Baby Shower Idea – Onesie Decorating Party for Guests

We had a “Onesie Decorating Station” at my baby shower; it was a Do-It-Yourself station where my guests got to paint onesies and talk with each other. My shower was held at the house of one of my mom’s friends, and we used her kitchen table as a painting station where my guests painted plain white onesies for my baby-to-be. We had various stencils (shaped like animals, shapes, etc.), various paint colors, and plenty of paint brushes. It was really cute, and touching, to see my friends and family personalize a onesie just for my baby.
One of the main reasons that loved the onesie station at my baby shower is 
because it allowed the baby shower to have a more interactive atmosphere – as opposed to being separated into groups at tables like most of the baby/bridal showers I have had and attended.  The onesie station gave people a reason to get up from their seats and mingle, and I actually got to have conversations and laugh with each of my guests as they rotated between the snacks and drinks to the onesie decorating table.  I think my guests enjoyed it because they also got to talk to one another.

I highly recommend this.  Just make sure that you have a good place to hang the onesies to dry, especially if you want your guests to be able to paint both sides of the onesie, as painting cute stuff on the butt part of the baby onesie makes for a really cute outfit for baby (every baby outfit is cuter when it has cute stuff on the butt, duh).

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Onesie Decorating Party for my Baby Shower

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Daily Mom Humor – Family Vacations and Your iPad - Being on vacation with my family has brought me so much closer to my iPad.


I’m not going to lie – I can relate to this:
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Our Toddler Says No To Basically Everything – (Video)

Find below two videos of my daughter (18-months-old) saying, “No,” to basically question that her daddy asks her.  Saying “no” is her new favorite thing to do.  Despite our best efforts to teach her the word “yes,” the fruits of this effort are seldom seen from our toddler.  So far, saying “No,” is our toddler’s only answer to almost every question that is asked her; it appears that our toddler lives a very straight-forward, decisive life.  At least I don’t have to worry about my daughter being a pushover, or worry about her growing up feeling the need say, “yes,” to everything asked of her (though I, as her mom, would like to be the exception to this frame-of-mind).

Here is the usual dialogue between my toddler and us when we ask her questions:
  • Do you want to spin in circles? 
    • My Toddler’s Answer: “No.” (As she spins in circles).
  • Do you want to say, “no”?
    • My Toddler’s Answer: “No.”
  • Do you want to stomp your feet?
    • My Toddler’s Answer:  “No.”(As she stomps her feet). 

Other things my daughter says no to (see video below):

  • An offer from daddy for a million dollars; playing with Mr. Cow; sitting on Daddy’s lap; going upstairsgoing downstairs;  petting the doggy;  picking up her to frog; climbing on the chair

Things My Toddler Says “Yes” To:

  • Showing daddy her dance moves.
  • Shaking her hands for daddy.
  • Giving daddy a high-five

Things My Toddler Seems Indifferent About:

  • Pancakes 

I talk more about my toddler’s vocabulary in my post How My Toddler Butchered the Word “Sock”….my toddler turns the word “sock into a naughty word). 

PART 1: Toddler Says “No” To Basically Everything

PART 2: Toddler Says “No” To Basically Everything
What crazy things does your toddler do or say?  
Share with us!

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What Am I Going To Do With My Life Now That Homeland Season 2 is Over?

We just finished the second season of “Homeland”….

Once the second season of “Homeland” ended, I immediately felt deep regret:  

  • I should have watched the episodes at a slower pace. 
  • I should have appreciated the essence of the show in its entirety more than I did.
  • So many regrets!  I love this show so much, and now, no other show can come close to compare to it. 

Without Homeland, what are we going to do on a Friday night now?!  

This is devastating.  

Does anyone, anyone, have any other GREAT show suggestions 
(ideally, a television show that is equally as amazing as “Homeland”)?  

Now that “Homeland” is over, we are so bored.  

Without “Homeland,” we feel so….empty…so lost.

Without “Homeland” to look forward to every night, it’s as if a critical part of my brain will no longer be stimulated effectively, and that makes me sad.

(Yes, this is pathetic, but I do not care.)

I guess that all we can do is wait for the 3rd season to begin.  This will be the longest, most difficult, wait of my life – it may even tie with the treacherous waiting time of pregnancy.  

Please share with us 
your TV show suggestions! We are bored.

Oh, and…


Dear Claire Danes: you are awesome.  

Link:   Homeland: The Complete First Season

You’re Gonna Miss This – A Reminder for Parents

“I wish there was a way to know that you’re in the good ole days before you have actually left them,” said Andy Bernard on ‘The Office’ Series Finale. Andy then says, “Someone should write a song about that.” Well, someone (actually, a lot of people) have written a song about that: To start with is the song, “You’re Gonna Miss This,” by Trace Adkins.

Life just isn’t that long. In the wise words of Trace Adkins, “You’re gonna miss this; you’re gonna want this back. You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast. These are some good times, so take a good look around. You may not know it now, but you’re gonna miss this…”. Thank you Trace Adkins.

The song, “You’re Gonna Miss This,” always reminds me to appreciate and live in the moment, because one day, I am going to miss this – I am going to miss walking in my daughter’s room in the morning and seeing her smiling face as she stands up, grabbing onto the crib rail, saying, “Mamaaa!” in the most excited and adorable voice in the world.  When she’s 13-years-old and “cuts the umbilical cord,” so to say (aka, starts caring about her friends more than her mommy, like I did to my poor mom), I am going to miss this.  I’m going to want this back, and I’m going to wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.  

Life goes by too quickly.  I’m 26-years-old, and I already see it.  I need to remember this the next time I start complaining.  Don’t get me wrong: I am still going to complain, but remembering that I’m going to miss this will help me remember that I don’t actually always mean what it is that I am complaining about. 

“You’re Gonna Miss This,” by Trace Adkins


“It Won’t Be Like This For Long,” by Darius Rucker

“It won’t be like this for long…one day that little girl is gonna be all grown-up and gone.”

“My Wish,” by Rascal Flatts

Grandma “Mia” sent us a message the other day, saying how much she loved the lyrics to the song, “My Wish,” by Rascal Flatts.  I couldn’t agree more.

“I Hope You Dance,” by Ronan Keating

“I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.  Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens…”

“And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance…”

“The Good Stuff,” by Kenny Chesney

“It’s a new t-shirt saying, ‘I’m a Grandpa!'”

“I’ll Stand By You,” by Carrie Underwood

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Brought My Toddler to a Baby Shower – Never Again

I Can’t Bring You Anywhere
 – Toddlerhood – 

I now understand what people mean by the “terrible twos” after I brought my young toddler to a friend’s baby shower today.  I was humbled as a parent today, and as I type this post, I have had to re-edit and repeatedly click the “backspace” button to delete many of the profanities that have naturally left my fingertips  so as not to offend you (I deleted the entire first paragraph).  My personal advice at this moment in time: do not bring a young toddler to an event, such as a baby shower, that is located in a non-baby-proofed, expensive home.

If I would have had a spare second to capture a picture for you of what today looked like for me, in a nut-shell, it would look like this:

Let me start by saying that my memory of the newborn phase of parenthood (as a first-time mom) is precisely what creeps into my brain each day and reminds me to take my birth control pill.  I do not miss my breast pump, and waking up every two hours for month-long periods is way too close to being an effective form of torture for me to be able to enjoy.  Yet, today was a day that, do I dare say, made me look back at the newborn phase with a new-found appreciation for its simplicity.  

I am knee-deep in this foreign phase of toddlerhood, and today I realized that I know next to nothing about how to discipline or deal with toddler temper tantrums, which led me to realize that I don’t have a clue as to how to effectively deal with the behavior of young children at all.  I’ve never been the “parent-like” type of babysitter (I was always the “fun” babysitter that acted like a kid too – I enjoy playing on the swing-set watching cartoons, and coloring books). 

The baby shower was located in the home of a very wealthy individual – filled with lovely furnishings and a beach cozied up to Lake Michigan in their backyard.  Guess what else was inside of this lovely home?  Low bookshelves filled with expensive books and breakable objects, a real stone floor (which promises to crack open the head  of any toddler that trips  over their two “left feet”), un-gated stairs that separated many of the rooms, open wall outlets…the list goes on.  It is  a home that seems straight of out the MTV show “Cribs” (at  least for this medium-sized city that we live in).  It is a home that my toddler would destroy within seconds (or vice versa) if I even so much took the time to blow my nose.

I swear to you that my child is actually the sweetest, happiest little nugget I’ve ever seen, but my experience and perspective is limited only to homes that are baby-proofed and homes in which she is free to run around without me needing to become a complete “helicopter parent.”  I let her walk around at the baby shower (trying not to be that annoying mom that everyone realizes should have found a babysitter instead of bringing her toddler to a baby shower).  But when it came time for the mom-to-be to open up her presents from her family and friends, I needed to pick up my daughter and set her on my lap during the process, but I was met with the worst tantrum(s) from my young toddler (16-months) that I have seen (my little girl loves exploring).

  • Guess who didn’t want to sit down and watch the mom-to-be open her gifts?  My toddler.  
  • Guess who thought every present was for her and ran to grab the unopened gift bags?  My toddler.  
  • Guess who screamed in such a way that you have thought she was being water-boarded when I picked her up?  My toddler.  

The scariest part is that I know this is not yet the worst to come of tantrums.  I don’t have a clue as to what is normal at this phase.  It feels too young for discipline.  The main problem is that I don’t have a clue as to how to approach this (aside from ignoring the tantrums per the advice of her pediatrician). 

I have realized that I need to pursue this next phase with the same diligence as I did with the newborn and infant phase – I need to read parenting books, conduct expensive research, and get a grasp on what kind of parent that I want to be to my toddler, and develop strategies for how I will make that happen.  It is time to reprogram my brain.

For starters, I have purchased the following books on my Kindle:

  • Love and Logic (Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood: Practical Parenting from Birth to Six), by Jim Fay and Charles Fay Ph.D
  • The Girlfriend’s Guide to Toddlers (The Girlfriends’ Guide to Toddlers), by Vicki Iovine
  • What to Expect In the Second Year ( What to Expect the Second Year: From 12 to 24 Months (What to Expect (Workman Publishing), by Heidi Murkoff


I will post with an update on my progress in the next month or so.

Wish me luck.

Share you toddler parenting suggestions and/or favorite 
parenting books here by commenting on this post!

My Dog Ate Raisins (Toxic) – Positive Thoughts Needed

Raisins are known to be “highly poisonous” to dogs and cause renal (kidney) failure (Animal Poison Control Center).  In dogs, raisins are believed to cause kidney failure, and even if treated immediately, the toxic effects of raisins on a dogs renal system can lead to death.  Anywhere from 1 to 500 raisins can be deadly for a dog.

Bammer – My Puggle

One of my worst nightmares as a “dog mom” occurred Monday evening.  

I returned home after a lovely, fun and wine-filled Monday night with three of my girlfriends (we had been watching the Season Finale of “The Bachelor” at my friend’s house), and when I walked in the door, I expected the usual tail-wagging greeting that I always receive from my rolly polly little mutt.  But I didn’t get that greeting, and when I walked in the door of my house and into my living room, my stomach dropped:

There, on my living room floor was the bag of raisin bread that I had purchased earlier that week, but the bag was chewed up, empty, and licked clean.   While I was out, my dog, Bammer, who is a “puggle” (a pug-beagle mix), had managed to get a hold of the loaf of raisin bread and eat almost the entire loaf after I had left for the night.  

I love Bammer so much that I sometimes even consider her to be my actual “first-born” child.  

I frantically tried to recall exactly how much of that loaf of bread had been left, all I could recall was that there had been almost an entire loaf.  This was confirmed the moment I looked over at my chubby little puggle, who was laying happily in front of my couch, because she looked as if she had eaten an over-sized football.
I got Bammer when I was in undergraduate school and lived in a single-bedroom apartment by myself, and she has been my best and most loyal friend ever since.  Before I had my actual human daughter (Tessa), it was Bammer’s chubby face that filled up the camera roll on my iPhone; it was Bammer that sat in the passenger seat of my car as I ran errands on Saturday and gave a big doggy smile as the drive-thru ladies at Walgreens and the bank sent over a biscuit to give to my little mutt.  I used to snuggle with Bammer in my bed and promise her that I would always keep her safe and then hug her head until she grunted and snorted in the ridiculously adorable way that pugs do; I used to attend “Puggle Meet-Up Groups” just so I could watch her play and snort with her other puggle friends (pug and beagle mix).  

I’ve been so preoccupied with everything from surviving the newborn stage, to finding time to shower, to balancing my career, that I have somehow managed to effectively fail in my role as a responsible dog owner.   I would have bet you a million dollars that I had left the loaf of raisin bread in a safe place (I could have sworn I left the loaf of bread on the kitchen table and I’ve never seen Bammer climb on the table).  But none of that matters because, at the end of the day, I let my dog become exposed to a poisonous substance, and I should have known better.  This falls only on my shoulders. 

To make matters worse, we had to explore the possibility that our other dog, Chipper, possibly managed to get a hold of the raisin bread too.  Chipper is a much better behaved dog, and thankfully, we later learned that she hadn’t eaten any of the raisin bread.   I spent the next 20-minutes frantically calling every Emergency Vet service on my speed-dial for first, second, third, and fourth opinions. 

Once I was finally able to reach the “on-call” veterinarian from Bammer’s vet clinic, he instructed me to give Bammer and Chipper each a dose of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.  The hope was that the raisins hadn’t yet been digested.  Thankfully, Chipper’s vomit didn’t indicate any signs of having eaten the Raisin Bread, but unfortunately  Bammer’s vomit was a raisin-filled swirl of bread dough and cinnamon. 

From 11:00 PM that night until 6:30 AM the following morning, I was on and off the phone with the on-call veteranian as he instructed us to continue administering hydrogen peroxide to Bammer until her vomit no longer showed any signs of raisins.  I was cleaning up dog cinnamon-scented dog vomit and rubbing the head of poor Bammer – neither of us got even a wink of sleep (dogs will eat their vomit if you don’t clean it up right away and the entire purpose of inducing vomiting is to get rid of the toxic substances….so you have to literally sit right there with your dog the entire time).

My sister, who is a freakin’ saint and my best friend and the most generous person that I have ever known, got out of her bed and drove over to my house and spent the entire night with me – helping me clean up dog vomit and come up with clever ways to get hydrogen peroxide down my dogs’ throats. (Tip: Ask your vet if you can add a little bit of milk to the hydrogen peroxide if you ever are in a similar position where you need a dog to drink hydrogen peroxide so help your dog’s willingness to drink it). Our downstairs bathroom still reeks of the cinnamon-flavored dog-vomit, and I will not be eating raisin bread of anything with cinnamon for as long as I can see.

I haven’t been that tired since I had a newborn, and I’ve never been that worried or scared for my dog’s life.  

By 9:00 am the next morning, we were able to get Bammer to the vet.  I called Sun-Maid, the maker of the brand of raisin bread that Bammer had eaten, to determine how many raisins were in each loaf of their bread and I was told that there are 150-200 raisins per loaf.  We had counted over 150+ raisins in her vomit the night before; so this was promising news because this meant that we may have gotten most of the raisins out of Bammer’s system before her body was able to digest it.  If her body did digest the raisins, there is a high chance that Bammer’s kidneys will fail.

Right now, Bammer is in the hospital.  It has been 48 hours.  Her blood work after 24-hours, and then after 48-hours (today and yesterday) indicates that the key kidney proteins and enzymes called “creatinine” and “blood urea nitrogen (BUN)” are in the “Low to Normal” range, so this is a good sign (high levels of creatinine and BUN are signs of kidney failure).  Bammer is also producing urine, so this is a positive sign as well.

The vet called and informed me that Bammer was not able to hold down her food today, so the vet is concerned with her pancreas, so they are keeping Bammer for another night.  The blood results for her key pancreatic levels will be back tomorrow morning.  

Please pray for little Bammer.


Many people do not know about all of the foods that are toxic to dogs (chocolate, caffeine, coffee, avocado, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, etc.) In dogs, raisins are believed to cause kidney failure, and if not treated immediately, the toxic effects of raisins on a dogs renal system can lead to death.  (See People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets for more foods that are known to be toxic and deadly to dogs).

How My Toddler Dictates My Bathroom Schedule

The newborn phase was undoubtedly the most difficult, for me.  But, at the very least, after my baby’s one-month mark, I had the option of using the bathroom in my home while feeling confident that my infant would remain in place on his baby gym and not get into trouble.  These days are over!  This confidence has gradually diminished as my child has gained mobility; leaving the door open as a security measure while I pee in my home no longer provides this type of, or any, confidence/security in her safety.  Admittedly, she has kept me company many of times in the bathroom while I go about my business.  But my pre-parenthood-self swore she would never do that!

Sometimes I am afraid to grab a Kleenex or snack from the kitchen while my daughter (1-year-old) plays in the living room.  To you “Open-Themed” home-owners – you have a significant parenting advantage here: I cannot see my living room from my kitchen in my home! The kitchen is a short distance away, but my toddler is attracted to everything dangerous.  That girl can crawl at the speed of light!  My darling little daughter is not quite as interested as I had hoped in the numerous toys I have so carefully selected for her.  Nope. She wants to eat paper (tissue, receipts, magazines…any kind of paper, really), chew on my laptop computer electrical cord, pick the “childproof” outlet plugs out of the outlet (ah!), among many other dangerous things. 

Not only is she crawling, but she is nearly walking! 

Her attempt to walk and stand independently is often met with a huge potential to bump her head.  And dislodging our DVD player from our TV stand seems to be her life-long goal.

What the he*% are the “Terrible Twos” going to bring?

There are days that I don’t brush my teeth in the morning because of my fear of running upstairs to grab my toothbrush…she could dismantle my living room in 30-seconds! And even worse, she could seriously injure herself! Sure, I’ve left a toothbrush in the kitchen for the sake of my dental hygiene  but that soon gets put away or dirty as soon as company comes over and I scramble to clean and tidy up.  I’ve “baby-proofed,” but that means nothing for this child!  They don’t make the type of equipment that she needs, at least not for a price that I can afford!  

I need other items that are in my upstairs bedroom/bathroom throughout the day while my toddler and me frolic in the living room. 
I’ve given up on quite a few of these items – are they worth carrying my 22-pound(+) toddler up my stairs, bending over to grab my chapstick from the floor while balancing her squirmy little body, as my back slowly gives out, and she fusses for her freedom?  Nope!  I will try the lotion from my kitchen sink to cure my chapped lips until naptape comes. My back hurts!

Piggy is gone. Letter to Mr. Mia

BACKGROUND:  Mr. Mia had proudly purchased a set of Melissa and Doug Animal Magnets for our toddler.  Mr. Mia has basically taught our 18-month-old the name of every single animal that exists, and both Mr. Mia and “Baby Mia” (our daughter) have been extremely proud of themselves since the beginning of this endeavor.

Baby Mia’s favorite animal magnet was “piggy” (which she pronounced as “Piggayyyyy!”).

Mr. Mia’s favorite animal magnet was, also, Pigggaayyyy.

Unfortunately, one of our dogs (probably our Puggle, Bammer) also had a favorite animal magnet – it turns out that Bammer loved Piggy too….

Dear Mr. Mia,

I need to tell you something.

Mr. Mia, I need to tell you something:  Bammer ate Piggy.   This is my confession: Bammer ate the Piggy magnet.

She probably thought that it was bacon. 

Bammer, our overweight Puggle (the dog that, according to our veterinarian, is at a serious risk for Type 2 Diabetes), probably thought that Piggy was bacon.  I suspect that the Piggy magnet was sitting on our living room floor (after our toddler had probably grabbed it from the fridge and left it there); so, naturally, our dog, Bammer, probably just thought that Piggy was bacon.  And what dog can seriosuly resist bacon?

Therefore, it’s really not Bammer’s fault.  If anything, Bammer is extremely intelligent for associating a piggy magnet with bacon (after all, she’s only a dog), and dogs love bacon.  

So, if you think about it, we should be grateful for having such a brilliant dog in our lives; we could make millions.

So, back to my confession to Mr. Mia.  This is how it happened:

9-days ago, I walked into our living room – only to see the remains of Piggggayyy (piggy magnet), ripped apart on our floor.  You couldn’t even make-out piggy’s head – it was a gruesome scene – but I recognized Pigggayyy from the remains of his curly tail and his blue magnet background.  I swore to myself that I wouldn’t tell a soul what I had just witnessed.


Then, 5-days-ago, Mr. Mia walked into our living room and asked me where Piggy-Magnet was – I didn’t respond; then, he said, “I guess Piggy-Magnet is gone…”…(followed by the saddest face that I’ve ever seen)….then he walked away with his head down.  It was so sad.

This has been eating me up inside for the last 9-days.

It is killing me.

Mr. Mia:  Bammer ate Piggy.  I helped dispose of the body.

I’m so sorry.  Please forgive me.

Love, always,


Daily Mom Humor – Dinner Every Single Night!