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Toddler Tessa’s First Library Story Time Meet Up – (Video)

This is a video of our baby toddler, Tessa (14-months-old), enjoying her first “meet up” group at our local library for Story Time. I love that our library does this “Story Time” for the community (a librarian reads to the kids and puts on a show basically…it’s completely free of charge).  Tessa may be a little young compared to the other kids, but she is undoubtedly enjoying herself!

First Time Daughter Says “Mama” – A Video to Brighten Your Day

The (Real) Reason My Toddler Always Says “No”

In a previous post, My Toddler Says No To Everything, I talk about our toddler’s response to 99.9% of questions asked of her: “No.”  We’re not actually sure whether she has ever even said, “Yes,” to any question, ever.  

I couldn’t figure out how this silly trend started with my toddler.

Then, I stumbled upon a video of my toddler on my computer, from back when she was 7-months-old.  In the video, my daughter is shaking her head, “No,” to veggies.  Not only did I have no idea that this interesting “No” trend started all the way back when she was a 7-month-old baby, but the worst part is that if you watch the video, you can hear me in the background, and I AM LAUGHING AT HER!  I did this to myself!  It just hit me as to how many other times that I must have encouraged this behavior – several! 


6-Month-Old Tessa Saying, “No” – (Video)
This is where the saying “No” started….


18-Month-Old Tessa Saying, “No” – (Video)
Below are the two videos featured in the previous post; Tessa is 18-months-old here, and these videos show how much my toddler loves the answer, “No.”  I can only  blame myself.

(Part 2)

Top Ridiculously Adorable Videos of Twin Babies (and Multiples)

My good friend recently had twins, which has inspired me to collect all of the ridiculously cute and adorable videos of twins/multiples out there onto this blog post and webpage.  Here are my favorite twin babies (and multiples) videos so far:

Twin Babies Dance With Daddy

11-Month-Old Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar

Quadruplet Babies Laughing

Laughing Quadruplets – The Next Day

Do you have a great video of your twins/multiples babies that you want to share?  
Have your video featured on this post by pasting a link to your video in the comment section below (preferably via YouTube).  

You must have rights to the video in order to be considered.  All videos will be reviewed prior to approval and posting.

Toddler Tessa’s New Phrase: “I know! I know!” – Video

Our 14-Month-Old toddler has a new favorite phrase: “I know! I know!” 

How did this new favorite phrase become implanted into our toddler’s mind?

After daddy told Tessa, “I know you had a hard day!” (a joke because she and I had played in her new playhouse all day), Tessa immediately started running around our housing repeating, “I know! I know! I know! I know!”  

Goofy little thing.

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