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Daily Mom Humor – Where Mommy’s Friends Live - Daddy, this is where all mommy's friends live.

I hate when I relate to a funny ecard like this! But I do! My little toddler will soon be saying this…and as soon as she does, I will take her to the park, try to make friends with any other mom that I can find nearby on the swings… Just to prove that I have real, human “friends”! 

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My Third Trimester – Thunk, Thunk – Here I Come!

I met all of the typical references that you hear people make regarding large, pregnant women: I was like a whale, or a boat, or a large bus.  But personally, my large, pregnant-self related more to the gigantic dinosaur –  the T-Rex.  Do you remember the famous scene from the movie, “Jurassic Park” – the scene  where the water inside of the water glass cup starts rippling as the heavy T-Rex approaches the Jeep?  Well, I imagine that the same thing happened to the water glasses belonging to my downstairs neighbors during my 8th and 9th month of pregnancy – whenever I would get up  from the couch and walk (i.e., stomp) into my kitchen (usually for my third full-serving of spaghetti or pecan bars). 

Here is the video that I’m talking about:

Once my gigantic pregnant-self accepted my T-Rex body, then I started to actually think like a T-Rex.   Do you remember that other toilet scene from Jurassic Park (the scene where the T-Rex eats a guy while he is sitting on the toilet)?   That’s what I secretly day-dreamed about doing to the person who said to me: “A woman from my work had twins and she went back to work 3-days later!” (See 7 Things to Never Say To a New Mom for more on this).

Daily Mom Humor – Morning Coffee Means No Talky-Talky

I am not a morning person.  I like nothing about the morning.  I was told this would change after having kids. It hasn’t.  I want to eat my breakfast, and drink my coffee each morning – in peace.  Is that so much to ask?

You’d think that I would, perhaps, wake up earlier each morning to get my own alone time.  But no.  Like I said, I hate mornings.  I love sleep.  

Therefore, mommy is requesting that no one talks to me while I drink my coffee in the morning.

So far, nobody has listened to my request. 

I will keep trying.

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Daily Mom Humor – Parents Get Grounded Too

“You think you’re going out tonight? You’re not going anywhere!” – Getting Grounded by Your Children – 

It turns out that parents get grounded too.  What do I mean by this?  I mean that if we don’t have a babysitter, then we are grounded.  

It’s a good thing I like to lay around my house and watch television anyways.  Parenthood has given me a great excuse for not going out and attending the social functions/obligations that I wouldn’t want to attend if someone paid me.

All you have to say is, “Sorry, we can’t find a sitter….”

It’s amazing.

I love parenthood.

But sometimes, I get grounded by my children, because sometimes, I actually do want to go out (hence the funny little picture shown above).

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