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Baby Monthly Milestone and Age Board Photos – Great Baby Gift Idea –

Watch Your Baby Grow Each Month 
with Baby Milestone Trackers
Tessa is 2-Months Old Today

We wanted to see how much our baby would grow from month to month, so we bought these adorable, “Baby is _Months Old Today,” signs from an artist off of when my daughter was born.  You can also get Baby Monthly Stickers from if you don’t like the board idea.  These monthly age baby boards  are preciously priceless, especially when you reflect back at the quick changes your little one made over that first year.

Iron-On Monthly Stickers 
Link:  Monthly Baby Bodysuit Stickers

Great Baby Gift

These signs also make an excellent baby shower gift (especially if the parents know the gender and have already decided on the baby’s name)!  There are a few different artists who make these signs on  Honestly, if you spent an afternoon at Hobby Lobby, you could easily make your own.  

We didn’t get the sign as a gift – we bought it ourselves off of Etsy (for about $25) after my sister suggested a similar concept to us – one where the baby wears a onesie that states their age in months, but you have to iron on the monthly image (or else gamble that the onesie that an artist provides will fit your baby).   I didn’t want to deal with that, and I certainly didn’t feel like (or have the mental energy) for ironing on anything on a monthly basis (I would prefer to use that time for a bubble bath and a glass of wine).  We were very happy when we stumbled upon these signs on Etsy because they are simple and easy to use – as the the monthly number is a just a velcro piece that is easily removed.

Tessa is 5-Months Old Today

Sentimental Value:  

I highly recommend doing something like this for your newborn.  I had no idea how much my little girl had changed over the past year until I compared her monthly photos. Pulls my heartstrings.  It’s a great addition to the baby book.

Tessa is 9-Months Old Today

Tip: My friend does this exact same thing for her son, except she makes sure that he sits in the same chair (their glider in his bedroom) for each photo.  I think that’s a cute idea because you can see how his size changes relative to a fixed object each month!  I attempted to do this and made my designated place her crib while she lay in her newborn lounger, but she got a lot more wiggly as the months went on, and this became less and less practical.


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Gift Idea for Your Toddler – Playhouse Tent:  We just ordered the “Pacific Play Tents Cottage House” for my 14-month-old daughter for a Christmas present (from grandma)!  I am proud to say that my little girl has just entered the phase in her life where she loves forts.  This is fantastic news for me, because building/playing-in forts is one of my greatest passions in life (because I’m still seven-years-old deep down).

Admit it:  Reading a book in a fort with a flashlight when it’s dark outside is the funnest way to read a book.  Playhouses are basically semi-permanent forts.  What I like about the playhouse that I ordered is that I’ll be able to see my little one through the windows to keep an eye on her.  It’s also a quick and easy set-up and take-down (according to the reviews).

The Coolest Part: there is room for mommy inside the playhouse!

The Playhouse We Bought:  We chose the “Pacific Play Tents Cottage House” because it has great reviews on (cost: $70), but there are a ton of other fun little playhouses out there too, including gender-neutral or playhouses that are geared more towards boys.

Here a link to the playhouse if you want to take a peak:  Pacific Play Tents Cottage House.

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