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Here’s a Remedy That Has Helped My Baby With Teething

God bless the inventor of Hyland’s Teething Tablets.  I love Hyland’s Teething Tablets.  I have tried every teether out there.  I’ve tried Orajel (the q-tip version, the regular version, etc.), and that does not last but more than a few minutes.  I’ve tried those mesh things with frozen fruit in them, but those things are a pain in the a** to clean, and I’m not really a fan of them.  

Hyland’s Teething Tablets 

I bought these at Walgreens after stumbling through the baby section as I always do, and I figured I would experiment with some more random baby products.  It turns out this was no waste of money at all.

I was nervous to use these teething tablet things for the first time, but they are so small and promised to dissolve quickly so I wasn’t nervous about choking.  My one-year-old is getting her molars in and she has not been a happy camper.  Poor little girly grabs the inside of the back of her mouth all day long.  

Hyland’s Teething Tablets

I gave her three tablets of Hyland’s Teething Tablets and she experienced immediate gratification (as did my baby).  I thought I had gone deaf because suddenly my child was not longer inconsolably crying.  She went from a fussy, crying, uncomfortable baby, to a neutral, just somewhat needy baby.  There is a big difference between crying and just being needy.

I am adding these things to my “Must Haves” list.   I love them.

Want more must-have baby items?  View our constantly updating list of Must-Have Baby Gear.

Packing List for the Birth Center – When Baby Comes

What do you pack for yourself (and baby) when you go to the hospital or Birthing Center for labor and delivery? Here’s a sample packing list that will help you remember all of the important things!  

Tip:  Make a list of “last minute items” to pack – these are usually the items that you use daily (your bathroom robe, pillows, camera, etc.); you may also want to add the baby items that you still need (car seat, a ‘going home outfit’ for baby, etc.) to this list.

Labor and Delivery Packing List:  What I Brought to Hospital Birthing Inn

For You:

  • Bring Your Own Pillow 

  • Comfy Slippers
    • The ACORN Women’s New Spa Slide Slipper are super comfortable.

  • Comfy shoes
    • If you go into labor during dinner and forget to pack your “comfy shoes,” then you may end up going home in pajama pants and high-heels.
    • Socks
      • Non-skid socks are nice for effortless bathroom trips and/or walks around the birthing unit
      • If you have sweaty feet, bring your best sweat-absorbing socks
      • Bring extras.
    • Comfortable underwear (aka, granny panties)
      • Bring extras. Things get messy.
    • Nightgown
      • If you are going to be breastfeeding, try to find a nightgown that opens up in the front – for ease access
    • Robe
      • …because your butt will show in the back of the hospital gown.  I would recommend a terry cloth material for your robe because you’ll be sweating a lot.  The Women’s Terry Cloth Bathrobe Robe (Ecovaganza); An Eco Friendly Gift of Luxury is really comfy.

    • Thermos for water 
      • No-spill thermoses are the best.  I am obsessed with the Contigo AUTOSEAL Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler.  It keeps your drinks cold/hot and best of all – it won’t spill in your purse.  I take mine with me everywhere.

    • Comfortable Going Home Outfit for yourself

    For Your Significant Other:

    • Snacks / Drinks for Your Significant Other
      • They get hungry too – don’t let your spouse’s hunger hinder his ability to support you during labor.  Bring snacks that you know he’ll eat (for Mr. Mia, it was beef jerky .. but I made him eat it in the other room because I wasn’t allowed to eat).
    • Toothpaste and Toothbrush for Your Spouse
    • Toiletries for Your Spouse (deodorant, contact lens supplies, etc.)
    • Change of Clothing for Your Spouse 
    • Pajamas for Your Spouse
      • Make sure that his PJs are the type of PJs that he would feel comfortable wearing in a hospital room that hospital nurses are constantly walking in and out of
    • Pillow and Blanket for your Spouse

    For Baby:

    • Baby’s Outfits
      • Newborn Size and 0-3 months size, depending on size of baby (for twins or early deliveries, you may need to bring preemie sized outfits).  See Top 12 Must-Have Newborn Clothing Items for more newborn clothing essentials.
    • Cute Baby Hat 
    • Cute Baby Bows/Headbands (for girls)
      • Check out for adorable baby headbands and bows.
    • Swaddle blanket(s)

      • The Summer Infant SwaddleMe Blankets were my favorite swaddle blankets because they use Velcro (the Velcro is key and makes swaddling a baby significantly easier).

    • Diaper Bag
    • Side-Snap Onesie Bodysuits
    • Car Seat 
      • Make sure you have it installed in your car – they won’t let you leave the hospital without this basic step!  We used a Chicco carseat and loved it.

    • See Top 25 Must-Have Newborn and Baby Items for more must-have baby gear


    • Camera
    • Charger for the Camera
    • Cell phone charger
    • A good music playlist for distraction
    • Books to read that don’t require concentration
      • Personally, reading was the last thing that I wanted to do, but I’ve heard some women say that reading, for them, was helpful during labor.
      • When I was pregnant, books that took my mind off of how uncomfortable I was:  Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth and Baby Laughs: The Naked Truth About the First Year of Mommyhood (both written by Jenny McCarthy).
      • I also really liked the books The Girlfriends’ Guide to Surviving 1st year mother (Perigee) and The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy (both written by Vicki Iovine).

    • Pen and Paper 
      • Because what if you need to write stuff down?
    • Your birth plan (or an idea of what you want to happen)
      • If you have one…even though birth plans are usually worthless because you can’t really control too much of what happens during the process, and the nurses might laugh at you if you show them your “birth plan.”
    • Don’t forget a photo ID
    • Your Insurance Information
    • Your Check Book (for misc. orders)
    • Cash (for vending machines) and Credit Cards

    For Breastfeeding:

    • A book on nursing/breastfeeding
    • Nursing bra and nursing shirt
    • Snacks for you
    • Nipple cream
    • Nursing pads
    • Nursing pillow (e.g., the Boppy Pillow or the Leachco Cuddle-U Nursing Pillow)


    • Face Wash 
    • Shampoo and Conditioner (Travel Size)
    • Lip balm 
      • Nothing worse than chapped lips without chap-stick  and hospitals are dry
    • Loofah Shower Sponge (if you use one)
    • Sanitary Pads 
      • Find sanitary pads that are to your own liking (the hospital sanitary pads and huge and uncomfortable)
      • Make sure they are heavy duty
    • Contact Lens and Solution
    • Eye glasses (and case)
    • Make-Up 
      • (if you are so motivated)
    • Head bands and hair ties

    Did we forget something?  
    If so, leave a comment!


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    1 Simple Way to Entertain Your Newborn Baby

    Black and  White  Images

    Many newborn babies are, apparently, infatuated with the color-contrast of black and white images – the two very opposite colors stimulate
    the newborn-baby mind in a way that they’ve never, yet, experienced.  Try to imagine the first time that you ever had the chance to experience and appreciate the differences between the colors of black and white – such a simple concept, yet, it is easy to understand how this would be fascinating for a little baby.

    At about 4-weeks-old, my newborn was mesmerized with the black and white pictures that I had downloaded to my iPad after an article on suggested to me the idea of introducing B&W images to my newborn.  So, I typed in these keywords into Google: “black and white contrast images” and then, I downloaded a few of the PDF files that I found to my iPad.  Even though my 3-week-old daughter had a very short attention span (less than 2-minutes), it was still awesome to see her “WOW!-ed” little face – especially because this was probably the first time that I had ever seen her with any sort of expression of interest/fascination on her face in anything at all.

    If you don’t have an iPad or tablet, then you can buy a book of great black and white contrast images to fascinate your baby. sells the book, “White on Black” for around $6.00.

    Link to Book:  White on Black

    Enjoy the simplicity of the newborn phase.
    Newborn Tessa Loves Black and White Images
    Ooooo.  Ahhhh!

    Daily Mom Humor – Toddlers Always Win

    Baby Monthly Milestone and Age Board Photos – Great Baby Gift Idea –

    Watch Your Baby Grow Each Month 
    with Baby Milestone Trackers
    Tessa is 2-Months Old Today

    We wanted to see how much our baby would grow from month to month, so we bought these adorable, “Baby is _Months Old Today,” signs from an artist off of when my daughter was born.  You can also get Baby Monthly Stickers from if you don’t like the board idea.  These monthly age baby boards  are preciously priceless, especially when you reflect back at the quick changes your little one made over that first year.

    Iron-On Monthly Stickers 
    Link:  Monthly Baby Bodysuit Stickers

    Great Baby Gift

    These signs also make an excellent baby shower gift (especially if the parents know the gender and have already decided on the baby’s name)!  There are a few different artists who make these signs on  Honestly, if you spent an afternoon at Hobby Lobby, you could easily make your own.  

    We didn’t get the sign as a gift – we bought it ourselves off of Etsy (for about $25) after my sister suggested a similar concept to us – one where the baby wears a onesie that states their age in months, but you have to iron on the monthly image (or else gamble that the onesie that an artist provides will fit your baby).   I didn’t want to deal with that, and I certainly didn’t feel like (or have the mental energy) for ironing on anything on a monthly basis (I would prefer to use that time for a bubble bath and a glass of wine).  We were very happy when we stumbled upon these signs on Etsy because they are simple and easy to use – as the the monthly number is a just a velcro piece that is easily removed.

    Tessa is 5-Months Old Today

    Sentimental Value:  

    I highly recommend doing something like this for your newborn.  I had no idea how much my little girl had changed over the past year until I compared her monthly photos. Pulls my heartstrings.  It’s a great addition to the baby book.

    Tessa is 9-Months Old Today

    Tip: My friend does this exact same thing for her son, except she makes sure that he sits in the same chair (their glider in his bedroom) for each photo.  I think that’s a cute idea because you can see how his size changes relative to a fixed object each month!  I attempted to do this and made my designated place her crib while she lay in her newborn lounger, but she got a lot more wiggly as the months went on, and this became less and less practical.


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    Best TV Shows to Watch While Your Child Naps (2013)

    Here is a list of great shows to watch while your child is napping (this list will be continuously updated). Because you are probably doing the way more important things while your child is napping (dishes, laundry, hanging that picture you’ve been wanting to hang for the last 10-months, etc.), then this list could very-well be meaningless – if it is, then good for you for being so responsible.  If you need to just sit down and relax in front of the device that was once your best friend (before you had children), then here is a list of my current favorite shows that may tickle your interest:

    1.  Modern Family

    • Though I am not so sure the most recent seasons of this show are quite as funny as the original, Modern Family still, undoubtedly, remains in my top 5 TV Shows.

    2.  Homeland

    3.  Parenthood

    • This show will make you laugh out loud over and over, and also make you ugly-cry.  I think this show does such a great job at touching all of the parts of parenthood.

    4.  Friends

    • If you don’t like the show FRIENDS, then you and I cannot be friends.  

    5.  How I Met Your Mother

    • As of 2013, this show offers a great mix of parenthood, the single life, and the dating life.  This show gets better and better.

    6.  Cougar Town

    • Love this show.

    7.  Six Feet Under

    • This is another twisted Premium TV show (by HBO).  I watched this in my early 20’s, and grew to LOVE the characters.  This show strangely made me feel more comfortable with the idea of death.

    8.  Dexter

    • If you have an open mind, then watch this show FROM THE FIRST EPISODE.  May I repeat: YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW FROM THE FIRST EPISODE!

    9.  Supernanny

    • Nothing will make you remember your birth control pills like a Supernanny marathon.  

    10.  Arrested Development

    • This show is great.

    11.  New Girl

    • I love this show, but I’ve had mixed reviews from my friends.  If you’re an 1970’s to early 80’s baby, then you may not like this show.

    12.  The View

    • Yeah, so what?  I watch “The View.”  It’s my guilty pleasure.  I was watching the show in Live-time back when Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselback got into that huge fight, and that may, or may not have, been the highlight of my day.  

      13. The Office
      • Do I really need to explain why this show is funny?

      14.  The Big Bang Theory
      • You may have to be a nerd or know a nerd to love this show (I meet both of these criteria).  I love this show.

      15.  The Mentalist
      • Patrick Jane (the main character) is a hottie, and this show is great for a weekly murder mystery.  It’s similar to CSI and Law and Order, but this show has a on-going theme (Red John) for the main character (who, again, is a hottie).

      16.  The Bachelor

      • I am ashamed, ashamed, to admit that I watch this show.  I blame my sister for getting me hooked.  This is my greatest guilty pleasure.

      What is your favorite TV Show right now?

      Baby: Too Cold, Too Hot, or Just Fine? Sheesh!

      Is Baby Hot or Cold? 

      It seems that everyone in my life cannot agree on whether my little 12-month-old daughter is “too hot,” “too cold” or “just fine” at any given moment.   Each person in the room has a completely different opinion on my little one’s body temperature.  In my right ear, I’ll have my mom trying to convince me to take off my daughter’s little sweater because, “Her cheeks are rosy! She must be so hot! It’s toasty in here!”….while right behind me, my sister and grandma are scolding me for not having any socks on her feet (the socks that my baby daughter had just ripped off of her feet for the fifth time that day) because, “She must be freezing! Did you see how cold it is out there today?!”

      This was the constant topic of conversation, and debate, during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

      Theme song that I now can’t get out of my head:  Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold.”


      According to some of my mommy friends, the best way to determine if your baby is too hot or too cold is to feel the back of her neck with your wrists – using your hands is apparently not a good way to determine temperature.  if your baby’s neck feels cold to the touch of your wrist, then she might be cold; if your baby’s neck is sweaty, then she is probably too hot.

      I am not a doctor, but every bit of advice that I have read  strongly  urges you to make sure that your baby does not overhead (risk of SIDS).  For me, I err on the side of safety – I would rather her be too cold than too hot when I’m trying to decide.

      One tip that our pediatrician taught me for determining whether your baby is cold is to look at baby’s thighs – do you notice a marble-like pattern underneath the skin?  If so, this is an  indicator that your baby is cold.  I will  post a photo of my daughter’s legs next time this happens and I have a camera handy.

      My “rule of thumb” is to just ask myself how I feel temperature wise.  Also note to yourself whether you are the type of person who is typically warmer than other people in general (or the opposite).  I purchased a white-noise alarm clock (the white noise helps with sleep when the dogs bark non-stop) for my daughter’s bedroom, and it has a built-in indoor temperature gauge.  I personally think that buying an alarm clock with white noise is more practical than buying a “baby white noise machine” because they do the exact same thing (unless your white noise machine projects stars on the ceiling…because those things are awesome; however, those devices cannot tell you what time it is the way a clock can).  Anyway, the alarm clock that we bought that has both (a) white noise, and (b) an indoor temperature gauge is the Timex Color Changing Alarm Clock with Soothing Sounds.

      Guilt Relief for this Working Mom: Daycare Socializing and Friends

      My “Working Mom” Mommy Guilt Was Relieved – At least for this week…

      When I went to drop-off my little 14-month-old toddler at our babysitter before work this week, I was surprised when I saw my little girl immediately run over to one of the other (older) little girls that our babysitter cares for during the day — 4-year-old, Tera.  I had never seen such enthusiasm from my child before, and then the warm n’ fuzzies emerged in my body as I watched my daughter give Tera a gigantic hug and even give Tera a “muah!” kiss (Tessa usually saves this enthusiastic kiss for her stuffed animals only).  To top it off, Tera was just as excited to see Tessa, if not more.  

      As I watched my child in a euphoric bear-hug with her new friend, that’s when any and all mommy guilt that I had had completely left my body (at least for this week).  

      REMEMBER THIS:  The next time that you feel guilty for leaving your baby at daycare, just remember how healthy it is for your little one to get social skills through their interactions with other kids – not to mention how much your little one may enjoy his/her daycare friends.

      Daily Mom Humor – Shower Schizophrenia - Shower Schizophrenia: The constant belief that you hear a child crying while you're trying to take a shower.

      This happens to me, every single day.  I cannot take a shower without hearing my child’s cries – a part of my life which did not exist until the day that I gave birth to a little bitty.  Prior to being a mom, I heard spalike noises in my head (or at least that’s what I now tell myself that I used to hear…I can’t really remember, actually). 

      God bless video baby monitor’s; however, these devices are expensive, and therefore, I am significanly less likely to be willing to touch these devices while my fingers are wet (such as when I am in the shower).  Therefore, until I am willing to install a video surveillance system in our master bathroom (which will be NEVER because I will need a new car soon)…then I will continue to hear my child’s voice(s) in my head…



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      Top 10 Surprises After My Baby Was Born

      1.  How important it is to choose the right pediatrician before the baby comes.    

      • This is a decision that is better made before you become a sleep-deprived mommy-zombie and have a newborn that wakes up every two hours to eat at night.  Try to avoid making important decisions within the first 6-weeks of your child’s life, because if you are anything like me, your brain with be mush.  On that same note, having a pediatrician that you don’t like and click with (especially during the newborn phase when you’re prone to be more moody and emotional) is a NIGHTMARE for a mom. Trust me on this one (it happened to me).    

      2. How I still looked 5-months pregnant after I delivered my baby.

      • Not cool.

      3.   How much baby stuff I had that I didn’t need, and how much more of the practical items that I still needed.   

      4.  How little I actually understood the meaning of “sleep deprivation” during pregnancy compared to when my baby was born.  

      • The whole waking up every 2-hours to feed a newborn baby can start to feel like a very effective torture method.  Nevertheless, you will love your little booger so much that it won’t matter.  (And just remember: it gets so much better – you WILL survive the newborn phase….you can do it!)   For a non-funny, but very helpful book on baby’s sleep habits, I recommend  The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy  (The Sleep Lady book is my go-to reference manual even to this day)…it’s definitely my favorite “sleep advice book” that I’ve come across…and I’m pretty sure I’ve read all of the good ones out there.
      Link:  The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy

      5.  Just how little that my baby’s poop grosses me out.  

      • Now this was a total SHOCKER to me because I won’t go near my dog’s eye goobers without 2 sheets of a paper towel. This is an example of mother nature at her finest.

      6.  How much my newborn daughter looked like her daddy – it was almost creepy.

      • I used to tease Mr. Mia that our child would come out looking Asian or black or hispanic (I am a white), and that I would tease him “in advance” that I would have no idea why. I had a very strange sense of humor during pregnancy.  (Side Note:  There is absolutely no doubt in this man’s mind that I am 100%+ loyal to him, because I am…he is fantastic).  I don’t think he thought my jokes were as funny as I thought they were during pregnancy (I have a strange sense of humor), but I think he officially got the joke once our daughter, Tessa, was born – our daughter was basically identical to Mr. Mia as a newborn.  She looked nothing like me, which annoyed me slightly, but she looked exactly like her daddy and like her great-grandma (from her daddy’s side).

      7.  Just how little that other parents remember about their child’s newborn phase:

      • When my little one was 2-weeks old, I was asked by a colleague of mine, “So your baby is sleeping through the night by now, right?”   His memory of his children (all three of them) seemed to reflect that his children were sleeping 8+ hours by the time they were 2-weeks-old).  I call bullsh**.   I don’t care what your definition of “sleeping though the night” may be (6-hours, 8-hours) – my child was very far from it at 2-weeks-old.  I don’t think that he was lying – I think that mother-nature helps us forget the sleep-deprived misery of the newborn phase in order for us to procreate.  Maybe I think that.  I don’t know. 

      8.  How much I hate baby outfits that have buttons.

      • Zippers are where it’s at when it comes to baby clothes!  Zippers are so much easier to work with in the middle the night when you are so extremely tired and changing your baby’s diapers.  Buttons, frankly, suck.  Matching up and aligning the buttons properly on a baby’s outfit (an outfit that you know will need to be un-buttoned 2-hours later for the next diaper change) is the last thing that your tired brain needs as a mommy with a newborn.  Embrace the invention of zippers.  (Exception to button outfits:  Side-Snap Onesies.  See The Must-Have Clothing Item For Your Newborn Baby for more on side-snap onesies).

      9.  Just how much the funny pregnancy books ended up helping me.  

      • The funny books that I read during pregnancy (Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth and The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy) really helped me to be mentally “geared up” for the parts of motherhood that most books don’t talk about – these books helped me realize that I wasn’t the only one experiencing these feelings (and gas pains), and that I wasn’t totally crazy (for more on this book, see Funny Books that Will Make Any Pregnant Woman Laugh).  

      10.  (This one is from her daddy). Just how powerful and consuming the love that you have for you baby becomes at the moment you hold that baby for the first time.  #warm-and-fuzzies -

      Share your surprises about becoming a parent 
      or about parenthood in general by commenting on this post!

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