Diaper Bag:

    If you fall into the category of the type of mom (or mom-to-be) who does NOT want to stroll around town carrying an extra-large bag over your shoulder that screams, “THIS IS A DIAPER BAG! CAN’T YOU TELL FROM THE BRIGHT PINK AND YELLOW FLOWERS AND THE NYLON MATERIAL?”, then this post is for you.  This post is different than the Top 25 Must-Have Newborn and Baby Items because this post focuses exclusively on the diaper bag itself.

    Is your diaper bag ugly?
    You may be wondering how you can determine whether or not your diaper bag is ugly (and therefore determine whether it “screams” when walking into a room).  Your ugly diaper bag will distinguish itself from a normal purse or tote through its overly-stated patterns, pastel-colored designs and presence of animal characters and flowers.

    The Real Reason That We Buy Ugly Diaper Bags:
    Why do we buy such ugly diaper bags?  For whatever reason, by the time “baby registry day” comes around, our ability to distinguish between good fashion from bad fashion often has already disappeared when it comes to diaper bag selection.  Instead of picking a color or style that we actually like ourselves, many of us decide that we should incorporate those cute little pastel-colored zoo animals from baby’s nursery into the theme of this brand new, and often expensive, diaper bag that we will be using every day for the next several months.  (I made this mistake when I picked out my first diaper bag, and if you are like me, then you WILL get tired of carrying around a bag with pink and purple giraffes on it, every day.)

    Practical and Stylish Diaper Bags:
    This last week, my good friend found out that she is expecting a baby and she asked me to put together her baby registry.  I have had so much fun putting it all together for her.  For the last three days, I have exclusively focused my time on “diaper bag research” (and yes, “diaper bag research” is an actual thing).  My goal was to find a diaper bag that doesn’t actually look like a “diaper bag,” and that was both: (a) practical and large enough, and (b) that disguised itself as an adorable and fashionable purse or tote.

    Here are my favorite diaper bags:
    (Note:  Don’t forget to share your favorite diaper bag by commenting on this post!)

    Top 25 Baby Diaper Bags

    1. Petunia Pickle Bottom Cafe Carryall

    1.  Petunia Pickle Bottom Cafe Carryall

    Link:  Petunia Pickle Bottom Cafe Carryall

    2. Urban Mom Stylish Diaper Bag

    2.  Urban Mom Stylish Diaper Bag

    Link:  Urban Mom Stylish Diaper Bag – Tote Style

    3. Kate Spade New York Basic Nylon Stevie Baby Bag

    3.  Kate Spade New York Basic Nylon Stevie Baby Bag

    Link:  Kate Spade New York Basic Nylon Stevie Baby Bag

    4. OiOi Carry All Diaper Bags
    4.  OiOi Carry All Diaper Bags
    OiOi Carry All Diaper Bag

    5. timi and leslie Jessica Diaper Bag

    5.  timi and leslie Jessica Diaper Bag

    Link:  timi and leslie Jessica 7-Piece Diaper Bag

    6. JJ Cole Baby Bag (Cafe)

    6.  JJ Cole Baby Bag (Cafe)

    Link:  JJ Cole Baby Bag (Cafe)

    7. timi and leslie Dawn Diaper Bag

    7.  timi and leslie Dawn Diaper Bag

    Link:  timi and leslie Dawn Diaper Bag

    8. Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Legacy Collection Diaper Bag

    8.  Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Legacy Collection Diaper Bag

    Link:  Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Legacy Collection Diaper Bag, First Lady

    9. Ju-Ju-Be Super Be Legacy Collection Zippered Diaper Bag Tote
    9.  Ju-Ju-Be Super Be Legacy Collection Zippered Diaper Bag Tote

    Link:  Ju-Ju-Be Super Be Legacy Collection Zippered Diaper Bag Tote, Queen of The Nile

    10.  JJ Cole Caprice Diaper Bag

    Link:  JJ Cole Caprice Diaper Bag

    11.  Babymel Cara Stripe Tote Bag

    Link:  Babymel Cara Stripe Tote Bag

    12.  Kate Spade Classic Spade Adaira Baby Bag

    Link:  Kate Spade Classic Spade Adaira Baby Bag

    13.  Kate Spade Spot Nylon Stevie Tote Baby Bag

    Link:  Kate Spade Spot Nylon Stevie Tote Baby Bag

    14.  Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed Statement Satchel
    Link:  Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed Statement Satchel – Indigo

    15.  timi and leslie Rachel Diaper Bag

    Link:  timi and leslie Rachel Diaper Bag

    16.   Ju-Ju-Be Nautical Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag

    Link:  Ju-Ju-Be Nautical Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag, The First Mate

    17.  Carter’s Zip Front Fashion Tote Diaper Bag

    Link:  Carter’s Zip Front Fashion Tote Diaper Bag

    18.  Carter’s Zip Fashion Diaper Bag

    Link:  Carter’s Zip Fashion Diaper Bag

    19.  JJ Cole Parker Diaper Bag

    Link:  JJ Cole Parker Diaper Bag

    20.  Coach Peyton Brown Signature Baby Diaper Bag

    Link:  Coach Peyton Brown Signature Multifunction Tote and Baby Diaper Bag

    21.  Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall

    Link:  Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall

    22.  Petunia Pickle Bottom Altogether Tote

    Link:  Petunia Pickle Bottom Altogether Tote

    23.  Universal Stroller Organizer By Ethan and Emma
    Link:  Universal Stroller Organizer By Ethan and Emma

    24.  OiOi Tote Diaper Bag – Leather Tan Slouch
    Link:  OiOi Tote Diaper Bag – Leather Tan Slouch

    25.  Storksak Elizabeth Leather Diaper Bag
    Link:  Storksak Elizabeth Leather Diaper Bag


    26.  Storksak Sofia Leather Diaper Bag
    Link:  Storksak Sofia Leather Diaper Bag

    27.  Teal and Gray Color Block Diaper Tote Bag by White Elm – The Moxie
    Link:  Teal and Gray Color Block Diaper Tote Bag by White Elm – The Moxie


    I remember being pregnant with my first child and feeling like the concept of diaper bags was somewhat of a mystery to me. Which features were important? Were you only allowed to carry diapers in it? I realized today that I have a deeply-rooted dislike for the diaper bag that I so naively purchased prior to having my first child.

    Daily Mom Humor – Laundry With a Toddler - Folding Laundry with a Toddler is like trying to straighten a desk full of papers while a fan blows on it.

    It is impossible to do laundry with my toddler around.  Anything that I’ve folded, she sees as a “challenge to destroy.”  If I try to fold the laundry on or laundry room counter, my toddler will do everything in her power to press every single button on the washing machine (she enjoys the “beep” sound that the buttons make).  Her obsession with pressing the laundry room buttons eventually led to the control panel of our washing machine burning out….which cost us $150 in repair costs.  

    In conclusion, I refuse to do laundry.

    See my post These Are My Pack n Play Confessions for more of my thoughts on this matter.

    Top Diapers for Baby – The Best Diapers Broken Down by Size, Stages, and Phases of Baby (2013)

    Looking for the best diaper for your baby?  So was I.  It turns out that the “best” diaper changes by the stages/phases that your baby goes through.  I made this list of my favorite diapers, broken out by my baby’s stage.  It would have really helped me when I needed to know the best diaper for my baby based off of her specific needs at the time.  I tried almost every single type and brand of diaper out there (and ultimately wasted a lot of money on bad diapers).  What I found was that my preferences in diapers changed as my child grew and developed different characteristics and needs.  Not all babies are the same; however, it sure doesn’t hurt to have a “starting point” as far as a list of great diapers goes.  The diaper aisle was overwhelming for me when I was a first-time mom and pregnant.  Here is a timeline, and list, of the best diapers (in my opinion), broken down by the stage that baby was in:

    Top Baby Diapers 
    by Milestones and Phases

    Best Diaper By Baby Type:

    1.  The Newborn With an Umbilical Stump:

    Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers for Newborn

    You can’t beat an umbilical stump cut-out for newborns.  The only brand that I have found with this feature is the Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers for Newborn.  These diapers have a cut-out so that your baby’s umbilical stump (aka. the belly button area) doesn’t  get moist from baby’s wet diaper. It takes longer for a moist umbilical stump to fall off than a dry one.  This also mitigates the risk of infection to the umbilical stump area.  

    2.  The Newborn Without an Umbilical Stump:

    Pampers Swaddlers

    After the umbilical stump falls off, me personal favorite diaper is the Pampers Swaddlers Diapers.  They have a “wetness indicator” to let you know when, and if, your baby has a wet diaper.  This feature is a luxury (not necessary) but it’s sure nice to have.  They are also very flexible diapers and easy for the “user” (aka, you) to attach to baby.

    3.  The Baby Who Sleeps Longer than 6-Hours:

    Huggies Snug N Dry

    Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers   are great for that transition between your baby sitting there and being a blob and your baby being able to wiggle and move.  They keep your baby dry – for very longer periods of time than the diapers designed for a “newborn.”  They absorb a ton of liquid, so your baby can nap or sleep longer without getting a nasty diaper rash.

    4.  The Baby Who Sleeps Longer than 9-hours:

    Pampers Overnight Extra Protection

    It was a true toss-up for me between the Pampers Extra Protection Nighttime Diapers and the Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers.  Both diapers provide excellent overnight protection; however, the Pampers Extra Protection Nighttime Diapers are very versatile diapers in that they are flexible enough for baby (and young toddler) to move around free (from crawling to walking to running) around the house.  

    5.  The Baby Who Wiggles and Crawls:

    Pampers Cruisers

    I keep Pampers Cruisers Ultra Diapers on-hand for my very active child, and I personally have found them to be more “user-friendly” (aka “Mommy Friendly”) than the Huggies Little Movers.  

    However, it is important to note that Huggies Little Movers come out with adorable theme, such as the “jeans diaper” (see Jean-Style Huggies Little Movers Diapers), and the “Santa diaper” (see Huggies Santa Diaper) periodically, and these adorable diapers are pretty hard to argue with. 

    Santa Diapers
    Jean Diapers

    What are your favorite diapers for 
    each stage/size/phase of baby?

    Top 35 Life Lessons – From Mother to Daughter

    35 Life Lessons, Wisdom and Advice for my Child

    Below is a list of 35 of my favorite life lessons, and pieces of wisdom, that I’ve heard (and not always listened to but usually wish that I had) throughout my life.   This list of advice comes from a wide variety of sources: from my grandparents…to Oprah…to complete strangers who have an unusually great perspective on life.  I’m always thankful to find this advice handy in my memory, and I’d like it to be prevalent in my life.  Most of all, I want this advice to be accessible to my daughter as she gets old – and that is the reason that I created this post.

    35 Lessons to Pass On 
    To Your Daughter

    1.  Don’t give someone a “hammer” to hit you over the head with.  

    This is a figure of speech.  My grandfather told this to my mom while she was growing up – what it means is to be careful with what you do, say and share with people.  You don’t want something that you have done, or said, to one day come back and bite you (or, rather, to come back as the “hammer” (so to speak) that hits you over the head later on down the road).  

    2.  Before you speak, picture whatever it is that you are about to say on the chalkboard in front of your classroom with your name underneath it, or on Facebook.  

    Do you still want to say it?

    3.  Beware of the unintended consequences of gossiping.  

    Before you indulge in gossiping about other people behind their back(s), beware of the impression that you may be giving off to the people who are listening to you.  Keep in mind that the person(s) that you are talking to may then start wondering what you say behind her own back and they may re-consider your potential loyalty as a friend.

    4.  “You wouldn’t care so much about what other people thought of you if you knew how little that they really did.” 

    Yes. Ok, fine! This piece of advice is quoted from Dr. Phil; and yes, I admit it – I used to enjoy watching “Dr. Phil”.  Remember to tell yourself that you would not care what other people thought about you if you truly knew how little that they actually do think about you.  When you’re worried about what other people think of you, tell yourself this:  “Other people aren’t paying as much attention to me as I am, so I shouldn’t worry about every little thing I do.”  Most of the time, people are thinking about themselves – not you.

    5. Let go of what you can’t change, and don’t worry about things that you have no control over.

    More importantly, learn how to identify what these things look like in your life (e.g., the weather, your test results, etc.), because putting your energy into something that you can’t change or control is a waste of time, energy, and sleep; and it will drain you.

    6.  You can never be happy with someone else until you are happy with yourself.  

    7.  Remember that not everyone is going to like you, and that some people are just mean for no apparent reason.  

    Some people get their “psychological jollies” out of making you feel sad and down because then it makes them feel better about themselves. Don’t lose sleep over getting “in” with the “cool” crowd.  Exude confidence (not arrogance); remember that you teach people how to treat you; and then, friends will follow from there.

    8.  Be kind to other people.

    You have no idea what those next to you may be going through in their own lives.  “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his shoes” (this is a quote from a book that I read in 4th grade called “Walk Two Moons”); this means that you cannot judge a man until you’ve ‘walked’ at least 2-days (or, rather, “2-moons”) in ‘his shoes.’  (Walk Two Moons is a great book to read with your child to encourage empathy).

    9.  Do not cry at work.  

    Crying is perfectly fine, but try not to cry at work (easier said, than done).  If you do cry, DO NOT make a scene.

    10.  Remember that there’s always someone out there who has it worse than you do.

    Any time there is a situation where you don’t get your way, remember that there are people in this world that never even had the opportunity.

    11.  When you’re wrong, apologize.  

    Apologizing does not always mean that you were wrong and the other person was right. Sometimes it just means that you value the relationship more than your ego. 

    12.  Here are the steps to a real apology:

    • Fully acknowledge the offense – acknowledge what you are sorry about.
    • Offer a truthful explanation as to why your behavior occurred   Do not offer an excuse – excuses merely deflect blame.
    • Offer a genuine expression of remorse. Do NOT say, “I’m sorry that you feel that way….” – that is a bogus apology that should be saved only for people who deserve it.
    • Ask what you can do to make things better, and then listen to what they say, and make sure that they know that you are listening.

    (These steps were inspired by Oprah’s article on The Right Way to Apologize).

    13.  To be ‘wise’ means that you are able to admit when you don’t know the answer.  

    My dad taught me this:  don’t pretend to know the answer to something if you don’t.  Saying, “I don’t know,” is far better than pretending and potentially having people notice that you are – trust me, this will make you look like a much bigger idiot than simply not knowing the answer.  If you don’t know the answer, but still want to contribute to the conversation, then you can say, “Well, if I had to make an educated guess, it would be….”.

    14.  If you need help, then you need to ask for it.  

    I learned this lesson the hard way at my first job out of college.  

    15.  Never date a man who is rude to waiters, or mean to animals.

    16.  Learn how to laugh at yourself.  

    You’re going to look like an ass at some (actually, many) point(s) in your life.  You will look like less of an ass if you’re able to laugh at yourself about whatever it is that you did.

    17.  Remember that there is always something to be thankful for.

    18.  Never try to solve problems at night.  

    All problems seem worse at night, and everything seems like a bigger deal when you are tired.  Go to sleep.  The problem will probably not be as big of a deal in the morning.   (If you’re tired and you’ve been drinking, you’re probably wrong anyway about whatever it is that you’re saying/arguing about – so again, just go to sleep, and deal with it in the morning!).  

    19.  When you have a crisis and feel like your life is over, remember this advice that my grandfather used to say to my mom:  

    • 1 month from now, you won’t be hurting as badly.  
    • 6-months from now, you probably won’t even be thinking about it.  
    • 5-years from now, you might not even remember it.

    20. What we see depends mainly on what we look for. So focus on where you want to be – not on where you don’t want to go.

    My first time snowboarding was a nightmare – I skipped the “Bunny Hill” and arrogantly decided to start my first snow-boarding experience at the top of Vail mountain (a terrible idea for a first-time snow-boarder), and despite my extreme fear of running into a tree as I went down the Blue Diamond ski slope, I still found myself, time and time again, tangled up in the trees on the side of the mountain, struggling to get out of the white powder and back on the smoother snow trail.   Then, a wise man in a blue snow-suit gave me wonderful words of advice, “Keep your eyes focused on where you want to go (which was the chair lift) – and not on where you don’t want to go (which was the trees at the side of the mountain).”  Before he pointed this out to me, I had been so focused on not running into the trees on the side of the mountain that my eyes were literally focused on that stupid forest.  So then, I took his advice, and I changed my focus and kept my eyes on the chair-lift at the bottom of the mountain.  And guess what?   It worked.  This new mentality magically re-programmed my body and brought me to the chairlift (with no stops at the stupid trees).  Don’t get me wrong: I still fell on my butt a lot on my way to the chairlift, but that was way better than ending up wrapped around the trunk of a pine tree under a pile of snow!  I think this advice is a great analogy that can cross-over to our real, everyday life.  Keep your focus on where you want to be – not your fears.

    21.  Never try to figure to out how you should solve a problem; focus on what you want the end result to be and then make decisions that you will help you get there.  (Thank you, Dad.)

    22.  If you can’t sleep, fake it.  

    This advice was given to me by my daughter’s pediatrician (a woman that I never thought I would be quoting) the day that my daughter was born.  Her pediatrician was emphasizing to me the importance of sleep for moms with a newborn.   The reason she said this is because I had just expressed to her that I didn’t know if I could follow the advice that I had been given to “sleep when the baby sleeps” (which is, by the way, the most annoying advice EVER because 100+ people told me this after my baby was born).  I didn’t understand how I would ever be able to change my sleep schedule, let alone be able to sleep sporadically throughout the middle of the day (as newborns nap every 2 hours).  But guess what? This advice is great (at least for me).  Even if you can’t fall asleep, “faking it” is the next best thing because resting has adds a considerable amount of value to the recharging of your mind and body too.  The dishes can wait.

    23.  If you’re having trouble solving a problem after repeated attempts, then try a different approach.  

    According to some references, the definition of “insanity” is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Try going about it in a different way.

    24.  If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, then when are you going to have time to do it over?  

    Don’t rush through an important task.  Don’t “half-ass” it.   If it’s difficult to do now, then it’s going to be even more annoying to go back and fix later.

    25.  Surround yourself with people who build you up.  

    Surround yourself with people who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.

    26.  If you’re ever having trouble making conversation with other people, ask them about themselves.  

    People like talking about themselves (and/or their kids).

    27.  Only eat french fries that are hot and crispy and fresh.  

    My dad (who is kind of a health nut) instilled this idea in me growing up; I’m not a health nut, but I appreciate the logic behind this – if you’re going to eat something that’s bad for you, then do it right and make sure it tastes good!  When you place your order, give the server a big smile and ask if you can wait for a fresh batch of french fries.  If I’m going to get fatter from something – it better taste good.

    28.  The best time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.

    29.  Always bring chap-stick and a bottle of water to a job interview.  

    Nothing is worse than a dry mouth and/or chapped lips when you’re trying to talk someone into hiring you.

    30.  The Middle School (aka, Junior High) and High School phases suck for most girls.  Remember that Middle School and High School are just short phases of your life.

    The Middle School and High School crowd can be just plain mean.  The social torture that many of us experience during our awkward Middle School and High School phases seems like a very cruel “right of passage” before we enter the best part of the rest of our lives – young adulthood.   The “college phase” is so much better – if not the best.

    31.  Writing down your worries on paper before a big exam or a big presentation at work can help you relieve anxiety and help you perform better.

    32.  Never reply when you are angry.  Never make a promise when you are happy.  Never make a decision when you are sad.

    33.  If you don’t want anyone to find out, don’t do it.

    34.  Happiness is a choice a choice to live your life with a certain state of mind.  

    Happiness usually doesn’t just come to you – at least not after childhood ends.  You often have to fight for happiness.  Remember that you are in charge of how you feel.  Think happy.  Be happy. 

    • “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi
    • “It is only possible to live happily ever after on a daily basis.” Margaret Bonanno
    • “Mistakes will be made. Failure will occur. You pick yourself up and carry on.”  – Elizabeth Gilbert.

    35.  Follow your passion for your career.  

    To my daughter: My wish for you is that you follow what you are passionate about, because that is what you will be good at.


    Happy Mother’s Day – Enjoy the Funny – Daily Mom Humor

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mama’s out there!  

    The goal of this post is to provide you with miscellaneous entertainment as you (hopefully) sit in bed and do nothing on this fine Mother’s Day weekend.  Don’t feel bad if you do not have plans that involve you being able to relax today.  My plans for Mother’s Day:  having brunch with my family at a local restaurant buffet (and with a Toddler that despises sitting still…wish me luck), and then my plans later in the day consist of folding and putting away an insane amount of laundry that has built up in our spare bedroom, and then cleaning our house.  How is this made possible?  My sister and my mom will be supervising my toddler (a wonderful change to my Sunday schedule) – this is part of my Mother’s Day present from them.  I’m so excited!  

    In the meantime, for your enjoyment, I’ve collected a few funny video clips and funny photos for your enjoyment.  These videos may appear to be random, but they are a collection of the web videos that I would feel like watching on a Mother’s Day.

    Random Videos (and pictures) 
    For You to Enjoy This Mother’s Day:

    Just Like Me

    This is just cute – a great Momma’s Day video that will bring you the warm and fuzzies.   

    The Parent Rap

    I’ve posted this video (“The Parent Rap’) before, and feel that it is worthy to be posted for a second time.  Happy Mother’s Day!

    My Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet – From My 18-Month-Old

    Ok – the real story is that I made the bouquet for myself.  We brought my 18-month-old daughter to the park, and her new goal in life became to pop off every single dandelion head in sight, and then give them to me! (Warm and fuzzies). I had to make the bouquet  but she picked the flowers!

    Family Guy – Stewie – Mom, Mum Mommy! WHAT?!

    Why does this make me happy every single time that I watch it?  My theory:  I think I used to do this to my mom all the time.

    Funny eCard – “I Plan to give you love, nurturing, and just enough dysfunction to make you funny.” - I plan to give you love, nurturing, and just enough dysfunction to make you funny.

    Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People Into Thinking that President Obama Appointed Judge Judy to the Supreme Court

    This is random, but it made me laugh.  These people are being interviewed by the Jimmy Kimmel show, and the Jimmy Kimmel staff lie to them and tell them that President Obama appointed Judge Judy (the day-time judge from the “Judge Judy” television show) and the people being interviewed are all pretending to have heard about this event (again, this did NOT happen). It’s just funny to see people BS their way through a question.  I know I’ve done this at least a million times in my life…I don’t even want to know if a prank was ever being played on me.

    Adorable Four-Year-Old Sings “When I Was Your Man,” on the Ellen Show

    This kid is stinkin’ cute.

    New Book That I Want to Read

    I’m intrigued by this title.  I feel that I may owe my mother this apology; and likewise, I hope to receive this apology from my offspring as well.  I’d also like to receive an apology in regards to pooping in the bathtub during my child’s first years – I’d take getting peed on over this any day.

    Sorry I Peed on You: (and Other Heartwarming Letters to Mommy) Sorry I Peed on You: (and Other Heartwarming Letters to Mommy)

    Funny eCard – “You know you’re a mom when you’ve been washing the same load of laundry for 3 days because you forget to dry it.”

    Mr. Mia wants to rip his hair out when I do this (but his hair is so short and cute that he could never).  I have absolutely HORRID laundry habits (see my post These Are My Pack N Play Confessions for more on what I mean by this).  I hate laundry for very many reasons (stay tuned for a post where I will explain why).  I’d rather pick up dog poop from my back yard than fold and put-away laundry.  I’m weird, and I don’t know why. - You know you're a mom when you've been washing the same load of laundry for 3 days because you keep forgetting to put it in the dryer.

    Kevin the Cashier at Toys R US – The Ellen Show

    Ellen DeGeneres is in my Top 10 Favorite People of All time (this list does not include my immediate family members).  

    Funny eCard – “Patience – What parents have when there are witnesses present.”

    I feel like I’m actually very patient with my daughter at all times (she’s also very patient with me); however, God has given me a very easy child up (at least up to this point), and I fear on a daily basis the amount of work, and patience that a second child will require.  For this reason, I have calendar alerts on my iPhone for my birth control. - Patience... What parents have when there are witnesses present.

    Any Mother’s Day funnies that you would like to share?  
    Comment on this post!

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