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Elf On the Shelf - Day 1 and Day 2 (2017)

Elf On the Shelf - Christmas 2017

Day 1 and Day 2

The holidays are upon us as parents.  For me as a mom, this means that Elf on the Shelf went into full-gear as of December 1, 2017.  This also means that I am going to be staying up late giggling while my child sleeps and I find random places to hide this elf for the next 24 days of December.

Happy Elf Hiding!

Below are the places that we found "Elfia" during her first two nights with us this year!

Day 1:  Elfia and the foil-cutter of our wine bottle opener were both found in the wine bottle storage unit of our home.  Elfia claimed that is was 5:00 somewhere in the North Pole when we found her.

Day 2:  Elfia was found inside of Little Mia's painted rock collection (Little Mia is now 6-years-old). 
Side Note:  My 6-year-old girl, Little Mia, would like to start her own "rock selling business" - I have been offered an amazing opportunity to have a job in her business to be her "rock business manager in partner"  (stay tuned for more about this promising upcoming new business).  Little Mia has been working hard painting all of her amazing rocks for her future clients.

Little Mia will be very pleased that she a new potential client.

If you have any great ideas to share with Elfia as to where she can hide, or if you have your own elf with great hiding places, please share them here!

Fun Gift Ideas for Toddlers (and Fun Parents)

Gift Idea for Your Toddler - Playhouse Tent:  We just ordered the "Pacific Play Tents Cottage House" for my 14-month-old daughter for a Christmas present (from grandma)!  I am proud to say that my little girl has just entered the phase in her life where she loves forts.  This is fantastic news for me, because building/playing-in forts is one of my greatest passions in life (because I'm still seven-years-old deep down).

Admit it:  Reading a book in a fort with a flashlight when it's dark outside is the funnest way to read a book.  Playhouses are basically semi-permanent forts.  What I like about the playhouse that I ordered is that I'll be able to see my little one through the windows to keep an eye on her.  It's also a quick and easy set-up and take-down (according to the reviews).

The Coolest Part: there is room for mommy inside the playhouse!

The Playhouse We Bought:  We chose the "Pacific Play Tents Cottage House" because it has great reviews on (cost: $70), but there are a ton of other fun little playhouses out there too, including gender-neutral or playhouses that are geared more towards boys.

Here a link to the playhouse if you want to take a peak:  Pacific Play Tents Cottage House.

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